#273 | Thursday, November 22nd 2001
I woke up around 9:00 a.m. on 9-11. I turned on the stereo in my bedroom and heard the end of a newscast, "As we're speaking, a plane has crashed into a WTC Tower!!"
I ran downstairs, turned on the TV and just stood there. I couldn't believe what I was seeing!
I ended up watching the news all day long in utter amazement as the second plane crashed into the other tower. Then the other events, the Pentagon, the crash in Pennsylvania, etc.
Living so close to WPAFB here in Dayton scared me.
I'm a disabled/retired Dayton Fire Department Paramedic and my exhusband (a DFD Firefighter) just retired in July after having a massive heart attack on the job.

Penni | 46 | Ohio

#132 | Saturday, September 22nd 2001

Twin Towers & Pentigon Attack (9-11-2001)

Day of twin tower building attack. Was at computer doing usal things . Checking email, ect. While I was siitting here at my computer, a second plaine crashed into the World trade center Building. I saw it ,as it was broadcasted live on CNN news. Even the local police have stationed a patroll at the dam on our lake? I don't think of it as a risk, but f-17's, or F-16's make mock bomb runs at our dam, "Lake Pom De Terre". I was working on my new pavilion out back today. When I hit the road to head to the local resteraunt, I notice a big line at my neiborhood gas station. So I stoped in to find out why. I was told by the owner that sometime , some where on the news , that some major pipe lines were shut down. The price of gas at my local gas station, "Jacksons Lake Mart" Nemo , Mo. has went up 3 times I'm told, just today, time 4:30pm . It is $1.99 per gal for Premeum, and $1. 89 for regular gas. The highest it has ever bin around here. When I went into the gas staion to ask , what was going on, he told me to buy gas while I can, he would be sold out tonight , or early tomorrow morning. As I sit here typing while listening to the news. they just said that 78 police in New York , were killed trying to respond to the first explosion. Such a terible tragity, The first thing that went through my mind , was the broadcast of from the Hindinburg ! " Oh my God ! The Humanity!!!" It is now in the eighth hour after the attack. Watching all the events unfold on live telivision has bin totally over whelming expeareance! I had to walk away for a short while and act like life was normal, and go on with my everyday life. So that is why I was working on my pavilion. Now I'm back trying to catch up with all that has happened. it will take weeks & months for any kind of normalicy to take place in these area's ! I hope that it does not have a mojor effect on the country. I really hate to see this country to have to come together under these sucumstances , when there is so much corruption right in our own country. If you have noticed it the news in the last few months, that they have had some major proplems latety within the FBI, so what is the connection? Nesara? Something I have recently be enlightened to.Tonight will be quite an unuasl night to watch the stars, since all civilian flights have bin canceld in the continetal United States. The only thing flying right now are F-16's & Stealth. I will add to this leter as events unfold.While watching the BBC network they have said that thousands of people have died in these attacks.Over 200 police and rescue workers died in the first collasp of the second attack on the trade world building, while trying to complete recue's.The worst America has ever seen!Bush was just on and he spoke a few words, we will over come! Why doesn't he say something on the line of a great President , like Kennedy , Trueman, or Rossivelt ! Something that would bind the American people together.Something like "We will over come against all addversabile odds, because right all ways triumps over evil and terrorisom. People are scared and don't know what to exspect nexted ! Nether did our government ! They keep saying we are at war, but we don't even know who with? I do believe that there will be a major second attack, and that this was just a warning ! All so some bombs have gone off in another major country. This is such a terible tragity ! Barba Olson is said to of died on the plaine that crashed into the pentigon.
Well it's three and 1/2 days since the terrorist attack. Alot of arrest have bin made, in Boston,Mass. & Hollywood Fl. There seems to be a beleaf that the threat is not over. We are under No#1 National alert ! Funny Me and a friend were reading an email where all the numbers added up to 11,,,? The flight numders, the numbers of passengers on each plane(Like 65,, 6+5=11). The date, and how many days are left in the year after Sept. 11th. Then again, looking at the TWC's at a distance, they look like the number 11,,,? Weird. So is Sabin Bin Laden !I MIGHT NOT BE USING $350.oo WORDS , but I try to say it like I feel ! Thats the problem now with government today, you can't hardly understand what they say. And if they do talk , they don't say what they mean! Just like the old west , history repeating its self.
