#213 | Monday, October 22nd 2001
I was sitting having a Coke with my friend Elke. We were in Jaime III road in Palma City, sitting outside a café by the road. I can remember looking at my clock at 15:04 (Spanish time). Now I think about it, that was the time the second plane hit the building. Even thinking about it maked me shiver.

God bless America.....and good luck...

Dale Hosford | 17 | Spain

#191 | Sunday, October 7th 2001
'a planes hit one of the world trade centres' my brother shouted up the stairs. i immediatly thought it would be a small aircraft which would leave nothing but a dent. absolutly nothing to be worrying about. how naive could i have been?! eventually i poddled down the stairs with my friend, who was staying over for the day, to see what the fuss was about and just as we entered into the living room the second plane hit. we just stood in simple disbelief. this could be no coincidence. the following scenes did nothing but scar me for life...and there was nothing we could do but watch as the buildings burnt, people fled, and then each of the trade centres fell.
we watched the US mourn and the people of britain mourned with them. i didn't lose anyone that day, thank god, but a part of me was lost. everyday i look from my window at my brilliant view of london and canary wharf and every morning i wonder if it'll all still be there. every plane that passes over head sends shivers through my body. i've lost alot of trust. i don't trust those i don't know.
may those that perished rest in peace.
may those that live on find courage.
and may those that committed this vile act be found. and rot in hell.

katie milbank | 17 | United Kingdom

#168 | Thursday, September 27th 2001
i was in the cafeteria at school waiting for my friends at around 10:55 when i heard. my friends came in swearing and saying that planes hit the WTC and pentagon. i couldnt believe it. we went into the library to watch MSNBC, then the principal called the whole high school to the multi-purpose room to watch the news. i'll never forget it as long as i live.
dusty | 17 | New York

#166 | Wednesday, September 26th 2001
As a resident of New York City, I could see the fresh smoke rising from the Twin Towers at 9:30 am from my school yesterday morning. The fear felt in all 1,000 students in my school was completely insane. I left for home early, and the air smelled like burned materials. It's still smoggy in the air, even where I live in Brooklyn. Debris fell from the sky like dirty snow. Every car is covered in the dusty remains of the Twin Towers. Friends lost parents and uncles and aunts. Teachers and staff members lost children. Most people are still missing.

I walked down with camera in hand to the Brooklyn Promenade around 3:30 pm on September 11th. I felt I needed to photograph this tragic moment; not as something that should be considered a wonderful photography opportunity, but instead as something to prove: we lived through this.

Candice C. | 17 | New York

#164 | Tuesday, September 25th 2001
i was at the stop sign by a gas station and my friend jarod was getting gas and i rolled down my window to say hi and he yelled "they attacked us! they bombed us pretty freaky shit huh?!" i didn't believe him so i went on to school and i was like 30 minutes late to first period and when i came in the news was on and everyone was locked on the screen and i just stood there for a minute and then my friend daniel called me over and said " i think we're going to war..they bombed the world trade centers" i almost cried..
imy | 17 | California

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