#2204 | Wednesday, September 11th 2002
Hi,my name is Valonda.I was in school
when we were under attact.My math
teacher told us that he had heard that
a plane had just hit the twin, World trade centers, and the pentagon. He also
said that there is still one up there.
I felt very bad, I was more shocked then
anything.Then when I got home me and my mom listened to the news.The news had said that the 4th plane had dispeared,
but they suppose to hit the White house.
I was so sad for the ones who lost their love ones. So now since this has happened we need to Stand up for our
NATION!I am an American.

Valonda | 12 | Virginia

#2203 | Wednesday, September 11th 2002
When sept.11 to place I'm pretty sure that I was in school in my spaninish class.I was setting there taking a test when the office came over the P.A. and said that the wolrd trade center had been attacked, and they said the time that it had been attacked I wondered why i had not heard about this earlier.When I got home I cut on the news.It said that at least 1000 people had lost their lives in the attack on the wolrd trade center.I thought to myself "Man those poor kids who are now orphans."Thats about all I have to say about the world trade center attack.GOD BLESS THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA
Jacob miles | 12 | Virginia

#2199 | Wednesday, September 11th 2002
When I heard about the terrorist attacks my sister had come to bring me to the doctor. She told me and my first instinct was "Whats the World Trade Center?" Then I was shocked that these things could happen and not just in movies. Then I got mad. "Why don't we just bomb them all?" I wondered. Then I realized that might start a World War 3.
My sister told me that my Uncle Rick was at the Pentagon that day. I was scared. I waited in silence watching the news. We got a call saying that he was okay later that day. I've got a motto 'everything has a purpose even when it happens to you'. I think 9/11/01 has made us all better people. I extend my apologies to all the families of the people who died that day.

Benjamin Harris | 12 | Virginia

#2198 | Wednesday, September 11th 2002
When I had heard about the attacks I was in Math class at school,I was scared because at the time I really did not know what the WTC was so then my teacher explained it to me a little more and then I understood it a lot better.
When I heard about the first plane hiting the first building,then right after another plane came and hit the second building.I was really shocked because I had never thought that a thing could happen like this, but then it did i was shocked because i had only saw that kind of stuff in movies. Iwas really suprised and that evening when I had got off the bus I ran up to the house and told mom did you hear about the attack on the WCT she said yeah but she didn't really wan't to talk about it, and I can't really blame her because it really was a depressing momment or day. So I called up all my friends and told them about because she didn't really know a thing about it. When I started to tell her about it she stared to cry and she said," Can you believe all of those lives that were lost."
September 11th 2001 was a tragedy for everyone, and it has changed so many lives.

"God Bless America"

Jessica Huddleston | 12 | Virginia

#2196 | Wednesday, September 11th 2002
Hi my name is Amanda Walker. When I heard about the bombing I was at school in Mrs. Carters class in the six grade.When I heard about the bombing and plane crashing I was scared and mad so I just want to tell you who lost your family and children I am very sorry
who that happend too.I didn't find out the day when it happend because my power was out so the next morning Mrs.Carter told us''do you know what happend yesderday''. Some people said yes and no. But some of the classmates felt hurt and I had tears in school because of what happend. I think I cried enough for every one, even the ones who were killed in the bombing and the plane.I FEEL SORRY WHO EVER DIED,AND EVEN PEOPLE WHO IN THE PLANE CRASH AND THE BOMBING.GOD BLESS YOU ALL. ALL FOR ONE AND ONE FOR ALL.I am from arvonia va. I hope that we fine everyone who killed them.
One day I was over my grandma's house and I saw on the news That there making some kind of poison on a butiful dog first it was yellow and first that happend was the dog stated snifing it and it started going crazy and blood was coming out of its mouth and ears it was dieing and I started to cry because it took to long to die it was surfering. And it was a video that they gave them and the afganistan people said that it will work on peple an kill them very slowly like that dog that they killed on the video.


Amanda | 12 | Virginia

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