#1560 | Saturday, August 17th 2002
RE:11 September
I was at home, I had picked my son up from school. He was watching a cartoon channel, when my mum phoned and said "what do you think the yanks are going to do about this". I asked "what", and she replied "you haven't seen it, put on a news channel". So I did and I saw a replay of both towers being hit by planes. All I said was "oh christ Oh christ" and as I watched, the reporters were saying that people were jumping from the buildings and that this was believed to be A Terrorist attack. My mother who was still holding on the phone asked "who could do this", my reply was "I don't know, an arab connection perhaps". My mum said that she loved and she was going to phone my sister's and that she loved me. For the rest of that day (and the following days) we watched the news channels in disbelief and horror. My son, who was 4, asked me why the planes crashed into the buildings. I told him that it was on tv and wasn't real, with hindsight it wasn't the right answer to give him. But he's just a child I wanted to protect him and his right to a happy, worry-free childhood. He was fortunate his parents were in a position to protect,
To finish this, I want to say that we must protect our freedoms and democracy from all extrmists from any religion or political belief. And as a british citizen, that the republican and loyalist forces in N.Ireland have taken note of the 'zero tolerance'that has prevailed against all terrorist groups, since september 11. And that they take notice of worldwide global feeling that wants peaceful, negotiated settlements to the political issues that beset, democratic nations.

Deborah Hills
United Kingdom

Deborah Hills | 26 | United Kingdom

#1549 | Thursday, August 15th 2002
I'd been up at a quarry all day working on my geog coursework with the rest of the class then I went to my after school activity and my dad picked me up at about 5:30 it wasn't till i got home at 5:40 that I found out that the two towers had been hit by planes and had collapsed - I spent the rest of the evening watching the news
deb | 16 | United Kingdom

#1513 | Thursday, August 1st 2002
It was the end of school, i had P.E for the last lesson. I, and probably the whole school was in the dark of the event because we only use our telivisons for school vidoes and things like that. I live fearly close to my school. So i was one of few kids to see it first. But, the damage had already been done. I was really confused...(since living in England i wasn't that familiar with the Twin Towers) what has happened? why has it happened? more importantly "how many people got hurt or worse...have died." when i saw all the footage...them just..falling..it made me gasp and my stomach churn. I quickly called my friend, trying to presude her to watch the analogue channels. "Don't you care!, i shouted down the reciver. you've really got to see this ! something really bad has happened! people are hurt!" i swore at her and slammed the reciver down at her saying she was wathing a music channel.Hour after hour i carried on, watching not wanting to move away. To me now, i feel guilty that at the same night i felt safe and secure in my bed while people where suffering..i don't know why..but what iv'e found out is when the towers collasped, only one thing beneath the rubble remianed standing...and that was the spirit of Americia... and all it's virtues...courage..love..and reliability ..and acceptence..God bless America for the future..
Kathryn Bacon | 13 | United Kingdom

#1508 | Tuesday, July 30th 2002
I remember vividly, the shock and horror that I felt, as the news of the twin towers tragedy first broke here in England. I watched in tears, wondering which of my friends to contact first. Many of these wonderful people, I had met on the internet, but they were no less thought of because we had never met in person. I had friends in New York, and in Pittsburgh too, some who had lost relatives and friends in the aftermath of one of the most tragic events that I had ever witnessed in my lifetime.
I have a daughter in Kansas, who is married to an American serviceman, and thoughts of her, my son-in-law, and my new baby grandaughter, were also running through my mind. I was in no doubt, that soon, my daughter would be separated from her husband, as soon as American forces were deployed.
I remember too my anger, that anyone could commit such a cruel and unprovoked attack, on innocent people. Depriving loved ones of family members. That night I could not sleep...I wrote these poems...

As The Eagle Starts To Fly

Let nothing cloud our judgement
As we enter into war
Warnings have been given
Now it’s time to say NO MORE
This time the devastation
Was more than we could bear
So many lives were taken
Others left in deep despair
These acts that you’ve committed
You can never justify
Just watch the skies above you
As the Eagle starts to fly
We will not show you mercy
As this world of ours unites
Steadfast in our unity
Together now we’ll fight
The wrath that you’ve awakened
Will even haunt your sleep
This time there’s nowhere left to hide
You’ve scarred this world too deep

A Day That Shook The World (A Tribute)

Dark circles surround her eyes
Tear stained cheeks, her face so pale
Didn’t get to say goodbye
Sleep now evades her living hell
She’d kissed him at the door
As she’d done a thousand times
Not knowing that today they’d pay
For someone else’s crimes
Today he was to lose his life
In such a tragic way
In the aftermath of a terrorist act
That shook the world that day
Her heavy heart remembers
That smile upon his face
As he held his child upon that morn
In his tender warm embrace
How could anybody be that cruel
To devastate their lives
It wasn’t only theirs she knew
Not many had survived
Such cowardice had robbed them
Of the ones they all had cherished
One man condemned them all to death
At his command they’d perished
In the name of God, they commit these acts
They defile his very name
They could never justify their sins
So on him they put their shame
May God in all his mercy
Bless each soul that has been lost
And bless the world lest they forget
How many lives this cost

Wendy | 42 | United Kingdom

#1458 | Wednesday, July 10th 2002
Im a British soldier and was on exercise in Canada when someone said that the WTC had been attacked.
We were on a maintenance day so we were just sitting in the middle of this huge plain with a crappy little radio to tell us what was going on. I have distant family in NY.
Later the Welsh Guards company commander assembled us all together and briefed us on events, thats when we learnt about the Pentagon.It was frustrating as we couldnt get to see the news for another 2 weeks and when I eventually did see the pictures it was just overwhelming.
In March 2002 I deployed to Afghanistan and was part of ISAF (International Security Assistance Force)in Kabul.
I believe I am right when I say that these creatures that did what they did are not representative of most Afghans.
I also think, along with many, that we have entered a new age, this wont be an isolated event and this jealous hatred that drove them still persists.

Gary | 30 | United Kingdom

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