#2306 | Wednesday, September 11th 2002
I came o school on september 11th it was like any other day. My classmates and I were standing in line waiting to hear the morning announcments. Then my friend leaned over to my with tears in her eyes. She told me what had happend. Horrified and scared,I told her" i didn't even know, I was sleeping though people dying." I started to got teary-eyed, just because of that one thought. People were dying while I slept peacefully.We walked into our classroom and it was so quiet that you could have heared a pin drop. We just sat there,in our desks, to stuned to speak. Then we got the announcment over the loudspeaker that we were evacuating the school. Ten or twenty muinets later,parents showed up crying. My mom took me and my friend Janine home to my house because Janines mom was working at the hospital and she had to stay for a while.When we arrived at my house,I saw my dad sitting on the couch.It was the only time I have ever seen him with tears streaming down his cheacks. He was sent home from his work that day just as we were from school. Me,my mom,my dad,my sister and Janine,watched the T.V. with horrer.We were glued to the set for hours.WE only got up to get tissue to dry our tears. I went to bed that night to worried,and to scared to sleep. I couldn't help but think...
Alexandra Thrapp | 13 | California

#2301 | Wednesday, September 11th 2002
September 11th. It started out like any other day. Wake up early and go to school half asleep. I was doing my presentation in school when Mr. Rogers, our principal, gave an announcement. I didnt really understand what was going on. When I got home, as usual, I called my mom to tell her that I had gotten home. She asked me if I had heard what happened. I said no and she told me that the World Trade Centers and the Pentagon had been hit. I turned on the news and that is when it hit me. We had been attacked. I just sat in shock, staring at the tv. I was lucky because nor I or anyone that I knew was hurt physicaly, but everyone was hurt emotionaly.
Dezie | 13 | New Hampshire

#2298 | Wednesday, September 11th 2002
Hi my name is Brittney! I remember where I was on 9-11-01. When I was first told I was half asleep and I really didn't give it any attion and I went back to sleep. Then when it really hit me I stared balling. I was crying so hard and I didnt stop till i fell asleep. I went to school today and some of students were like paying it no attion and acted like it was any other day. I wanted to cry because I dont know where my dad lives and he could have been in the towers. Everytime I start to think about it i want to cry. I think how could anything like that happen to America. But God has a porpus for everything that happens. thank you for listening to what I have to say.
Love in Christ Brittney

Britney | 13 | Florida

#2257 | Wednesday, September 11th 2002
I remember when the World TRADE Center was attacked. I was on the road moveing to Ohio from Virginia and now I moved back. I heard the news on the radio. At the time I was going past WestVirginia's State Capitol. When I heard what was going on I froze. The next stop we made I went in and saw the news on the tv and I was watching the World Trade Center collasped. I was saying I hope everyone is ok and GOD BLESS AMERICA.
sman | 13 | Virginia

#2256 | Wednesday, September 11th 2002
Hi, my name shay-shay and I had been in class when I heared about the bad news about NewYork City that Afghanistan had striked our nation buildings they had hit the World
Trade Center and the Pentagon. When it happened I was scared and sad that all those people had been killed.

Shay-Shay | 13 | Virginia

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