#1497 | Friday, July 26th 2002
I was about 2 blocks away, very much near the NYSE. Our main offices are located accross the river in Jersey City, NJ. A colleague called to ask if we knew what just happened at the trade center, we all thought he was pulling our leg. A few minutes later we heard a tremendous roar of a jet engine, and then a deafening crash, a noise that I will never forget.. The second plane.. Most of our team was not there that day, we wanted to leave to see if we could help, but we had responsibilities to stay and be at work for the stock markets open, one that never ocurred.. As we watched everything unfold on the tv, we could only imagine the loss of life that we were witnessing, it was a very sad day.
We felt a rumble, like a train was directly under us, the building shook like there was an earthquake, then total darkness and smoke billowing in every window crack. We did what we could to cover our mouth, most of the men in the office ripped parts of their shirts for the women to use as barriers for the smoke and grit we were breathing. In retrospect, being inside was the safest place for us to be, wouldn't have wanted to been outside when the towers came down..
We were finally able to leave around noon time, we were being evacuated because of a bomb scare at the exchange. Walking out the door to see inches and inches of debris on the street, my heart sank. The worst part of the whole experience for me was writing emails to my Mom, telling here to reach my wife, tell her I Love her and I hope to make it out of there alive, no one knew what our destiny was that day.
When I finally got home that night around 4pm, I finally lost it when I fell into my wifes arms. To this day, I still have nightmares of that day, still wondering how the people on the upper floors chose to take their own life instead of suffer in the smoke, how they felt when the towers went down, how those fearless firefighters and police officers felt, some knowing they would never see their families again.
I see things differently now, truely respect and cherish everything much more than before the 11th. My heart goes out to the families of those 3000+ heroes lost that day... God bless them and may we never see another day like that one...

Thomas L. | 32 | New York

#1462 | Wednesday, July 10th 2002
I'am a paramedic and was still in bed sleeping that tuesday morning after a long night when my relief called in saying he was going to be a little late so i just rolled back over and closed my eyes. After awhile the door to our station slamed open and my relief turned on the t.v and woke everybody up when I finally got up and walked to day room just in time to see the second plane hit and my jaw just hit the floor,When the first building fell my thoughts where the firefighters. Its strange I cant remember wher I was just last week but I'll never forget where I was sept.11,2001.GOD BLESS AMERICA.
MIKE MARTINEZ | 32 | Texas

#1442 | Friday, July 5th 2002
My heart go's out to everyone. I was in Japan,where my husband was station in the US NAVY. I watched the whole thing happen on CNN, in shock. We were on lock down on the base for almost a week. And was scared to fly home at the need of the month. We are now in San Deigo CA. Waithing to here when my husband is leaving to go and help the troops over sea.
Loni Garcia | 32 | Japan

#1378 | Thursday, June 6th 2002
I was teaching a humanities class to a group of university students. In between classes, I was told that a plane, believed to be a Sessna, had struck one of the towers. I then had to teach another class, and when it ended I began to realize the tragedy. I spent that afternoon with friends and colleagues as we tried to make sense of it. For the remainder of the week, I dedicated my class time to creating a forum for my students to have an open dialogue about what they were feeling and thinking. Many students chose not to speak, but many welcomed the opportunity. One student said that I was the only professor she had who had even addressed the issue, which troubled me but it was understanable.

That weekend I created a streaming slideshow of photos of memorials placed in N.Y. and in Pennsylvania. Today, although I was not directly effected by the events, I am still struggling to make any sense of it. I am sure that many of us are.


John Hardin | 32 | Florida

#1347 | Thursday, May 30th 2002
On September 11th my boyfriend and I made plans to take that big step and go look for engagement rings. We were going to make a whole day of it. after we showered we were going to go to breakfast and start our search. I was sitting down watching a local morning show, when the news broke in. I yelled to him and we just sat there looking at the TV. Myself, being from New York, my heart just broke to see what was going on. Well needless to say, we did not go out and look for rings. we sat home and watched everything that was going on. To end on a happy note, we did finally look for rings, and he did ask me to marry him. Our wedding date is set for October 2003. May God bless everyone in our wonderful country!!!!
Christine | 32 | Florida

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