#781 | Thursday, February 21st 2002
My name is Itay and i'm 13 years old.
I'm from israel and I'm not so good at English.

When the first plane bump into the first building i was in my way back from school.
when I came into my house, my brother told me "a plane bump into one of the "Twins"".
I didn't Knew very well what is the "twins" but I go apstairs and turn on the TV on "cnn" and I saw one of the twins burning. In this moment i remembred what is the "twins".
I ask my brother "this is a terror attack or some of the pilots lost control" (I thouth that maybe its a terror attack because in Israel we have a lot of terror attacks) We see the other plane bump in and we knew, this is a terror attack. Then the third plane bump into the Pantagon and I didn't realize what happen.
I think that the passengers that crashed their plane in a forest was brave because they save a lot people maybe.
then I had wouth movenent some kidd screamd "the end of the world the end of the world"
I think that you should be united.
and i saw a sticker "Am' Israel cry"
its meen the Israelies are cry.
That it

Itay Golan | 13 | Israel

#778 | Wednesday, February 20th 2002
When America was attacked I was at my friends house. Her father called, she was talking to him... I heard her say "ohh"..and her face became sad.
When she hung up the phone I asked.. "Whats the sad face?"
She said "A plane crashed into one of the WTC towers,,,and theres a fire".
We turned on the news...and saw it..
We thaught it was an accident at first..
But then...another Crash, and another...When the first tower collapsed i started crying..i saw it fall down and a tear fell down with it... I called another friend.. we talked for a while but all I remember saiyng was "There is no more twin towers...only A TOWER..."
I went home, and I was on the phone with her on the way.. she said "The second one collapsed too"... I couldnt imagine it until I got home and saw the second tower collapse too... I started crying again..i had a book, with pictures of new york..I opened ...saw pictures of the twin towers...all that day i spent crying and thinking "life is not worth anything..."
i realized how stupid the world is and i hoped that a thing like that would open its eyes...
but the situation got worse... and nothing changed...
after that day..Ihad strange dreams about me being in new york...and things like that....

i took the incident very personally...
although i am only a young girl, i want to make a diffirence, i want to stop wars...
going to new york and seeing the WTC towers was my dream and it blew up together with the towers on DECEMBER 11th 2001..a day that left a scar in my soul

anna | 14 | Israel

#755 | Wednesday, February 13th 2002
when i heard aout it all, i was in my room, when my friend calld and tolld me.
i was stuck to the TV all day long.

i didn't know what to feel.
i was angry, sad...

Alon | 13 | Israel

#750 | Sunday, February 10th 2002
well i was 16 when it happened but i can remember it like it was yesterday
september 11th was a nice shiny morning in israel i went to school and we talked about how the wepon companies are controaling the world in economy lesson when i came back from school i was home alone and in few houres i had to go to collect groceres for the poor for roash hashana and go to my cosen's weding in the eavning i started makeing some phones to see how can come with me to collect the grocerees in the super market and i scatualed with someone there leater i called my frined and i started talking with her it was 15:48 or so and she ask me if i know what happened in new york i opened the tv and shooked and to minuts leater the second plaen hit the wtc 10 minuts leater i had to go and when i got to the super i heard the towers collepsed and about the other planes i found out with my cell phone and we also heared from another cosen that was in new york that she is fine when i came home i didnt want to go to the weding but my mom convinsed me so i went but i was very sad.

Ram Sitton | 17 | Israel

#748 | Saturday, February 9th 2002
my name is Roi, i am 16 years old,
and i'm from Israel.
im september 11th i was listen to a radio programe, therefor i heard in the radio's news that the a plane crash into the twince and they said that more info will give later, i was shocked and i open the tv and i saw the CNN,
i see it akk the day.

i wish that peace in all over the world will come soon.


Roi Hutmacher | 16 | Israel

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