#2139 | Wednesday, September 11th 2002
I was in my car on my way to school. I heard about the one plane and then the shout from the D.J. about the second. Later on we heard about the pentagon and my heart froze, I had family and friends there and I was horrified about what was going to happen next. Being from Oklahoma, I know how they must have felt in NYC, D.C. and Pennsylvania. I'm glad that my family is still here, but I mourn for those not so lucky. God Bless America and all Americans.
S.J. | 25 | Oklahoma

#2120 | Wednesday, September 11th 2002
I was being annoyed that the phone won't stop ringing. By 10am I woke up just in time to see John Edward. I turned on the TV and proceeded to the bedroom. I thought My gosh these contacts are really dirty, because the TV sure looks hazy. I went for a baby bottle and sat with my daughter on the bed. All I saw was Manhattan skyline and honestly I thought, why is it so foggy. Then the scrolling headlines started, and my tears started to fall.
My husband called and all I asked What HAPPENED!???? Then I couldn't stop thinking about my best friend, Roxy. She lives in Queens. I tried to call lines were busy, but I insisted and it connected me. She was ok, her husband John (who works in Mt.Sinai hospital) was stuck in Manhattan due to the shut down of the MTA. The most important part was that they were ok. I didn't sleep for 5 days. I couldn't eat either. I lost 15 lbs in 1 week. I was thinking what's coming next. Is this it? I was going out of my mind. Until my husband forbid me to watch, listen or even checked the news.
A year has passed, I reflect on today. I can't help feeling that a part of everyone died that day as well. I personally didn't know anyone on the flights, WTC 1 & 2, or the Pentagon, we are all connected. Not because some of us are white, black, yellow, brown, or red, BUT we are all HUMANS!

For the Faithfully Departed who became Angels, I will never forget!

Yolanda Ovalle | 25 | Florida

#2114 | Wednesday, September 11th 2002
I was in Europe on vacation; my last day in Prague when it happened. I didn't hear about it until I was on a train to Vienna. The Austrian border guard came by and after stamping our passports, he said "So you are Americans...". After we affirmed that, he asked "Did you hear the news?".

"Did you hear the news?"

Oooohhhh boy. Were we in for a revelation.

After saying "no", he proceeded to tell us about the terrorist attacks. He didn't speak English very well so it was hard to get the full good story.

Later on, the border guard came back with a German language newspaper with pictures. While I do not speak German to any significant degree, I was able to pick out tidbits like "Boeing 767". Wow. For someone who is used to having virtually immediate access to a TV or the Internet, to have to wait a few hours to get the news was a very unnerving and anxious experience.

A few hours later, we arrived in Vienna and after we got a taxi to our hostel (ironically called "Believe it or not"), we set out for an internet cafe, which seem to be somewhat less common in Vienna when compared with other European cities. We ended up finding a conventional bar that happened to have a computer and a modem. After spending a bit of time getting the machine to work with the help of the bartender, we sat down and read in horror all of the news, and comiserated with the bartender. I'm normally very desensitized, but I was in shock. In the process of all this, I downed two beers and three vodka shots. Then, we went back to the room, all called home to check in, and got some sleep.

Nathaniel Woods | 25 | Massachusetts

#2082 | Wednesday, September 11th 2002
I can remember I had just gotten out of the shower to begin another day. I got a knock on my door and it was my friend with tears streaming down her face. I asked her what happened and she stated a plane had hit the World Trade Center. I immediately turned the tv on and just as I did the second plane hit the second building. I ran and got my husband, who is a marine stationed at Camp Lejeune, NC and told him to watch what was going on. With the first word of terrorism coming from from the person speaking on the tv my husband said, "we are going to war, its a given" I immediately started crying hoping deap inside my husband wouldn't have to go but knowing in my heart that if he did I would be so proud because it was his duty and he would be protecting us all. I cried for days in mourning for the people who lost loved ones, and I prayed that justice would be done.
Rebecca Bell | 25 | North Carolina

#2001 | Tuesday, September 10th 2002
It was unusual for me to have slept in that late that morning. My son 4, was sleeping in and my husband had already got up and left for work long before I got the call from my Neighbor, Saying "are you awake?" I said not really. She said wake up and turn on the T.v. I did, and I saw what was happening and began to cry of course, I was 7 and a 1/2 months pregnant and I thought for sure I was going into labor. My husband is a marine, and the first thing I did was pick up the phone and call him, but all lines were busy , it was a complete chaos. I couldn't get a hold of him till around 5 pm that night, and all my family members called me to make sure I was okay, Every neighbor I knew was at my house huddled around my T.v watching in disbeleif . All our kids were in the house. and no one would allow anyone to go outside it was very scary to all of us, even living on a military base we were unsure. I still think about it and tommorrow it will have been one year and my son will be a year old, My heart goes out to everyone that has a lost and missed on in thier lives.
Robyn | 25 | North Carolina

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