#290 | Monday, November 26th 2001
I was at work in my local hospital in Elgin,Scotland when a cry came out of our switchboard room. I rushed to find out what had happened and I stood and watched as the news headlines replayed the of the doomed aircraft crash into one of the twin towers. No-one could speak. The tiny room was soon filled with people craning to see the t.v set. If that wasn't shocking enough we stood gobsmacked as the second plane careered into the other tower. When news of the pentagon hit came through tears were rolling down our shocked faces as the full reality of what we were witnessing set in.
No words can express the utter desolation people around the world are feeling for your city, but i know for me it is a moment in time that will never leave me.
I offer you all my prayers and wishes for a brighter future that U.S and British Forces are putting their lives on the line for.
take care and god bless you one and all.

Elgin, Scotland

Emma Daley | 25 | United Kingdom

#272 | Thursday, November 22nd 2001
I was on holiday in the middle of spain and happened to try out the TV in the villa we were staying at. Just as I did I saw the second plane hit. Very surreal.
Will Brown | 30 | United Kingdom

#191 | Sunday, October 7th 2001
'a planes hit one of the world trade centres' my brother shouted up the stairs. i immediatly thought it would be a small aircraft which would leave nothing but a dent. absolutly nothing to be worrying about. how naive could i have been?! eventually i poddled down the stairs with my friend, who was staying over for the day, to see what the fuss was about and just as we entered into the living room the second plane hit. we just stood in simple disbelief. this could be no coincidence. the following scenes did nothing but scar me for life...and there was nothing we could do but watch as the buildings burnt, people fled, and then each of the trade centres fell.
we watched the US mourn and the people of britain mourned with them. i didn't lose anyone that day, thank god, but a part of me was lost. everyday i look from my window at my brilliant view of london and canary wharf and every morning i wonder if it'll all still be there. every plane that passes over head sends shivers through my body. i've lost alot of trust. i don't trust those i don't know.
may those that perished rest in peace.
may those that live on find courage.
and may those that committed this vile act be found. and rot in hell.

katie milbank | 17 | United Kingdom

#178 | Sunday, September 30th 2001
September 11th 2001 (130pm uk time)
I was at work, feeling excited because myself and my best friend were going on holiday tomorrow for a week - to escape the reality of work and everyday life.Then the news came thru about what was happening in america.My heart sank and my eyes filled with tears.At the end of July this year, i spent one of the best weekends of my life in New York City, doing all the touristy things, seeing the sites, visiting a few bars and meeting the people, i didnt want to come home.I still find it hard to believe that an act of pure evil and hatred has changed one of the most amazing sites ive ever seen forever.My thoughts are with those who have lost family, friends and to all of those who fought so bravely to find surviors.But there is one thing that has stood out amongst all this tradegy and has inspired many british people and that is the way everyone has united together to get thru this evil.The site of the fire fighters putting up an american flag amongst the wreckage of the WTC will live with me forever.
I am not a particularly religious person, but my thoughts and prayers are with everybody who this tradegy has touched.
New York is a city i loved......and will continue to love and visit, we will not let the evil people responsible for this tragedy win this battle.

Kerry | 22 | United Kingdom

#156 | Tuesday, September 25th 2001
I was listening to a few CDs I just bought when I flicked on the TV at 3pm British time (which would have been about 10am in New York). The sight of seeing the initial fire on top of either building is one that will stay with me forever. I watched a re-run of the 2nd plane crashing into the World Trade Centre. It was completely horrifying. I flicked through every news channel to see if this was indeed such a newsworthy event. Every single one provided live coverage. Watching the texted captions underneath the coverage on the TV will stick with me for a long time. They were filled with updates on things like a 3rd plane crashing and which areas were being evacuated. Even some of the music channels broke the news. Then I saw the events slowly unfold. Whilst this was happening, I was texting my friends to tell them what was happening. I was ringing people up and discussing initial thoughts on the attack. To be honest, I never suspected any one person to be behind these attacks. I didn't even know they were deliberate at first. I was stunned. From then on, I knew that things were never to be the same again. Then, my mum and brother came home from work at about 5. They rushed to the TV. As they saw repeated coverage of the WTC buildings collapse, they watched in horror and shock, much like I did. I explained to them exactly what was going on, still shocked. I couldn't believe I was saying what I was. Yes, the events of September 11th, 2001 will live with me forever. It is something that I have never seen anything like before in my entire life, and something I never want to again.
Mike | 17 | United Kingdom

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