#1822 | Monday, September 9th 2002
I was at work on the morning of September 11th 2001. One of my co workers had CNN on the TV, and he came running into my depatment saying the WTC has been Crashed into by a jet. We all gathered around the television to see what was going on, when right then the second plane hit Tower 2. We were all frantic, and we all running around trying to leave to go and get our children from school. I called the school and they told me that they weren't letting the parents come and get the children due to the mad rush that they would have. So, I went home to get my daughter off of the bus at 12 noon and spent the rest of my day watching the TV and being with my children. To this day everytime that I hear the song that they dedicated to 9/11 it makes me cry. "I WAS THERE" sung to the music of Silent Night. My family is now more Patriotic than ever. We listen to songs that remind us of that horrible day, and remember the lives that were lost. I pray that we will never have to go through anything like this again. And, I also pray that we will find the Bastard that did this to our Nation, our Families, and our thousands of Friends lost that day.
Stephanie | 23 | Maryland

#1809 | Monday, September 9th 2002
I was in line, and waited for six hours to donate blood. The wait was worth it, I would have waited as long as needed.
Alexis | 19 | Maryland

#1628 | Saturday, August 31st 2002
I was on a business trip in Dover, DE
only a couple of miles from the Air Force Base. I was sitting in a diner having breakfast around 9:00am when my cell phone rang. It was the news that forever changed my life. I used to work
in the World Trade Center from 1984 to
1989. I'm a native New Yorker. Every time I saw on television the clips of the towers and how they crumbled down to the ground I would cry. It was like a scene out of a movie. It makes me so sad that all those people perished for no reason. It breaks my heart to think of all those young children you now have no mother or father. I could only think of my old co-workers and if they were all alright. I feared for my 8 year old son who was sitting in a classroom in Maryland and I couldn't get to him. It was the first time in my life that I can honestly say that I feared for the safety of our country, especially after hearing about the Pentagon. I immediately thought this could be WWIII. Since 9/11 I have developed a greater sense of pride to be an American. I only hope that people never forget and continue to be as patriotic as they have been since that day. God Bless America.

Judy | 40 | Maryland

#1543 | Wednesday, August 14th 2002
This happened on one of my off days (Tuesday and Wednesday are my days off), and I was watching stupid daytime television (the Judge Mathis Show), when one of those scrolling notes came on at the bottom of the screen, saying a plane had crashed into one of the towers and to switch to a different channel for the news. I switched to CNN. At the time, people still thought this was an accident. I woke up my husband (he works at night, so he was still asleep at the time) and we watched the second plane crash into the other building LIVE. As soon as I heard a plane had hit the Pentagon, I contacted my place of work (Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, DC) to see if they needed people to come in and help with the casualties, but I was told they had everything under control and I probably wouldn't make it through the traffic anyway.
Chris | 22 | Maryland

#1534 | Monday, August 12th 2002
Where was I when I first found out? I was standing around a baby grand piano singing "The Piano Man" with my friends while on a break from Drama class. My best friend told me, her original information had relayed that it was the WTC in the Baltimore Harbor, not in NYC. My mom works at the Pentagon. She was at a conference in Orlando. But I didn't remember this. I didn't believe my best friend. I thought it was some sick joke. I went down to the end of the hall, where some friends had a radio. I told them' they didn't believe me. They laughed. And then they turned on the radio. And all i heard was screaming coming from that little black box. And I collapsed. How could this happen? I called my mom, frantically trying to get a hold of her. Cell phones aren't allowed in our school, so the vice pricipal tried to send me to the office. Even she didn't know. My mom had been in a session at her conference. She didn't know. I had to tell her over a cell phone.
My English teacher wouldn't let us watch the news in class. She made us write letters to colleges. She sent me to guidance for yelling at her and crying during class. I spent the rest of the day there. I was staying with a friend's family and her mom showed up at school to take us home early. The elementary and middle schools never told the kids what was going on. Her little brother and sister had no clue. How do you tell a 6 year old what happened?
I fell asleep in front of the tv that afternoon. That night, we battled with watermelon seeds. We did our homework. We straightened our hair. We tried to be normal, but it wasn't normal. It was all wrong.

Kathryn | 16 | Maryland

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