#1299 | Monday, May 20th 2002
I am a university student, and when the first plane hit I was working in a factory trying to save up some summer cash. My first thoughts were my god thats awful, but then I arried on working. Then I kept hearing bits about another plane, but nobody was really sure what was happening. I went over to the radio during break to hear more, and it confirmed that two planes had hit the WTC. My dad was working in the same place and my first words to him was, 'this is an act of war'.
When I got home and put on the tv the realisation of what happened hit me. the Pentagon had been hit and the fourth plane Flight 93, had crashed in a field. It was a good hour and a bit since I had heard the news in work and had gotten home. Then the towers collapsed. I didn't realise people would still be in there, I thought they would have had everyone out, but I didn't realise how many people were in there.
It truly is the worst thing to evr happen. I'm Glad Bush declared war on terror. The people who did this deserve their comeupance. Seeing it now still makes me cry, I can only imagine what you American feel. It affected me badly, and Im all the way in Wales. I remember that people were stuck over here trying to get home, and the hotels put their prices up, so members of the public were offering rooms to them for free.
The only good thing to come from this is the way that people have come together.

Becci Cockeram | 21 | United Kingdom

#1289 | Friday, May 17th 2002
I must have one of the only people in the world who didn't know anything about it as it happened. I live in the UK and was watching sky movies, between 12 noon here and 5 pm which would have been, 7am and 12noon in NY.
A friend came round at 5pm and said how tragic it was about the towers and we said what towers? He told us that the twin towers had gone and that was when we put the news on and saw what had happened.
It was horrendous and unbelievable, all those people and the buildings, the lives destroyed. I don't think we turned the news off for two days, watching events as they happened. Then we watched for the following days and weeks after. My heart goes out to the families that lost their lives in this and to the ones that are left.

Atara Fehr | 45 | United Kingdom

#1285 | Thursday, May 16th 2002
Sept 11, 01 is one of the most tragic events I’ve ever been conscious of in my life. My family and I were temporarily living in the UK but we’ve lived in the U.S. and not only were New York one of the many places we loved to visit but we also attended the 2000-01 New Year’s Eve celebrations not 9 months with memories and pictures of the WTC.
I came home from school, my brother being angry with me, and when I got home my parents were very serious and asking me to hurry inside. My parents were sitting at the edge of their seat staring aimlessly at the TV while I just sat down all confused.
I asked what was wrong and then watched as all the news channels displayed horrific scenes of the burning WTC buildings and the Pentagon. I was at a loss for words and kept asking what happened and why they were burning endlessly.
It took me a while to understand what really happened and I, as anyone else, was deeply shocked and saddened especially for the victims and rescue workers. Next day, people were all grabbing newspapers from the shelves and reading about the unfortunate events.
When I got to my classroom, all my English classmates were staring at me since I was the only one who was closely related to Americanism. I couldn’t hold it in and began to cry and my teacher told me to just take a moment outside of the classroom to calm down.
Some people were so inconsiderate and unmoved and made jokes or asked stupid questions in my presence. They really had no idea and even though I luckily had no family relations within that area I still consider that many people who were somehow involved deserved my sympathy and prayers.
Why someone would be so full of hate and are willing to kill innocent people amongst themselves is beyond question but what we now really have to ask ourselves is how we will prevent anything like that from ever happening again.

Jennifer K. | 14 | United Kingdom

#1262 | Thursday, May 9th 2002
My family and I had just returned from
a weekend break in Edinburgh,Karen,my
partner was running a bath for our six
month old daughter Caitlan,the t.v was on when a picture appeared of the WTC on fire.I said to Karen "how can they put that out?"I thought a fire had simply broken out,I mean these things can happen.The realisation of what had happened became clear within a matter of minutes,it was the most shocking thing I had ever seen.For me personally,the images that will stay with me for as long as I live are of those poor people jumping from the buildings,making the decision to jump rather than burn or choke to death.I can only hope they or any of the victims did not suffer before they died.I work in a newspaper archive and occasionally read papers from sept 12th
they make uneasy and shocking reading even to this day and I reckon always will.I would like to say that my thoughts are with the victims themselves,their families and with the F.D.N.Y,you did a great job.Thanks.

Ewen McCleary | 27 | United Kingdom

#1261 | Thursday, May 9th 2002
I was at work in a primary school in Birmingham England when a friend came and told me that a plane had hit the world trade center. By the time I got to a TV the second tower had been hit and I watched both towers fall. Just standing there in a staff room not really understanding what I was seeing. My husband is a fire fighter in Birmingham and, given the time difference would have been on duty at that time. I knew the firefighters would all go in to try to save those poor souls, I know not one of them would have thought of themselves and I know that my husband would have done the same. I feel almost guilty that my man has gone on duty tonight 9th May 2002 and that, God willing he will come home to me tomorrow. When Bette Middler sang"Wind beneath my wings" at a football stadium some 10 days I knew that each and every firefighter, papamedic, police officer and all the others who went in to help were just that, hero's. I sat with my daughter and cried for the senseless waste of human life, for the endless suffering of those left behind but mostly because I wonder what world my daughters have been born into when one human being can do this to others and, for the love of god in the name of religion. The world went mad eight months ago and I am very afraid that it will never be the same again. Thank you to all the families who gave a loved on on that day I am so sorry.
Andrea Hunt | 41 | United Kingdom

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