#532 | Wednesday, December 19th 2001
I was outside R.S Mcalls in the Timmergreens area of Arbroath, Scotland when i was informed of the horrrific tragedy that had just occured. I was standing with my buddy Colin and my homosexual friend Marc Beattie told me what had just happened. My heart sank and tears rolled slowly down my cold as ice cheeks. When I returned home i went to my friends house his name is Jp he shagged Margot.we watched tv all day.I was distraught.My prayers are with all those families and there loved ones.peace to u all.




Scotland | 17 | United Kingdom

#531 | Wednesday, December 19th 2001
I was at college all day and when I got home I just saw my mum and auntie staring at the TV like they was in some sort of trance. I looked and that’s when I saw it, the news saying how terrorists had attacked. I just sat down and watched the news for about 2 hours or more, not being able to take my eyes of the screen as I was so shocked and couldn’t believe it.

I can’t believe all those people have been killed. It’s been 3 months now and I still can’t get over it. Why would people be so cruel as to kill and hurt thousands of people they don’t even know?! I felt like crying when I heard and saw what had happened. I just didn’t know what to say or feel, I was just….just….numb….

I can’t really write much more as I haven’t really got anything else to say. There isn’t anything I could say to bring those people back as much as I wish there was. I just want to say sorry to all those people’s family and I wish I could help. I have signed the condolence book in my hometown, Nottingham, and now I’m signing this to simple say sorry too all those people’s families and I hope everything works out and nothing like this will ever happen again. R.I.P

*Emma* | 16 | United Kingdom

#501 | Tuesday, December 18th 2001
I should have been at work but my supervisor hadn't called to say I was needed. I was getting a late lunch when I heard on the radio that a plane had crashed into the World Trade Center. I sat down to eat lunch with the tv on. At the first commercial break there was a news flash, and normal life ended for that day. The second plane had hit the WTC. I cried, and then switched on the radio and logged on to the Internet to find out more news. Later I emailed all my American friends and family.
This Christmas I will be thinking especially of the families missing a member because of what happened.

Marguerite | 47 | United Kingdom

#471 | Wednesday, December 12th 2001
I was at work, in Manchester, England, at my job as a games programmer - in the early stages of a Gameboy Advance game.

We'd just got back from the pub after lunch, and someone sent an email round saying a plane had hit the WTC. I didn't think much of it - assuming it must be a relatively minor accident involving a light aircraft.

Then came the second email. The second plane had hit. Soon most of the 120ish employees were crowded around the rec room TV, watching CNN (via Sky Digital) as the news unfolded. All sorts of rumours about other planes, the white house etc...

Not long before the first tower fell, I remember someone making the sarcastic comment 'Couldn't happen to a nicer country'. He was soon shut up, along with the rest of us, some who had compared the many replays of the impact to special effects from a 'Die Hard' movie

I saw both towers fall on live TV. And was scared.

Not so much of the terrorists themselves, but the fact that they might cause Bush to press his red button, and trigger an all-out nuclear war.

Dave | 23 | United Kingdom

#459 | Tuesday, December 11th 2001
I can remember exactly where I was when I first heard the news about the WTC attacks. I was out in my car driving between two of the sites where I work in Hinckley, which is in Leicestershire, Great Britain. I had the Radio on Radio 1 and a couple of DJ’s called “Mark and Lard” were on. They are normally some of the funniest and weirdest DJ’s you’ll ever hear but all of a sudden their tone completely changed and they said the words I’ll never forget, “we’ve just heard that terrorists have flown 2 planes into the World Trade Centre in New York City and one of the towers has collapsed….” It went quiet and I got a chill all over me at the thought of what was happening/
I raced back to work quickly texting my girlfriend on my mobile to tell her to find a radio to listen to what was happening in America. As soon as I got back in the office I knew it was bad as everyone had stopped working and was huddled around radios, pocket TV’s and other peoples desks as they were trying desperately to get on to news websites to find out more on the situation.
When we then heard that another plane had crashed into the Pentagon and more planes were on the way we all fell into a state of shock thinking the worst, that this could be the start of a new war. I know it might seem silly now but I’m not afraid to admit it but after that I got straight on the phone to my girlfriend to tell her that I loved her.

Once I got home and saw the video footage of what had happened in New York I so nearly broke down into tears. The feeling of seeing the 2nd plane coming out of the sky and fly straight into the 2nd tower, seeing people fleeing in utter terror as a mass of rubble falls from the sky, and most of all seeing people leaping to their deaths from one of the worlds most poignant landmarks is something I never want to feel again.

My thoughts and prayers are still with everyone who witnessed or was involved with this terrible tragedy.

Everything else seems kind of pointless with things like that going on doesn’t it…

Andy Roberts | 21 | United Kingdom

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