#1754 | Sunday, September 8th 2002
I was given some lecture at work when
this guy burst into the room and said that North Tower had been hit by an aircraft. Some quarter of an hour later he came in saying that South Tower was hit. Two 'accidents' in such a short while. Having no TV at work we tried to check out what was happening on interent - nothing. I drove home as fast as I could and stayed up late watching CNN, Fox and whatever came through. Seeing those aircraft drive directly into the towers - I could not, and still cannot understand how a man can look death so straight in the face, whatever the reason. To this day (just some 5 mins ago), seeing reviews on TV (with the anniversary coming up) I look in awe.

I have one BIG friend in the U.S. of A. She's a great person and I care for her a lot - any day, so think on hearing this news. To make matters worse, she's muslim. She was the one who thought me that not all muslims are terrorists, and that islam nowhere says to go kill like that. I sent her an email and kept wating for a reply which did not come as quick as I wanted. It arrived later in the evening and I felt better.

I think that the primary contingency of closing all air traffic over the US was justified and well thought. I think that the effects of this will take long to settle down, and I hope that no hot heads get too hot and start WWIII. I will accept deaths in the pursuit of eliminating those responsable for this, but nothing else.

Ian Grech | 32 | Malta

#1752 | Sunday, September 8th 2002
I was at my Mother's house just outside Toronto Canada, just getting ready for the 4 hour car trip back to Michigan and my husband. My Mom saw the first plane hit the tower, and she called me in. Katie Couric was stunned, and she seemed like she didn't believe the events around her. I immediately called my husband and told him the tower had been hit. When the second tower was hit, I called him again and told him I wouldn't be home that day, the borders were closed, I'd be there tomorrow. Then I sat, watched the television, and cried. I called my husband about 20 times that day. I wanted him to go home and not stay at work. I wanted him to be safe, and I watched in awe for hours. My friend came over and we talked--she had ticket to a movie at the festival in Toronto, but the Film Festival in the city had been postponed due the the event--and I kept crying. All I could think about was those poor people, and New York, and how evil you have to be to plan and commit such a devastating event! Then I got angry.

It took me almost 12 hours to get back home the next day. It took 3.5 hours to get to Windsor Ontario, and the remaining time to cross the tunnel to Detroit. The Bridge line started at least 20 KM outside Windsor, so I did a u-turn on the 401 and drove north to the hick towns, taking backroads all the way to Windsor. The tunnel was packed, but not as bad as the bridge.
The security was high and it was scary.

What an awful day.

J Fynan | 32 | Michigan

#1750 | Sunday, September 8th 2002
Ft. Lauderdale, Fl 8:15 a.m. packing my mother's childhood toys while trying to organize the rest of the family to prepare for a very long day ahead all the while trying to boost everyone's spirits as I have done so many times before since she was diagnosed. Today was my mother's first of many trips to the hospital to remove the cancer from her breast. 8:35 a.m. arrive at the hospital and help my mother to the receptionist area to check her in. My brother runs over to us 15 minutes later to say that a small plane has hit one the towers. Stupid pilot I thought why doesn't he watch where he's going. And then I tell my brother to leave us alone now, mom was already nervous enough. 10 minutes later we are all in the waiting room watching the 2nd plane hit the towers. My mother is now screaming for us to make sure her sisters are ok who all work in the Mahattan area. We all had phones with us to report to the family that mom's surgery was over and she was fine. Now we are all using up our battery power before she even goes in making failed attempts to call New York because everyone had the same idea as we did and all circuits proceded to be busy for hours. Still trying to raise the spirits in the room I mention that like us, the towers needed a new roof anyway... this of course was before 10 am and all we could do was sit and watch our hometown crash to the ground. My new home, as of 5 days previous to this day was 4 blocks from the Pentagon. And as I watch my new home get covered in smoke and flames all I now need to do is get hold of my pet sitter to make sure my animals are safe. Yes looking back this might have been minor in the scheme of things but it wasn't minor to me that day. Eventually the day came to end, my aunts were found and were fine (Except for some emotional scarring). My mom's surgery went as well as to be expected, a year later she is now a Cancer survivor and life goes on... but life will never be the same.
Mindy | 32 | Virginia

#1740 | Sunday, September 8th 2002
On 9/11/01 I was at work, at the Bryan County office of the Oklahoma Department of Human Services. I had just arrived a work and everyone in my unit was celebrating a co-worker's 50th birthday when one of our clerical workers came up to me and told me that a plane had just flown into the world trade center, and she asked me to find out something about it on an online news. My immediate thought was that some drunk or incompetent pilot had veered too far off course and clipped the top of the building or something like that. I turned on my radio, and looked for news online from as many sources as possible, but got nothing concrete (until a few hours later). As an intelligence officer for the Oklahoma Army National Guard, I was becoming increasingly worried as I later heard of the second plane at the WTC and then especially the Pentagon and Flight 93. For the rest of the morning, I could not concentrate on work, and left to go home. My wife was overwrought with anxiety that any minute my unit would be activated and subesquently send me to God-knows-where because of this...I have always tried to keep up with the news and current events but on this day and for weeks following, I was glued to whatever news I could find. My national guard unit was placed on a force-protection alert for several weeks, and the anxiety has continued to grow to this day that at some point, I will have to leave my wife, daughter, job, and home to go somewhere and do some work for Uncle Sam...Don't get me wrong, though. I have learned a great deal about terrorism and threat nations, as it is my job to do so, but I feel a much greater sense of urgency to do my part, however small or great, to wage war on terrorism and threats to our security.
Jeffery S. Price | 32 | Oklahoma

#1702 | Friday, September 6th 2002
I was 37 weeks pregnant with my daughter and had an appointment with my doctor at 10am on Sept.11. I had "Today" on while I was getting ready. They started talking about a plane hitting the WTC but there were so many questions. I listened to the radio on my way to the doctor. There was no music that day. When I got to the doctor's office, all the patients were huddled around a TV in the back of the waiting room. There was complete silence. We were all shocked, terrifed and saddened.

I was in active labor so i went over to the hospital to have my baby. My whole family showed up at the hospital. We were all so happy about the impending birth of a baby but so sad at the same time. I kept thinking "what kind of world am I bringing a baby into?". At 6:12 pm Abigail Marie arrived and my life was forever changed for the second time that day.

I was in the hospital for 3 days and the attack is all that was on TV and it was all everyone was talking about. It was such a sad, yet happy time for us.

A woman told me that Abby has the soul of someone who died in that attack. Apparently the sounds of people trapped at Ground Zero stopped in the evening.

My mother-in-law saves the paper from the day that each grandchild was born. 9-11-01 wass just another ordinary day when the paper was published. My mother-in-law saved the paper from 9-12-01 also.

We are having a red, white and blue 1st birthday party for Abby. I like to think that she gives people hope for the future when I tell them that she was born on 9-11-01.

God Bless America, My Home Sweet Home!!

Julie M. Whitlow | 32 | Indiana

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