#2476 | Friday, September 13th 2002
I am a Brit that spends as much time as possible visiting the USA. I was at work in the UK when the terrible news came over the radio. I found it devastating to watch and my heart went out to all my friends in the USA. Two weeks after the event I again visiting the USA and was touched by the patriotism and loyalty that we encountered.

Iris | 58 | United Kingdom

#2356 | Wednesday, September 11th 2002
On the morning of Sept.11,2001 I was working at Eng.Co.11 of the Lynn,Mass. Fire Dept.
When the news came over the T.V. that the WTC had been hit by a plane,all I could think of was that some AirTraffic Controller had made an awful mistake and then when the 2nd. plane hit the WTC I knew it wasn't a coincidence that 2 planes could do the same thing!
Upon seeing the fire I knew who was on the way there,no questions asked,and realizing they had a big job on their hands!
The danger of the WTC falling never entered any of our minds but the jet fuel made the work unimaginable!
God Bless My FallenBrothersfrom A Career Brother Who's Been There.

Norm Eddy Lynn Fire Dept L-739

NORMAN | 58 | Massachusetts

#2167 | Wednesday, September 11th 2002
I remember September 11/2001 very clearly. Just before I was due to leave the house to go to work, I heard on the radio that a plane had hit one of the World Trade Centre buildings, and at first I thought it had been a terrible accident and I continued to gather up my belongings to go out to the car where my husband was waiting to drive me to work. Just as I got into the car we heard on the radio that the second plane had hit the second building and we both said aloud that it was obviously not an accident, but must be a terroist act! We were both in shock as we drove to the Mall where we own a Health Food Store. Some of the people who were already in the Mall hadn't heard the news yet and you could see some of them talking to others who had heard the news and I remember the look of shock and horror on everybody's face. Not long after we'd opened the store (at 9.30am) the lady who runs the Info/Lottery booth near our store came running in to tell us that she'd heard that another plane had hit the Pentagon in Washington. She was very upset and immediately began to say that we'd all soon "be at War and I have a son eligable to be called up!" (Many of the people who live here in Windsor are American citizens, or have dual citizenship) It was all very scary, and as each customer came into the store we heard more news. Many customers said that they were going home as fast as possible. By late that morning the Mall was very quiet, and the rest of the day was very slow with not many customers around.
I was able to go down to Radio Shack (an electronics store)and watch some of the TV coverage on their TV's, all of which were on, all showing the same pictures over and over. There was a huge crowd of people gathered around the TV's and hardly anyone was talking, we just watched in horror.

We had reports coming in that the border had been closed (we have the busiest border crossing in North America here, with a bridge and a tunnel), and that there were huge lines of traffic backed up for miles. Later in the day the border was re-opened, but security was extremely tight as each vehicle was closely examined on both sides of the border!
There were also rumours that there might be more attacks and a lot of the highrise buildings in Detroit were closed and the employees in each building sent home. A lot of those people live in Canada and cross the border each day to work in Detroit, so on that day some of them couldn't get home and had to spend the next day or two in Detroit. One of our employees has a daughter who works in the Renaissance Centre in Detroit (the tallest buildings inbetween Toronto, Detroit and Chicago), and she was very worried, but her daughter did get home the next day.

Our family was concearned about my husband's brother who works in downtown Chicago and we were happy to hear from him to say that they had all been sent home and that he was safe with his family. I think the biggest fear on everybody's mind was, 'whats going to be next?'

I remember that when I got home that evening and watched the coverage on TV, I saw the scenes of the people who jumped from their offices high up in the Trade Centre and that's when I began to cry. It was all so horrific, yet surreal. It didn't seem real, but we know that it was.
Later that day I came onto the Net and into the chat room where I often go, and have made a lot of good friends, and somehow it was comforting to be able to talk to people from all over the World and share the grief with our American friends.

Andrea | 58 | Canada

#953 | Monday, March 11th 2002
Where was I. I was telemarketing for a timeshare company in Rhode Island.
As a gift to the people we would call, we would offer to them four free round trip airline tickets.

On that day, I called a women in Connecticut and began my offers to her about the four free airline tickets.
The women yelled at me through the phone, four free airline tickets!! You must be out of your mind!! What kind of office do you work for!! I am watching the World Trade Center in New York that has been blown up by a hijacked airplane and while I am watching that, another plane has hit the other tower!! Do you really think this is the time to offer that and even take a plane anywhere!! Then she hung up.

I turned to my manager, told him about this, and both of us just looked at one another. More people in the office were getting similar feedback and finally we put the TV on, and we could not believe it!!
It will be a day that I will not forget and surely the other telemarketers in the office won't.

God Bless America

Nancy | 58 | Massachusetts

#565 | Saturday, December 22nd 2001
Today, 23 December, 2001 I recall... I was in the back yard burning old financial records. My wife hollard at me "come here". It was not a request. When I was about 15 feet from her, she told me that a plane had hit one of the towers at the New York World Trade Center. I KNEW it was not an accident, and pointing to the date on my watch, told her "today, it's 911". We went inside to watch CNN and when the second plane hit, we both knew that America was under attack, that things would never be the way they were that morning when we woke up.
We both prayed individually and together for every plane pasenger, crew member, emergency worker, victim, and family member involved. We prayed for the counselors, and the leadership of this country. We prayed for strength, favor, and wisdom for our President, Vice-President, Secretaries of State, Defense, and the Congress.
As soon as we could get things together, we went to town to meet in our church to pray some more.
My mind went to 1963 in San Diego, when President Kennedy was shot...76 ships cleared that harbor in less than four hours, without one single accident. I was there...aboard a Navy destroyer.
I didn't sleep very much that night and I still don't sleep real sound. I did not have to do a lot of soul searching to find out if I was wrong for wanting revenge. I don't want revenge, I want justice.
In the next couple of days, I called each of my girls and told them that I love them, and I held the grandkids that I could, and I told my wife that I only love Jesus more than her.
I sent email to my congressmen and the White House to let them know that I do not want Bin Laden (or his helpers or supporters) brought to American soil for any kind of trial or safekeeping because I could not ask any American to guard their safety or protect their "rights". I likened it to the gazillion bucks that Timothy McVey and Terri Nichols costs.
I have gone through a whole range of emotions, but the one that stays the strongest is anger. For that reason, I contacted Washington DC as soon as possible to find out about volunteering for recall to active duty.
I am a retired Navy Chief Petty Officer with over 30 years active duty (60-90) and very well qualified to help drive navy ships. I can't pass the physical, but I can push a lot of paper and train younger sailors. Now, over 100 days later, and I still pray and wait.
I want to thank those responsible for this web sight and tell a truth... "Bless God and He will bless you."

Don | 58 | Oklahoma

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