#736 | Thursday, February 7th 2002
I had just woken up with my 2 1/2 month old son and we were walking into the kitchen to get his bottle ready. I heard a message from my husband on the answering machine saying an airplane had hit one of the twin towers in NY. "Oh great," I thought "Another reason to be afraid to fly, another airplane tragedy. . ." I did not even turn on the tv because I felt it was best not to see something so tragic and get all upset. Well, after I fed my son his bottle, I changed my mind and turned on CNN. At that point, both planes had hit and the buildings were burning badly. Plus news that the Pentagon had been hit was out. Knowing this was a lot more serious than a regular airline tragedy, I sat, with my son playing in front of me, and watched the events unfold. I sat stunned as the buildings collapsed. My son played unknowing on as these horrible events unfolded. I could not tear away from the TV. Usually my son and I spent the day going back and forth between the nursery, walks, and the family room, but that day we spent the entire day in front of the tv in the family room.
Jeri | 35 | Florida

#689 | Monday, January 28th 2002
i was in manhattan - down the street -about 40 blocks away working when the planes hit. i was lucky. but there are some visions from those next days i will not forget... being a relative newcomer to new york to begin with, seeing the entire city shut down with in hours of the towers collapsing.

i remember walking through central park with a collective group of people fro my office. we had been told to head uptown... just go north. men and women in their business suits huddled in groups in the park listening to the radio broadcast the president and the mayor.

we were trying to figure out what to do.

and not sure how to help.

Jennifer | 35 | New York

#634 | Wednesday, January 16th 2002
As I sat with my coffee, watching the Today show, there was a breaking story, I was praying it was not another "school shooting", being a mother of two young kids, 9 and 6 that is always my "fear". Then to see the actual story, the World Trade Center.
I sat at the edge of my couch and prayed. At that time, we didn't know what the "problem" was, only speculation. Then I called my sister to tell her to turn on the t.v. As I sat there praying for survivors and the answer to HOW this had happened, the 2nd plane was aiming itself to the next building. I stood up & screamed "NO"!
I knew at that moment, THIS IS NOT RIGHT! THIS IS NOT AN ACCIDENT!! Just hearing Matt Lauer's voice drop and hearing his words, so somber and lost. I again called my sister, crying and yelling at her! I then called my husband, a Milford MA. Police Officer. He was working a detail at the time. He was later removed from his detail, as were all the police officers in town, for a "meeting". Then waiting to hear the rest of the news, the Pentagon had been hit! Then the Pennsylvania crash. I have a dear friend in the Marines, not knowing if he had moved yet to Washington, I needed to contact his mother to find out. Thankfully, he was safe, but yes, in Washington working at the Pentagon. I remember going to my back porch, looking up at the blue sky and crying out loud. Thinking of little children on the plane or their mommy's and daddy's at work, thinking of the people just walking or driving to work in NYC and watching, witnessing that plane! I just cried. I then went out to my flag pole and brought the flag at half mass. Crying as I'm doing this. I remember, just sitting for the rest of the morning, watching in disbelief the news and updates. Waiting for my children to come home, I got them off the bus, I sat them down and trying to hold back the tears, told them what had happened to our country, editing alot of the actual information. My son, being 6, was upset, but more so because mommy was upset. My 9 year old daughter realized on that day what her daddy's job description entailed. I told them that we needed to pray for all police and firefighters and so many innocent families that night and to bless the hero's who saved others, but went to heaven themselves. It was a brief talk, because I didn't want to scare them, but I DID want them to understand what was happening from me, as opposed to kids at school. After our talk, my daughter went upstairs to change into her play clothes, she came down and was wearing her NYC t-shirt I got her just 4 months before September. She said, "I'm wearing this for the people of NYC, so I can think of them!" I sobbed and hugged her so tight. She understood. That weekend, we donated money, my kids went to their piggy banks and also donated their money. My husband and I went to NYC Sunday, Sept. 23rd. He needed to extend his condolances to his fellow police officers and I needed to, as the wife of a police officer. No words can and will NEVER explain how it was like to "see" the rubble.
NO WORDS ..Their simply are no words.
I pray for all the victims, families, and our country! GOD BLESS US ALL!

LYNDA POISSANT | 35 | Massachusetts

#598 | Tuesday, January 1st 2002
I was sleeping when my husband woke me up thinking it was something that happened here in my home town. I had to point out that where it happened at was daylight and we were still dark here. My eyes just like everyone else was fixed on what was going on on the tv. My heart sank deeper and deeper and then I saw the second plane hit. I couldn't believe it. How and why was all I could say. I sat and watched the tv knowing I had to go to work but not wanting to. When I got to work we had radios on all over the store. No one was shoping it was so silent. One person I worked with couldn't keep it together at all, I knew what happened was terrable but could not understand this persons actions then I found out they had lost 4 family members there.My hurt for everyone turned into such anger.My friend this person I worked with had gone threw so much this year already. He lost his mother and father only 3 months apart this year, and 2 uncles also and now this. How much burden can one carry on their shoulders.Im angry Im hurt and I hurt for all of the victims.Thank you for letting me say my thoughts
Alicia Cass

Alicia Cass | 35 | Washington

#465 | Tuesday, December 11th 2001
I was just returning to military service and was in a leadership class. That morning we were actually having a discussion about how to deal with the terrorist threat. Our class was interrupted by a surreal expression of the worst our imaginations could concoct in that classroom that morning. A scenario played out before our eyes that stunned us all. We stared at each other in disbelief. Some were new to military life and they were faced all too suddenly with the grim reality of what it means to wear the uniform. Others-more seasoned veterans-saw an opportunity. They saw an opportunity to once again come to the aid of their country to defend the rights and freedoms we enjoy. I am honored to be part of a proud tradition of Honor, Courage, Commitment. Make no mistake-we are in the right-we will retaliate with a ferocity an order of magnitude greater than the events of 9/11/2001. May God bless our nation as we fight for the right and bring to justice those who practice unholy acts of terror. May he pring peace to all those who lost a part of their lives that day. May he bring rest to the innocent victims of that day.
R. Saari | 35 | United States

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