Tv has started to repeat itself now over, & over. This is good for those that did not have a chance to witness the events while they unfolded. It is such a wounderfull country that we have and so alert. There must of bin 12 different angles of the second jet flying into the wtc building, and at least one or two shots of the very first plane to crash into the wtc. None that I have ever seen of the one that crashed into the pentigon.Things are on the move right now. At 10:35 PM, (9-15-2001 my time, CTZ , there was one jet flying north east over my position in west central Mo. Me and my friend noticed another plane flying kind of due west.We both noticed it's flashing lights. Then they disapeared, and we couldn't see them , then there they were again. Then gone, as if to be a warning to the first jet we saw with full lights, as if to say here we are , then turned there navigation lights back off, to fly in stealth? That was kind of strange. It makes me think? Walking in the house and catching the latest news. Sounds like they are flying two suspects from dallas to Ny. because they couldn't catch a plane out of St. Louis. Hopefully we are not at the beginning of WW3 !
Today though, I did have help from a friend with construction of my pavilion out back. In a sense , it's kind of a release from the 24 X 7 coverage on Tv & radio. I have listened to live coverage since 5 minutes after the whole ordeal started, LIVE ! We are on high alert, and anything is possible. I have my Bible & my Gun ! God Bless America !!!
Day 4 , I find myself looking up to the sky everytime I hear an airplane! I fear for my personal safety with the present news from our Pessident, that they fear that there are more terrorist still inside the USA. I looked up personal gas mask on a web site , but they cost around $200.oo, not much of a cost,to pay for your life. They were made for chemical war fare & terroist attacks so the web site states! And the filters are only supposed to last for 8 hours, and they caost over $100.oo just for them. So I decided to invest in some ammo for my guns , and dehidrated foods , which I just finished purchasing from a company out in Washington State.They should be here by the 25th of this month. I all so looked up personal water purification devices. The one that was the best cost about $4oo.oo , way more than was prepaired to spend at this time, hope I'm not making a BIG mistake. Maybe I can find something a little cheaper? I know there is one that is made that you can suck up water from a mud puddle and be able to safely drink it.This world is nuts any more !It's such a shame the people of the world don't take lession from the wild animals, they live in harmony, and do not fight with each other unless it's over food.Not because the color of skin, or what some one else has, that you don't have.I wished oil never exsited.Will there ever be peace on this big blue marble? Probably not in my life time , it seems. 09-19-01 I heard the sound of our stealth bomber fly over around 4:30 pm. We are now prepaired for war against the Moslums. The whole country has pinched in to give there support, I think around 60 million dollars has bin collected from people all over the USA & the world.Flags fly high every where, all the stores are sold out of them. They ran a segment on TV about hte Valley Forge Flag Co. in Womelsdorf, Pa.and them not being able to keep up with demand.I grew up in Spring City , Pa. and we had a branch of the Valley Forge Flag Co. in our town, they closed it down about 10 or 15 years ago. After being in buisness fro 100 years. I hear now that its an old folks home.I wounder about the face in the smoke too ? Our local news had it on TV and said that is not was true, but false. I don't know what to believe any more. We have bin lied to in the past by our own Gov. and the media, so what is to say there are not doing it again? If we had an honist,and for the people for the gov. and not giving and passing special laws, just for special groups & people, and people that give large sums of money to polititions for favors during election periods, well then maybe we could believe everything that they say, but we don't! It has bin shown in the past, its very sad, and very frustrating for "we the people".
09-20-01 Afganistan is saying that if we attack them they will call for "Geehad" a muslem holy war against the American people.Gas mask have bin sold out all across the country, and over the internet.Seems like the best selling one has bin the military one made in Turkey, and then so on down the line.The navy has sent ships to the Persian Gulf, and over 50,000 reserves where called in for duty.The FBI is searching for 190 more people connected with the attacks on the WTC's.There seems to no survivers from the WTC's , it has bin total devistaion, and they are saying it will take months the clean up all of the debris from the twin towers.The white dust from the buildings turns out to be aspestis. Has affected the dogs searching for suvivers, and rescue workers alike.The number of people missing and feared dead beneath the rubble of the twin towers stood at 6,333. Of the 261 bodies recovered so far, the coroner's office had identified 194.

Dennis | 46 | Missouri

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