#620 | Wednesday, January 9th 2002
My friend Joe and I had travelled on Sept 7th from Newark Airport to San Diego, California for a vacation, to get away from our respective "grinds". On the 10th, we drove north from San Diego to check out Los Angeles. I remember us hitting some tourist spots and clubs on the night of the 10th. We couldn't stay up all night, so we figured "we'd do the rest tomorrow", including seeing an Anaheim Angels game we'd gotten tickets for.

Having awakened at 9am PST in our room at Travelodge, we turned on the TV with the mute on. The first scrollbar item I noticed was "ALL Major League Baseball Games Cancelled". My first selfish thought was "dammit - we're screwed with these tickets". Then I figured either Cal Ripken or something else was terribly wrong.

After we turned up the volume, it was thrown all at us at once. We sat there for hours watching. I tried to contact my father in the Bronx, and finally did after two hours. He was fine. Joe works two blocks from the WTC at JPMorganChase and was worried about his workmates. After much trying to get through on the phones, they were OK. The Cantor Fitzgerald people he dealt with every day were not. It was very upsetting.

The trip, of course, was not the same after that. We cancelled a proposed drive to San Francisco. What would be the point? If all of LA was closed, so would be SF. The unprecedented show of patriotism by the beach bums and surfer dudes was unique but appreciable. And whereas California girls once expressed excitement at the prospect of meeting some New York guys, they now expressed sympathy. That's not all bad.

For the first time in a while I felt guilty about NOT being in New York when I figured I might be needed by somebody. I was never prouder to be one when I got home.

It was a vacation I'll never forget.

Anthony Ventarola | 33 | New York

#616 | Tuesday, January 8th 2002
I am a nurse at a hospital in Tennessee. I was working that day when one of the nurses came into the area I was sharing with another nurse and told us that a plane had crashed into the World Trade Center. I asked the nurse, "Is this a joke?"
She said,"No, see for yourself." As we turned on the television we saw the fire and smoke coming from the first tower that was hit and heard the reporters commentating on what might have happened to the plane to cause the crash. At that instant we watched as the second plane slammed into the second tower. There was a collective gasp from the employees of the hospital who stopped to see what was happening.
I remember saying,"Was that what I think it was?" The nurse beside me looked at me as if she were in shock and replied,"I think so." We both knew that this was no accident.
As the T.V. kept reporting, we continued to work. There was a pall over the people in the area where I worked, a silent understanding that, after today, our lives would never be the same...

K. Matthews | 33 | Tennessee

#583 | Saturday, December 29th 2001
On September 11th 2001, my husband and I were in the Mexican Consulate in Orlando Florida. We were watching Cnn on the television in the Lobby, and all of a sudden it showed the First building had been hit. For one second I thought maybe it was an accident, and then I started to realize that the odds of that were great. It was horriblr, and the people in the Consulate were very afraid, once it was clear what was happening.Then we saw the second plane hit, and the Pentagon, and we were really scared at this point. The consulate closed and we headed home, listening to the radio. The towers collapsed!! Cars were stopped on I-4, and people were crying and in shock. We managed to find a place with a television, and the site was horrific.President Bush was here in our city, Tampa, at one of the schools. I will never forget the look on his face when he was told what was happening. The World came to a halt for a few Days, and slowly we started to regain our lives. But some are lost forever. September 11th is a Day I will never forget, nor will the rest of the World. I pray everyday for the families of the victims, and the lost. And I pray for a safer world for my children. We will never be the same or feel completely safe again.God help us all
Amanda | 33 | Florida

#527 | Tuesday, December 18th 2001
I had no clue as to what was going on until my hubby came home from school and turned the TV on to show me. I could not believe my eyes!!! My emotions were running wild!!! I had that day off and was planning on spending it with my daughter. But, after i had seen the news, to me, nothing else mattered except that i was glued to the TV for the rest of the day and well into the late evening. I was very agitated and wasn't myself I guess from worrying of "what's next??". I really hate thinking of that!! I am not one who believes in "WARS"; never have and nver will!! I pray God looks over his people and ends all the misery and devastation of the world. But that's just wishful thinking and I know it. In my mind, things are probably just going to get worse and I'm afraid there is nothing that we can do to stop it from happening. My heart goes out to everyone that was involved with losing a loved one; loved ones. Stay strong and know they are in a better place now where there is peace and love. God Bless U ALL!!
christina | 33 | Canada

#434 | Monday, December 10th 2001
I was at work, doing my "morning routine" when my boss came in frenzied because a plane had hit one of the twin towers. We found a small black and white TV and watched channel 7, NYC broadcast the events. Then we lost transmission. We quickly changed to a UHF station. I'm an EMT in NJ so we discussed if I would have to leave work. When the second plane hit, he looked at me and said simply, "bye!" The towers fell during our transit to Liberty State Park. I spent the next 14 hours down there.
Rich Malizia | 33 | New Jersey

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