#1857 | Monday, September 9th 2002
I remember the shock and disbelief of Tuesday, September 11, 2001. My staff members in a surgical ICU told me of the first plane's collision and they all watched the terror unfold on patient's TVs. My day became hectic as I planned for the anticipated arrival of many burn patients into our unit. (They never came.) I spent hours moving among patients and family members trying to console them, allay fear and provide basic information that would make them feel safe for the moment. I finally sat down in the hospital auditorium around 2pm to hear the common information and plans from the management team. On the projection screen used as a backdrop was CNN live, but mute. The simple image of the air-traffic controller's screen presented the horror of the west-bound plane's sudden change of direction over Cleveland at the will of the hijackers. I then felt the true impact of the tragedy and the day. I felt the victims' and my own powerlessness as we were all commandeered by terrorists.
Barbara R. | 42 | Ohio

#1847 | Monday, September 9th 2002
September eleventh was very strange. I still went to school, and by third period we were all questioning what in the world was going on. The school insisted we go on with another day, but we were all talking about it, anyway. My teacher was having her 30th birthday, but there were a bunch of black streamers that made the whole experience very different. I remember my friends walked in that morning saying what's up? and walked out saying the same phrase a TOTALLY different way. On September 11, I had homework. I ate dinner. I fell asleep as more perished under the collapsed section of the pentagon and the ruined towers. I still don't understand it. I never totally will. But I konw I will always remember it.
Erin | 13 | Ohio

#1783 | Sunday, September 8th 2002
September 11 was a day of fear and confusion for me. I did not even relize what was going on until i was watchin t.v. for a while. I was in school. We just got finished with math class. we took a restroom break and when i was walking back down the hall to my classroom i saw my teacher in the other classroom watching something on the t.v. i really didnt pay much attention to it and so when my teacher got back in the room she turned on the t.v. the whole class just sat there in amazment. When i got home i hugged my parents and brother and my whole life was changed. I will never forget that day and i am proud to be an american!!
Alysha | 13 | Ohio

#1761 | Sunday, September 8th 2002
It started out as a beautiful September morning, the sun shining and everything. Yet a few hours later the whole world changed for me, and it was no longer a beatiful day. I as sitting in school, and as I walked into my health class, I saw my teacher had the t.v. on. I saw 2 planes crash into the World Trade Center. Once I realized what was happening, I felt all numb. This couldn't happen to us! We're the most powerful and giving country in the world! Why would we be attacked? There were so many questions racing through my mind; I couldn't believe it. My mom came to pick me up, and I went up to my room and listned to the radio. The news of the Pentagon and the field in Pennsylvania shocked me. Where would it end? I became scared and prayed to God to protect the U.S. and other countries from the sudden attacks.
It's been almost a year since, and I've now come to realize that through all the terror and destruction, good prevailed. The terrorists intended to scare and divide us, yet we have showed them the spirit of America. In tough times we stick together, and with the help of our allies we struck back. Not only did this unite our country, it united others with us. Which is bad news for our enemies. God Bless America!

Katherine | 15 | Ohio

#1759 | Sunday, September 8th 2002
I had taken my mom to a dental appointment that morning. Afterwards, we went to breakfast. A gentleman in the booth behind us asked the waitress if he heard anything else about the plane crash. She said the radio said something about a plane hitting a tower.
The way they were acing I thought a plane hit a radio control tower during takeoff.
On the way home, I turned on the local talk radio station. The announcer said that a plane had struck the world trade center. I was shocked, stunned, but still figured it was an accident.
My mom and I went into the house to turn on the tv, just in time to see the second plane hit the second tower. My dad works at WPAFB, so we were calling him. In what seemed like seconds, they were flashing pictures of the Pentagon being hit, we have family in DC, and the trade towers collapsing.

Lisa | 23 | Ohio

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