#2277 | Wednesday, September 11th 2002
I live in Cardiff, Wales UK.
I was sitting in my German class about 2 hours after the attacks but i didn't know anything about them waiting for my teacher to come back with some photocopies of worksheets but when she came back she seemed quite confused and said "There's some aeroplanes crashed into a skyscraper and i think maybe a second i don't know if anything else has happened but i seriously doubt it was an accident" As soon i got into the car to go home, i swithched the radio and sure enough, the greatest terrorist attacks had taken place and I heard all the dreadful details.
It's a day I'll never forget and my prayers are with those who lost a loved one.

Gethin Aled Jones | 15 | United Kingdom

#2273 | Wednesday, September 11th 2002
On Sept 11th 2001,I was at school.I never found out about the events until I returned home. My mum and Dad had the Tv on and as soon as I got in they told me about it. At first,I wasn't really sure about it because I had never thought about terrorism. When I saw the footage of the planes going in2 the towers,I was shocked that anybody could do that. That night I went to my friends house and When I came home all other tv programmes had been cancelled and I watched the special news programmes.It was then I found out about the pentagon and Pennsylvania.I was really shocked and could not believe it.

On Sept 11 2002,I was off ill school with an eye infection and I watched the Live TV from New York.Now I am a year older I understand a bit better about what happened and feel more sadness towards the victims.I cried during a service 2day as it was so touching.

Chrissie Stevenson | 15 | United Kingdom

#2268 | Wednesday, September 11th 2002
I can remember it so clearly! I never knew the impact it would make! I was confused about how one airoplane could fly into one building and not crash into others aswell. My friend got a txt from her aunty saying it had happened and all the boys in my classes were saying right people we're going to war! My mums friend pickked us up from shopping and took us to the airport to pick up her husband! We got to the airport and were listening to the news on the radio. When i got home i got in and found my mum crying on the sofa! i sat down n watched the news with her. I cried when i saw images of what had happened and i felt so guilty because i had shrugged it off! That night i prayed for a long time that night that everyone would be safe even though it was obvious people had died i just wanted to make things better!
Anne Marie Feechan | 15 | United Kingdom

#2243 | Wednesday, September 11th 2002
I was sat at home having just returned from the hospital with my son who was 5 weeks old, he had been for physiotherapy. My Aunt called and told me to switch the TV on that terrorists were attacking New York, I saw the recording of the first plane striking and then watched in horror holding my son whilst the second plane hit. I called my Auntie back but she was on the phone calling New York which she continued to do for hours until we heard that the family we have in New York were safe.We were one of the lucky families our 2 family members were safe but they have lost dozens of friends and colleagues. Not one member of our family have not lost someone they care for in this atrocity. Living near London and with family in Ireland we are used to living with terrorism the fear you feel in your stomach when you watch the news, but there are no words to describe the feelings I had on that day or how I feel today watching the memorial services but I do know this I will never forget and I will make sure that my children never forget.
President Bush is right I support him in his war on terror every step of the way and us Brits do stand shoulder to shoulder with the US. God Bless America and all those who have suffered the devastating effect of Sept 11th, my thoughts and prayers are with you all.
Clare Fairbairn. Bradford, ENGLAND

Clare Fairbairn | 22 | United Kingdom

#2238 | Wednesday, September 11th 2002
i was at home in Hertfordshire in the uk! Watching a video with my son when my mum called me from work to ask if i had heard about what had happened. I turned off the film and was watching what was happening on the news. As i was watching the 2nd plane hit. I didnt know anyone that was there but the thought of all those people that were there when i saw it, it felt like a bullet through my heart. All those people on the planes and in the buildings. Men, Women, and children. All those live's just taken. knowing their fate!
My mum did the New York marathon in 1999 a long time before but just to think that she cud have been there. i wud be devestated if i lost ANY of my family my mum, my dad, my husband, my son, my daughter! i cant even imagine what any of those families are going through now but my heart really does go out to them.

love and thoughts

Susan Hodgson

susan hodgson | 21 | United Kingdom

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