#792 | Wednesday, February 27th 2002
I was at work when someone said a plane hit one of the towers of the World Trade Center. My first reaction was "It must have been some guy in a private single engine plane that hit the building, similar to a bug hitting the wind shield of a car". A while later someone said another plane hit the other tower, this time they said it was an air liner, thats when I thought this must be terrorists. Soon after that someone said the Pentagon was hit. We all scrambled to get a TV set to watch. All we had were tv's for viewing safety videos. We made a makeshift antena, and we got Dan Rather explaining what was going on. The video of the 2nd jet hit the tower came on. It was like watching a video game. Its still almost unbelievable that it happened.
Tom Rakowski | 41 | Illinois

#625 | Friday, January 11th 2002
I was in the labour ward at King's College hospital with my wife, who gave birth to our son, Haris at 12.40 pm.

Welcome to the world Haris

Patrick | 41 | United Kingdom

#576 | Wednesday, December 26th 2001
Hi all,
I was at Stonybrook Hospital on Long Island, NY. Our baby Isabella was born 8 hours , almost to the minute, before the attacks at the WTC. When I first heard about it from my sister, who called to ask about the birth, etc..., I thought she had lost her mind. My wife Lisa and I had been living in the West Village, about a half mile from the WTC only two years before.
Needless to say, it was a terribly confusing day with part of me completely happy and another part horrified.
In many ways, I still can't believe it although I am writing this on 12/26/01.

Nelson,Lisa and Isabella

Nelson Sacristan | 41 | New York

#564 | Saturday, December 22nd 2001
Where was I.................Like so many others, I was hard at work. A fellow employee, came to me and notified me that a plane had just hit the World Trade Center. I was devestated, thinking "how serious is it?". I couldn't fathom the outcome, and what lay ahead in the upcoming minutes. A follow-up, "A second plane has hit the WTC.", then "The Pentagon was just hit", followed by a plane is down in Pennsylvania." MY GOD! what is going on? Silence, ears glued to the radio, no pictures till work is over. Everyone is scrambling to ready themselves. (Did I mention I am a contractor on an Air Force Base?). By noon all non-essential personnel are off the base, not able to return to work until 3 days later. In the aftermath, all of america is thinking "WHY?". There are no answers to evil, the question is useless to ponder. Terrorism IS evil, in te first sense of the word. Evil IS the lack of all LOVE, without love, there is nothing, no hope, no remorse, no respect, no DIGNITY. Nothing in the heart. How are we to overcome evil if we allow evil to exist? How can we preserve peace, when evil does exist? The answers are not easy, if there really are any at all. I was thinking, "Why didn't they shoot down the planes?", ok, so maybe they didn't have enough warning on the first attack, but surely there was warning enough for the second, the third, the FOURTH. Think about it, how can we shoot down innocent people of our ow blood? What would be the explanation given then, if they did. We couldn't know that the mission would have positively been completed. We can't fathom what s in the mind of someone evil enough to do this act, how can we even begin to imagine that someone would actually fly themselves, and all on board into a building. You couldn't do it, nor could I, we can't think that anybody could. Sure, that was the thought out plan of attack, but to actually do it? How can anyone be 100% sure that a plan like that would be completed. The answer to that, is through torture of a sick mind. A mind that is bred to think that is the RIGHT thing to do, it is what you must do. Anyone who can teach that, or allow their mind to be learned in it is evil completely. All involved must be eliminated..........Kudos to President Bush in his address of the situation.

My prayers and love go out to everyone that lost their lives, all that were left behind to suffer those losses, all that were able to help with all their efforts, to our government for coming to terms about it all, and to all our service men and women. In fact my prayers go out to all of america, we have all fealt the blow that was dealt us, on September 11, 2001. To forget, is to forgive evil, to forgive evil, is to give in to it, to give into it, is to die ourselves.....


Neal Wohlgamuth | 41 | North Carolina

#486 | Monday, December 17th 2001
I were watching on TV when they cut the broadcasting and I saw the attack.

The only thing I can say is: "Perfect, sublime, wonderful! The best medecine USA could get."

Save the world! No more yankees! Leave the 3rd World to live in peace. The only and great terrorist is the USA Government.

Death to taliban, death to Bin Ladin, death to USA!

Olaf Moggsen | 41 | Iceland

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