#1347 | Thursday, May 30th 2002
On September 11th my boyfriend and I made plans to take that big step and go look for engagement rings. We were going to make a whole day of it. after we showered we were going to go to breakfast and start our search. I was sitting down watching a local morning show, when the news broke in. I yelled to him and we just sat there looking at the TV. Myself, being from New York, my heart just broke to see what was going on. Well needless to say, we did not go out and look for rings. we sat home and watched everything that was going on. To end on a happy note, we did finally look for rings, and he did ask me to marry him. Our wedding date is set for October 2003. May God bless everyone in our wonderful country!!!!
Christine | 32 | Florida

#1295 | Sunday, May 19th 2002
I was up on the morning of September 11, 2001 getting ready to go to school (at the University of Florida, aerospace engineering dept.) with the TV on a local channel when programming was interrupted after one plane had struck the WTC. I was horrified at the live video footage, but thought it must have been an accident. I continued to watch and saw in real time, as it happened, the second plane strike. Then I knew this was no accident. The event made my heart sink to the bottom of my feet, especially as I continued to watch and the first tower collapsed. I called my parents to make sure they were OK and my girlfriend in Texas to make sure she and her family were OK. It was completely devastating that morning and for months to come. Being that I had visited the Trade Centers several times and knew of their enormity, it was hard for me to believe they could actually collapse killing so many innocent men, women, and children. I will never forget the morning... I can still see it as clear as yesterday.
Zac Schinz | 23 | Florida

#1251 | Saturday, May 4th 2002
I was in my first period class when my English teacher came into the room and announced that two planes had struck the World Trade Center. I immediately thought of the last time a plane struck a skyscraper, back in the 30’s. A small aircraft plowed into the Empire State Building, killing six or seven people. It was so minor of an accident, they didn’t even evacuate the building, and people kept on working as if nothing was the matter. Maybe the Twin Towers would be okay too, I thought to myself. Maybe it was just a small accident. But when somebody turned on the TV and I saw smoke pouring out of those two gaping holes, I knew this was no small accident. For the rest of the day I sat in front of the television like everybody else. I don’t think there is another day in my life where I can not only remember exactly what I was doing at every hour, but what I was feeling.
Emory | 18 | Florida

#1221 | Sunday, April 28th 2002
I think that it is not important where I was that day...but where so many others were.

To the passengers on the planes, the business travelers and vacationers. Some dozing, others reading...Just an ordinary flight on an ordinary day. To the pilots, flight attendants, and air traffic controllers...Just doing their jobs.

To the workers in the World Trade Center and the Pentagon...from the VP's to the CEO's, the receptionists to the janitors, the waitstaff to the stockbrockers, the security personnel to the accounting clerks, the cooks to the sales agents, the military personnel to the highest ranking officers...Just doing their jobs.

To the firefighters, EMS, and policemen who went in to help others get out. To the ironworkers who rushed to the scene to start the search and recovery effort who wanted so badly to find any surviviors...Just doing their jobs.

To Alan, who lost two nieces and only found one. To Anthony, who lost his twin brother. To Lisa, who saw her co-workers thrown out the windows from the impact of the crash. To Andrew, who could smell the aftermath from his apartment for months. To Jill, who ran down the street with her four year old daughter in her arms with not so much as a dollar in her pocket or a uniform for work, would not be able to return to her apartment for months.

To Pete Bielfield, a firefighter that left a note for his family in his locker knowing he may not make it back. To Terry Hatton, a firefighter who hugged a friend in the World Trade Center lobby and told him to take care of himself because he may not see him again. To Bill Butler, Lee Ielpi, Pete Bondy, Marty McTigue, Dennis O'Berg, and John Vigiano of the fire department who returned to the site day after day in search of their sons and their department brothers.

I think of just how much we lost that day...I think of it every day. May we always remember the ones that were lost...May God bless the ones that survived...And may we not allow history to repeat itself.

Kathy | 30 | Florida

#1213 | Friday, April 26th 2002
Hi, I'm Jonathan Green. I was on my way to homeroom at my local highschool when I heard that the WTC had been hit. I didn't believe it until I saw it on the T.V. in my homeroom class. I couldn't believe what I saw, but realization set in rather quickly. Ever since, I have done nothing but prayed for my government, my nation, my local policemen, fireman, and most importantly our nations military. I didn't have family, but it really upset me, that I wasn't able to do anything but watch as the WTC fell. I think I've said enough about my comments, and these were my thoughts, so I don't have much to say. I felt sorry for the family also. But for now, this is it. Except that I must say that I have also prayed for the families of the victims. But for now, I have to go.
Jonathan Green | 16 | Florida

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