#2323 | Wednesday, September 11th 2002
Keep inside those prayers to those brave men & women for the 1st anniversary of 9/11/01 & always remember that we must never forget.
Thanks & God Bless All Of You & remember to:
"Keep A Song In Everybody's Hearts & Make Words & Music Together & Follow Your Dreams & God Bless America!!!"

Larry | 32 | Nebraska

#1279 | Wednesday, May 15th 2002
I worked second shift at the time so i was in bed. I got up and got ready to go into work ignorant of what was going on. When i started my truck up and turned on the radio they were talking about a plane had crashed into the Pentagon. All i could think of was what a horrible accident. It wasn't until i got to work that i was informed of the attacks on the World Trade Center. I didn't know what to think. Who could have done this?? Why?? The pentagon i could sort of understand, being the military headquaters of this country...but the World Trade Center? What strategic value did the WTC hold? Being a 12 year navy veteran I tend to think of things in a military mind set. Well, I thought about it for a few days then came to the only reasonable conclusion for my response that i could. I went down to the Navy recruiting office and re-enlisted.

jeff | 38 | Nebraska

#212 | Monday, October 22nd 2001
I was watching the ABC morning show with Diane Sawyer and Charles Gibson which is on 1 hour tape delay here. They cut into live footage of the first World Trade Tower on fire and said a plane had hit it. I remember thinking that it had to be a jet for all the damage that it caused and felt terrible that somehow it had gotten off track . As I watched the screen I saw this black object flit from the right side and then the second tower was on fire. I said out loud, "My God, did another jet just hit that building?" at the same time Charles Gibson said almost the same thing. I literally felt my heart break that day and just wept as the news grew worse and worse. I remember crying over and over, "My God, my God. My country, my country." My husband was at work and our dog stayed by my side licking away my tears. I pray for all those beautiful lost souls, their families and loved ones, and our nation. Life will never be the same.
anna | 40 | Nebraska

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