#1908 | Tuesday, September 10th 2002
My husband and I were dropping our youngest off at the baby sitter. At the time they thought it was a small plane. By the time my oldest daughter and I got to work and turned on the TV in the breakroom, the other tower had been hit. Before I left to drop her off at kindergarten, the Pentagon had been hit. By the time I returned, the first tower had fallen.

Shock, devastation and a gut-wrenching terror. My husband--part-time Army National Guard--was soon put on active duty for security purposes. The terror and disbelief, dealing with a five-year-old who was drawing pictures of the whole thing...more horrifying than any of the rest of it. The continued fear that my husband will leave to assist--even though there's an amount of pride there as well.

THANK YOU!!! to the military and their families, to the emergency personnel and their families, who put their lives on the line every day to protect our freedom and our lives.

Chris | 34 | Montana

#1748 | Sunday, September 8th 2002
I was flying on United Flight 907 from London to Newark that morning. My British wife was at home in England. We sadly parted on that day in Heathrow airport with my wife telling me I sometimes do things at poor times. I had a weight on me throughout the flight and dismissed it as missing my wife. We had a arguement which led me to flying back home to Montana. My flight was diverted to Halifax, Canada. I was unable to contact family or friends for some time. My wife cried on the phone and said she would give up her life in England to be with me in Montana. She gave up many of her belongings and her way of life to move to Billings, Montana. She and I are happy together and will never part ways, again.
Steven | 46 | Montana

#1140 | Monday, April 1st 2002
I was at work rebuilding a house that had a water damage. I was standing at the top of the stairs sorting out the pieces of baseboard so I could reinstall them, when the homeowner screamed from the living room. I stood in front of her t.v. with her in awe I could not believe it. I am a Firefighter,in the National Guard, so it hit me in two ways my fellow firefighters and,what would come next. It still bothers me to know that my brothers in the fire service were in there, but not as much as knowing the reason they were there. noone should have to go through that. They didn't deserve that fate. It could not be the fate god had planed. UBL played god that day. He will be reminded that he is not god.
Rodney | 33 | Montana

#1138 | Sunday, March 31st 2002
It was an election day in my town & I was working as a Poll Judge. We 5 Poll Judges first heard the news by word of mouth in fragments from voters. We were away from the media all day until the Polls closed. By night time, we had an idea what to expect but the video reruns were shocking just the same. Our son who lived & worked in NYC at the time, phoned home that morning & miraculously connected to let us know he had seen both towers fall but he was OK. Cee Kay
Cee | 54 | Montana

#513 | Tuesday, December 18th 2001
I was in my living room resting on the couch after getting my 8 year old son off to school. When the telephone rang and it was a close friend of mine, telling me to turn on the T.V. because our nation was under attack. I watched all the mass confusion going on . I went to work just praying that the Lord would reach out to our nation and help all the people who were experiencing the loss of their loved ones,friends ect. What really effected me the most was watching the t.v. programs and seing all the people holding up signs with pictures and information of the person or persons they was in search of. Even today December 18th my prayers go out all the innicent people that lost there lives because there are so many families that are grieving, especially now during the holidays. So I just say a special prayer for all of our nation that may the Lord comfort you and give you peace and hope through these troubles times. And may God be with you. AMEN
Tina | 31 | Montana

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