#2184 | Wednesday, September 11th 2002
I started a new job on September 11, 2001, I don’t remember much of the day, no training occurred. I ran back and forth in the office between the television in Spanish for images and the radio in English for information. I think I was in shock because I only remember the day in snippets.

I recently was at the Wall Street stop of the subway downtown near the WTC and suddenly remembered the awful smell that lingered in the air for months – burning rubber, metal, plastic & --- That smell was the worst reminder – even if you couldn’t see that anything had changed, if they wiped down the buildings and cleaned the dust, that smell remained.

I went to the site in October of 2001, and I had to cover my mouth the entire time – you don’t know what it smelled like down there from the television footage, that was the one sensory aspect you could not get.

Anna | 23 | New York

#2165 | Wednesday, September 11th 2002
I was halfway home from a deployment on the CGC Morgenthau. we were headed home from a 2 month deployment in alaska and we herd the news and had to turn around and patrol seatle washington for the next 2 weeks.
brek Murray | 23 | Virginia

#2145 | Wednesday, September 11th 2002
I was here, in my office, i had a meeting. Suddently entered the room one of my colleagues. She was scared. She just said: "They have attacked the WTC. A plane. An air attack.". I remember (and i'm sure that a really big part of europe react as we do!!), we started laughing: "But what are u saying! Don't joke!!"
I took a look at internet. We didn't say nothing more. Silence. Just keeping saying: "Oh my God. Oh my God. It's not possible. It's a movie. It's not real. It's not possible."
I felt alone. Scared. I crayed. I went home and I stood all night in front of Tv, watching the impossible.
Today, for me, it's like one year before.
I lost just few months before 11/09/01 my man in a motor-crash. I know what something like this means. But in this way....it's no possible...
I gave a piece of my heart to NY. To Usa. To all the people. I'm with U!

Evelina | 23 | Italy

#2113 | Wednesday, September 11th 2002
Hi Folks,

It' so sad that this day of September had left Sorrowful memories in most of the lifes.I pay my whole hearted condolences to all the people who have lost their dear one's.
On this occassion let's try to spread the message of peace all the way we go and at the same time pave the path for secured and happy life for our future generations.
Long live Humanity,


kiran.k | 23 | India

#2089 | Wednesday, September 11th 2002
A friend of mine had been visiting the night before, and he ended up staying with me the night of the 10th. The morning of the 11th, we both had to work--so he got up to go home. It was about 9 in the morning. He left, and I was going to go back to sleep--but couldn't. I turned on the radio, and I heard "A plane has crashed into the World Trade Center." I remember thinking, what a sick and twisted joke. They continued to talk about it, as I laid in bed. I got up to turn on the tv, and on every channel was a picture of the World Trade Center with smoke and fire pouring from it. Then the second plane hit. I was absolutely stunned..I didn't know what to think or what was going to happen next or what was going on at all.
The rest of it all happened so fast...the plane crashing into the Pentagon, the plane crashing into the ground in PA, the Towers crashing. It was all so unreal and hard to imagine.
I work with children, and the only thing I kept thinking was "I have to go to work today....what will I tell them? How can I assure them that they will be kept safe?"
But they were talking about closing the streets of Pittsburgh, shutting down the city. There were reports that the plane that crashed in Shanksville was headed for Pittsburgh, was headed for Washington. I wasn't due in at work until 2 or 3 that day, but I got ready at noon and went in to work. It took me over an hour to make a trip that should have taken 30 minutes.
The thing I remember most is listening to the radio, and hearing the lady trying to give reports of what was going on. Her voice was shaking, she was having a very difficult time reading what she was supposed to. She had to stop and let someone else read it. What she was trying to tell us was that bodies were falling from the Towers before they fell.

I will never forget the images I saw that day and have seen since; the things I have heard that day and since....I hope the victims did not suffer too much and are resting in peace. I hope the families heal as much as possible, and I hope the rest of us never forget.

Rebecca | 23 | Pennsylvania

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