#898 | Monday, March 11th 2002
Six months today and i still can't believe what happend :( It was around 2:15pm in the UK when the planes hit i think. At that time i was in college, it was the first day back after the summer. I had two hours of lectures from 1-3pm. We had the same lecturer so none of us knew what was going on. At around 3pm i left college and went to catch the train back home...

The train seemed so quiet. I don't know if that was because some people knew what had happend, or if it was just how they were feeling that day. There was something eerie about the walk i took from the train station back to my flat. Hardly any cars on the road and no-one walking about.

I got inside my flat and my first instict is always to put the TV on to see if i can catch any news. I put channel3 on and saw some news. I actually prefer BBC1 news so i went through my dial and had a quick look at channel4, news on there too. I thought that was unusual but thought nothing of it and flicked to bbc1. I just remember watching all the footage, i dont think the towers had fallen then..

It seems like 2 days ago and i will remember that day for the rest of my life. Me & my boyfriend sat and watched for hours..in disbelief. I cried and cried for the people who lost there lives that day...

I hope and Pray that nothing like this will ever happen again x x x

Sharon | 18 | United Kingdom

#858 | Sunday, March 10th 2002
I am from England and was on holiday in Samos. I heard about it in the back of a greek taxi cab. The guy said in broken English.'In New York the big house's, the bigggg' house's have plane crash in to them!!! America have fight planes, America under attack!!! We looked at one another in disbelief. America under attack??!! We then watched on CNN...We had been looking at taking a weeks holiday in New York for that week, but never went.....The holiday atmosphere was very quiet that week. It was scarey coming back home on the plane. I do not know what words to express to all of those affected, I guess you just keep hanging on dont you?Thankyou for this site..
Alice | 30 | United Kingdom

#846 | Sunday, March 10th 2002
My wife and I were er-route to Orlando Florida for our annual vacation on September 11th 2001. We were at 34,000 feet above Newfoundland on a Virgin Atlantic flight. We made an unscheduled stop at Gander, where we were looked after by the Salvation Army at one of thier camps. We stayed at Twin Ponds for 24 hours and then flew back to Manchester in the United Kingdom. We were treated like royalty by the people of Gander and we were harldy alone. There were thirty nine other big aeroplanes and many passengers also 'stranded' at this time. While our hearts go out to those directly affected by the attacks , we feel we owe a debt of gratitude to the people of Gander and particularly the Salvation Army , who looked after us. Thank You to all of those involved. We are forever in your debt.
Barry & Tina Coomer | 34 | United Kingdom

#835 | Saturday, March 9th 2002
On 9/11 I was watching sky news in the UK at about 2pm when the first plane hit. At first I thought that it was a terrible accident until I saw the next plane hit. I immediately called family and friends to tell them to turn the tv on. The rest of the day was spent watching the news unfold. It is beyond belief the measures terrorists will go to. My outlook on life has changed dramatically, I lived in America for a time and the patriotism was an amazing quality of the people, I hope it lives on stronger than ever! Times are now not safe in the Western world, I want my children to always remember the patriotism and united front shown by the American and British people and know that the war on terror will secure their democratic future. I will never forget the stories of those who lost their lives that day and will continue to cry for all those growing up without parents and sons and daughters etc. God bless you all Joanne 24 UK
joanne cullen | 24 | United Kingdom

#826 | Wednesday, March 6th 2002
I remember every little detail about September 11th 2001. It Was just before 2 in the afternoon here in the UK and that week we had all just went back to school and I just had a major fight with my school because they canceld the subject I was planing on doing. Anyway I was walking home with 2 friends at about 2.30, talking about what I was going to do and my Dad came running out of my house and shouted ,"Rob Americans Under Attack" with thoses 4 words i felt sick, my mind raced think what had happend, and who had done it, Japan?? Chnia?? after a few seconds I asked what has happend and he told me about the planes crashing into the World Trade Center, with out looking at my friends i ran in to the house and just sat their watching the news for the next 3 days, it was day I will never forget, we must not forget.
In Febuary 2001 I was lucky to vist New York and the World Trade Center and I cant wait to come Back.

Robert McAllister | 17 | United Kingdom

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