#2312 | Wednesday, September 11th 2002
At 7:00am I was awakened by the sound of explosions. I opened my tightly shut eyes to see the light of my TV with the words ďTerror on AmericaĒ flashing across the screen. With just a squint I made out the world trade center and amazingly, a cloud of smoke billowing from the building. ďWhatís going on?!Ē I exclaimed at my mom. With a few brief words, I come to find out that it was hit with a plane. I was astonished to find out, just a few minutes later, that another plane had hit the second building. Itís easy to recognize sabotage when you see it! In the other room, I hear a slight weeping of grief and anger. I finally heard my mom say, God have mercy on your souls!

Heather Rush | 14 | California

#2310 | Wednesday, September 11th 2002
I will never forget that day. The day our country was attacked, the day when lives were lost, and the day that changed me forever. I woke up that morning, not knowing what had happened, and expecting that it would be just another ordinary Tuesday at school. After I finished getting ready, I and my dad were walking to his truck down the street and suddenly he just burst out and said that the twin towers had been attacked. At the time, I didnít know what they were but I didnít know that once I got to school, everything would change.

I got to school and no one was doing anything, just watching the television and sitting quietly. I noticed that something wasnít right and I listened even more closely to the television. I quickly learned what the twin towers were, what had happened to them, and why it was so important. We got released from school early that day and I spent the rest of it at home, thanking God for what I have and for not letting anyone I love die that day. I prayed for anyone who was lost and anyone who lost anyone.

Our country grew that day; not in mass or ground, but in mass of love and closeness. That love and closeness still remain and grow today, a year later, and I hope that it will forever. God bless America, my home sweet home!

Katie Rohrbach | 14 | California

#2309 | Wednesday, September 11th 2002
On September 11, 2002 I was at home getting ready for school, when my mom yelled for me to come upstairs and see what happened to the World Trade Center. I was shocked and dismayed about what the hijackers did to the USA. I also thought that it was good that it happened to us because we have been so powerful and no one wanted to face us. I think that we were becoming a little to arrogant and using our power in ways it was not helping us, as in the people of the United States.
I grieved for those who lost their love ones. I had some friends that lost their family members and I tried my best to comfort them. If the hijackers were mad at the government why take it out on innocent people? I think they also went a little too over board when they crashed a third plane into the pentagon. Havenít we suffered enough? For all those firemen, policemen, and innocent victims that lost their lives I hurt for you and your family. What they did was not right and can not be explained but it has made the USA stronger. People in NY will stop and say hello or help a complete stranger that is a huge change since what it had use to be. I am also sad that the world changed because we were shown someone can attack us. We should be already nice to other people and help other people when we see that they need help, we should not start doing this just because innocent lives were taken, we should do it because thatís the right thing to do.
I will never forget the day when the World Trade Center collapsed. It is one of those things that will be stuck in your mind like a movie going through your head. It hurts to see it over and over again but it must be shown to the world that you can never put down your defense. I would like to give my deepest apology and love to those who have suffered; we are going to get through and when we do you will be consider a hero and your love ones will be honored for days to come.

Samantha Pranatadjaja | 14 | California

#2307 | Wednesday, September 11th 2002
Where I Was

On September 11, 2001, I was in my bedroom listing to radio to see if my favorite baseball team had won the night before. Thatís when I heard of the attacks. I was really shocked because I thought that nothing like that could ever happen to America. I was starting to get changed when I heard of the tragic news. I rushed out of my room and sat myself in front of the television and watched the second airplane fly right into the second tower!! It made me feel really crummy. When I got to school, all of the eight graders were gathered together and were crying. We were supposed to have our SAT tests that day, but our teacher decided not to give it to us. We also got out of school right after we got there because the principal thought that it was a time of mourning and we should be with our parents. If the attacks never happened, I wonder what it would be like today, the one year anniversary of September 11.

Amy Mathews

amy m | 14 | California

#2306 | Wednesday, September 11th 2002
I came o school on september 11th it was like any other day. My classmates and I were standing in line waiting to hear the morning announcments. Then my friend leaned over to my with tears in her eyes. She told me what had happend. Horrified and scared,I told her" i didn't even know, I was sleeping though people dying." I started to got teary-eyed, just because of that one thought. People were dying while I slept peacefully.We walked into our classroom and it was so quiet that you could have heared a pin drop. We just sat there,in our desks, to stuned to speak. Then we got the announcment over the loudspeaker that we were evacuating the school. Ten or twenty muinets later,parents showed up crying. My mom took me and my friend Janine home to my house because Janines mom was working at the hospital and she had to stay for a while.When we arrived at my house,I saw my dad sitting on the couch.It was the only time I have ever seen him with tears streaming down his cheacks. He was sent home from his work that day just as we were from school. Me,my mom,my dad,my sister and Janine,watched the T.V. with horrer.We were glued to the set for hours.WE only got up to get tissue to dry our tears. I went to bed that night to worried,and to scared to sleep. I couldn't help but think...
Alexandra Thrapp | 13 | California

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