#779 | Wednesday, February 20th 2002
I can remember it as clearly now as when it happened. I was making breakfast and getting ready for work in my apartment in California when I turned on the TV and saw the 2nd tower in flames. I had been living on the west coast for only a week, after having moved from Boston. My first reaction was to call my mother back in Boston and ask her if this was all really happening. It was almost like a movie. I started to panic when I heard that the flights that hit the towers had originated in Boston. My heart sank. Did I know anyone on those flights? Where were my friends who live in NYC? Where were my friends' friends and family's friends? Was everyone safe? All these thoughts passed through my mind. I felt physically ill and could not stop crying. After gaining my composure, I went to work where I was essentially the east coast representative at my company, seeing as I was the only person from New England. A TV had been set up in the main conference room and I sat and watched in disbelief for 3 hours. Everyone kept asking me if I knew anyone on the flights or working in the WTC. I didn't know and that made me panic more than anything in the world. I couldn't reach anyone in NYC and had no way of knowing if any of my friends were on those flights. I felt an incredible pang of guilt for not being back home with my family. As the day went on, I got in touch with my family and friends and found out that some of my friends' friends had been killed. This had been the most horrifying and memorable day of my life. It took me weeks to be able to reflect on what had happened without bursting into tears. Today, a little over 5 months after this atrocity occurred, my eyes still swell with tears when I think of it.

Karen Osman | 24 | California

#754 | Monday, February 11th 2002
Even before 9-11, I was a very patriotic American, and was horrified when I woke up t the news on my alarm clock. I had a classmate that was so depressed he took his own life the next week. It was a hard few weeks for the entire world, but I am positive, America will prevail.

"Terrorist attacks can strikes the foundations of our biggest buildings, but they cannot touch the foundation of America"
-President Bush 9/11/01

God Bless America

Daniel Anderson | 14 | California

#747 | Saturday, February 9th 2002
My husband and I were still sleeping at 6.45 am Pacific standard time when we were awoken by a telephone call. It was from my mother in India! She said in a frantic voice - what is happening in the US? Haven't you heard the terrible news? we are watching it live on CNN in Bombay!

we immediately got up and switched on the radio and heard with horror the live report. as we did not have cable tv, we couldn't see what was going on. i tried calling a family friend in brooklyn, NY, to see if she was ok but couldn't connect due to busy telephone lines. Later, we went to the lounge of our apartment leasing office to see the President's message on the TV there.

Shams | 34 | California

#717 | Saturday, February 2nd 2002
when america was initially attacked, i was asleep, in my bed. i was still dreaming about the day before (my crush hugged me) and night of september 10th, i couldn't sleep. needless to say, i was pretty tired when my mom ran into my room.

i didn't understand what she was saying. i staggered out of my room to see the TV for myself. smoke pouring out of the world trade center. i went to brush my teeth and change.

i was putting on my jeans when my mom rushed into my room again. the second tower was hit.

i couldn't just skip school that day. i didn't really want to. that day was a testing day.

that image was very surreal. i was in a daze when i got to school. once or twice i'd hear, "have you heard about the world trade center?" but there was no response.

during testing breaks, i'd go to a classroom and watch the news. everything was about the world trade center. i remember getting sick of the media. everywhere i went, september 11th was this, it was that.

september 11th was an event that rocked the world.

Megan | 14 | California

#715 | Friday, February 1st 2002
I was up at 5.30 am (Pacific Time) getting ready for school and saw the whole thing unfold on TV. I saw the second plane hit right before I left. Arrived at school to find worried talk and crying. We watched TV and cried all day long.
M. Cristen | 18 | California

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