#1057 | Monday, March 18th 2002
September 11, 2001 was our son's first day of preschool. We aren't big TV watchers, so the TV was off and the CD player was on. My husband was going on a hunting trip on Thursday, so I thought I'd check the weather forecast on our local newsbreak on the Today show. I heard the words "crash" and "World Trade Center" and paused to see what was happening. At that time, Matt Lauer was talking to a woman in a building near the WTC, when she said something to the effect of "Oh my God, another plane just went by!" and I saw the fireball come billowing out. I realized that I was watching, at the very least, hundreds of people dying, and my legs collapsed. My sweet, innocent son came in and said "What is that, Mama?" and I started sobbing. I was absolutely at a loss as to what to say. All I could do was hold him and watch in complete horror. Shortly thereafter (I believe), the 3rd plane hit the Pentagon, again on live TV. Our preschool said they would continue on with the 1st day, to give the kids something to concentrate on besides the obvious. I dropped my kiddo off with much trepdation in my heart, knowing a couple of hours away from this would be a good thing, but not wanting to let him out of my reach.

As I continued on with my morning's errands, I heard the report of Flight 93 going down in PA, along with other (thankfully false) reports of planes going down. I wanted to call everyone I knew, but also did not want to have to maintain a conversation with anyone. My husband was in a meeting and I couldn't reach him - there was not anyone else I thought I could speak to with the pain I was feeling. As I assembled the gear for my husband's trip, I saw first one, then the other, tower go down. I heard the horrible report that people were jumping from the building. I heard the usually glib and cool Today show hosts overwrought with emotion and stumbling around for words to describe this terrible turn of events. I still am in a state of disbelief about this entire event.

I did not follow the subsequent days of coverage very closely, as I did not want my 4 year old to be inundated with the devastation, but at one point he asked why those planes kept flying into that building. My thoughts were consumed with him, and our youngest son, who was just 7 weeks old at the time. I wondered if the world was going to continue, as I knew we would have to retaliate against whomever was behind this. I wondered if they would get to grow up, or if life as we know it would be over in the near future - I am ordinarily a total optimist, so these thoughts were completely foreign to me.

Like everyone else not directly affected by September 11th, we have gone on. I do flash back to that morning every time I see a plane angling through the sky, and I do try to watch a bit of the news coverage on events (such as the 6-month anniversary), as I think keeping this terrible atrocity fresh in my mind helps me appreciate the abundance of happiness in my life, as well as the fragility of it all.

God bless America and the families devastated by 9/11.

Vicki | 30 | Idaho

#1053 | Sunday, March 17th 2002
At the time of the World Trade Center bombing, I was in bed waking up. It was just past 8:00am in Idaho. My husband usually wakes up to the clock radio and the radio was on that morning as I was waking up. I remember the announcers talking about the World Trade Center and mentioning World War 3 but didn't really give much credence to a bunch of morning radio djs.

My husband had been in the bathroom getting ready for work at Micron when he received a page from his boss that said, "Turn on the news." So he did and then he came and told me to come out to the living room. We just could not believe it. We watched live as the second building come down.

I thought we were definitely going to war and that the government would re-institute the draft and my husband would have to go off to fight. Thankfully it has not affected my life personally yet although I've read many accounts from the people it has. What amazing heroes on flight 93...

Andrea | 25 | Idaho

#1031 | Friday, March 15th 2002
I was in the science lab at the time doing a Biolgy assignment.When the Physics teacher came in and told us what had happened...... We dropped everything and went to the library we didnt do anything at allthe rest of that day.When i went home i was glued to the t.v. for the rest of the nignt there isn't a day that doesn't go by and i don't think what happened.
My aunt worked in the WTC and she got out she worked on the 5th fllor of the south tower.THAT DAY IS A DAY THAT THE HOLE WORLD WON'T FORGET

Roger | 15 | Idaho

#884 | Sunday, March 10th 2002
I remember vividly where I was, what I was doing that Horrific morning of September 11. I had just started a brief meeting when someone came into the office and said "Turn on the TV. You won't believe what is happening." When I saw smoke billowing out of the two towers of the WTC, my jaw dropped. This normally outspoken individual didn't know what to say. After staring at the TV, in utter disbelief, for what felt like hours I picked up the phone and called my dad, a FireFighter in Oregon. I don't know why, possibly hoping he could tell me what to think or do. I felt numb, I don't know if it was the realization that I could do nothing or the thoughts of the thousands of people trapped in those burning buildings. I still cringe and get that soured feeling in the pit of my stomach every time I think of September 11. -- Brian White, Boise Idaho
Brian | 23 | Idaho

#829 | Thursday, March 7th 2002
I was sleeping in bed when my alarm clock went off at the same time the first plain hit the world trade center. I went to school clueless of what happened. On the bus my best friend handed me a C.B. and told me to listen for the emergence chanel. So i did. When i got to my frist class i heard the TV running and that is when i found out about the terrist attacks on the world trade center. Then a special news buliton came on and said that the Pentagon was hit as well. I was stuned. My first intention was that i though the Iraqies were behind this. Then i saw the buildings collape (the world trade center). I was thinking the government would have sent out the army to find the terrists or send the airforce to stop the other plans, like shot them down or somthing. When we waged war i was sad for the country that had to enduor americas furry, but it was their falt for attacking us! So oh well!
Landus | 15 | Idaho

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