#1675 | Thursday, September 5th 2002
I was in school on 9/11/01. It was my last year of being a nursing student. After break, a fellow classmate came into class saying something had happened, that the World Trade Center's were gone. I didn't comprehend at the time what had happened, and didn't until about 3pm when I got home. In five minutes flat I saw what had happened during the day. The first tower being hit, then the second, then the pentagon, the second tower collapsing, then the first .... I sat in horror. I thought, all those people..they all just died. I could not understand. I cried. I felt a sadness that I had never felt before. For days and weeks and months, I had to know about the people who survived, the people who were lost, the towers, the pentagon. I was trying to know so much because I was trying to understand, trying to find reason. I now know that there is no understanding. There is no reason. Only the realization that we need compassion and patience all over the world. We need to look at each person we know and love them for who they are, and try to erase the anger and hurt in the world. We need to have love in the world ... even if it takes closing our eyes each day picturing the horrifying events of to remind ourselves. We cannot let these people who died, go without being remembered. We need to take the strength of the survivors, of NYC, of Washington and PA. We cannot forget.
Tammy Keddy, Registered N | 22 | Canada

#1670 | Thursday, September 5th 2002
I live in Canada, but my son was born in Michigan on September 11th, 1999. I sat here in horror watching CNN as the second plane hit while he was opening his presents.

May God bring a more peaceful birthday and peace to all of us this year.

Ladysmith, British Columbia, Canada

Fay Y | 43 | Canada

#1654 | Wednesday, September 4th 2002
I was at work when we heard about it. We normally have the radio on but that morning I did not turn it on for some reason. A person from the ajoining business came over to tell us I just remember that when I turned on the radio the guys that I usually listen to every morning we still on the air and it was 1 hour after they were normally over. I just have to say that theydid such a great job of walking us through it that morning. We felt so much shock and disbelief that even though it has been a year almost it is still so hard to comprehend how some one can have that much hate. My heart still goes out to thoose who lost a loved one that day and my prayers are still with them always.
s lohr | 30 | Canada

#1645 | Monday, September 2nd 2002
I was just leaving my law class in high school when I heard my teacher question what she heard. Some of the students in class had no idea what the twin towers were or what the world trade center was. As I was preparing to go to my next class, I made a stop in library for our school pictures. The television was set up and students gathered around to watch CNN Live. For the rest of the day I didn't move. I watched in horror as the tapes were played over and over. This was something that hadn't really struck as being anything too terrible. I assumed a plane had crashed because of engine failer. I did not understand the tragedy that hit that day.
Katherine McCarthy | 17 | Canada

#1636 | Saturday, August 31st 2002
I was in Cuba with my boyfriend. It was our first vacation together after 6 years and it was on the 4th day of the vacation. The weather wasn't that great for the first three days, and we decided we would go to the beach first thing in the morning on Tuesday, September 11 because it was the only day that was actually going to be sunny.

My boyfriend couldn't sleep that night. He woke me up at 7:30 am telling me he kept having weird dreams. He drempt that he was trapped in a building that was on fire, people were screaming all around him, and all he felt was panic and chaos.

I'd never seen him that worried before, but I figured, hey it's just a dream, and I told him everything will be ok. We'll go the beach right away, go in the ocean and enjoy ourselves.

We were on the beach from 8:00 am to 1:00 pm. We didn't know a thing. We went back to the room and I turned on the TV (the channel was already set to CNN) and all I saw was "America Under Attack." And I saw what happened, and I was freaking. I saw the plane hit the 2nd tower and then I saw images of the smoke and finally the fall of the 2 towers. My boyfriend was in the bathroom, and I couldn't say anything because I was completely speechless.

Finally, I told him what was going on and he was just silent. He must have been remembering his dream (and so was I) because he just locked himself in there crying and depressed and didn't come out until 10 minutes later. Then we watched CNN all day.

We didn't eat until 8:00 pm that night because we weren't hungry. We kept thinking about all the people who were trapped in the towers and couldn't get out. My office is in a skyscraper in my city and I was thinking, "What if that was mine that got hit?", "What if people I knew and cared about were in the building?" and that's when it hit me what the families in NYC, the entire city, the people in Washington and the families of Flight 93 were going through. That was the worst part of it.

The enormity of it hit the next day. Since my Dad passed away, I don't think I've ever felt so scared and sad as I did on September 11, 2001. I don't think I ever will.

J | 23 | Canada

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