#1244 | Thursday, May 2nd 2002
I had just come out of college and I was in the bank with my Mum when I first heard about the September 11th attacks. Someone phoned us and said 'Something big is going on in the USA. I think they may have blown up the White House or something'. We got home quick and we turned on the TV and all we saw was smoke billowing everywhere in Manhattan. We couldn't see anything and then everything started to come together. The next day, in college, the TV's in the canteen were on and we watched everything. Shedding tears and our sorrows with each other.
Jenna Katie Driver | 17 | United Kingdom

#1231 | Tuesday, April 30th 2002
i was in a psychology lesson at school. a firend txted me sayin the pentagon hade been bombed. at first i laughed. im a very patriotic person and im not a big fan of america. i got home and saw the damage done to the buildings and your country. watching you all band together and get up from this amazed me. it could have bene so much worse. i respect your country and the people of new york. respec'
Ben Elder | 17 | United Kingdom

#1206 | Wednesday, April 24th 2002
I was on holiday in Florida with my Girlfriend Claire, and another couple, it was our second week. We were up early that morning as we had been most mornings, Off to another fun park. We left at around 8am to drive from Orlando to Buch Gardens in Tampa. We had the radio on in the car when we heard the terrible news that a plane had struck one of the WTC towers. Like everyone at that time we thought it was just a terrible accident, little did we know what was to come. By the time we had arrived the second plane had hit and reports were coming in of hijackings. On parking the car we met up with the couple we were traveling with, my lifelong friend Rod and his partner Julie. We stood by his car with at least Ten other people listening to President Bush's speech over the radio. For me the realisation of what was happening in New York was enormous. I have been to America many times in my life and only 2 years previous had stood at the top of the WTC looking out across a clear and sunny New York City in November.
The memory that sticks in my mind apart from those terrible images, is trying to explain to Claire and my friends just how Big and Tall the WTC towers were, none of them had ever been to New York.
We had been in the park for Two hours when it was closed on saftey grounds, we had been on one ride which none of us enjoyed as our minds were elsewhere.

I will NEVER forget September 11 2001

Mark Saxby | 29 | United Kingdom

#1194 | Saturday, April 20th 2002
I had just switched on the tv, it was about 1pm here in the uk (8am) NY time. My mum had left early that morning because she was going to visit relatives in spain so there was nobody in the house. A few minutes after the first plane hit, there was a news flash on the channel i was watching and the newsreader said "we bring you thses shocking pictures from New York where it is believed that a plane has crashed into one of the World Trade Centres". At this point i thought it was a terrible accident, and that a light aircarft had crashed into the building. As the news coverage continued a huge fireball surrounded the other buliding and the newsreader didn't know what to say. I think he said "it looks like theres been an explosion in the other buliding, it could have been one of the news or police helicopters that have been flying close to the buliding". He went on to say "were getting reports that it was infact another plane that crashed into the second building". In a discussion with other people on the newsdesk he said "this appears to coincidental to be an accident, i think we are seeing a horrific terrorist attack". the first thing i did was phone my mums mobile phone, she should have just landed in Spain by now. She answered and said "hello, are you ok?", it was unusual for me to phone her while she is away. I said "Yeah i'm fine, have you landed?". She said yes. i said "have you seen the news?". She told me she hadn't and i told her what had happened, it was hard for me to explain something like this without sounding like i was exagerating! She got to her relative house, who she hadn't seen for years, and the first thing they said was "quick, come in look at the news". After 6 hours they finally said hello to each other. It seemed like a day when you could do nothing but watch the events unfold, everyone just couldn't believe what they were seeing. It seemed unreal. I konow someone who put the t.v. on and ignored it because they thought it was a movie.
Andy Mardon | 19 | United Kingdom

#1181 | Sunday, April 14th 2002
I was on a beach in Wales,England with my family. A family on the beach behind us had a radio on, we heard one of the members of the family saying the World trade center was hit, then they said the pentagon was hit.

We packed up our things and decided to go back to our caravan to watch the news.

I have never seen anything like it in all my life. I went cold, and numb. It seemed unreal.

The mood of our holiday changed immediately, we were all in mourning.

God Bless all who have been hurt by this act of terrorism.

Joanne | 32 | United Kingdom

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