#970 | Tuesday, March 12th, 2002
I was at school when Big D (our head of school) came in and told us that the wtc's had collapsed but we already knew that the towers had been hit. After that my teacher and I looked on the internet to find information while some other students watched tv with a bad reception. It took a very long time for the sites to load up because everyone was trying to get on. We were also listening on the radio and someone said that there was a hijacked plane over Cleveland Ohio. When we went outside we knew that all the planes were grounded so we were vert quiet listening for plane engines. When I got home that night all I did was watch the news but if you were watching tv there wasn't a whole lot else on beside the attacks even ESPN which I watch alot was showing clips of the planes and telling people to watch ABC there affilitate for more news. I felt bad and still do for all the families that lost peoople in the attacks and i wish i could just get a shot at bin laden for all those families who lost people in the attacks.
Joe | 11 | Minnesota

#971 | Tuesday, March 12th, 2002
I was getting ready to take my kids to school, when they both started complaining loudly about a news bulletin that interrupted their viewing of "Magic Schoolbus." After picking my jaw up off the ground at what I saw, I piled the kids in the jeep and turned on NPR news. Admittedly I was far less forgiving than I could have been when my son resumed his complaining and screamed at me to turn off the news. After dropping the kids off at school, I arrived at work, and joined a large group of people watching one WTC tower collapse on CNN, live. My boss called a meeting to make sure everyone in our group was present and accounted for, and to give us all emergency/security instructions. None of us could get any real work done that day; we all just wondered outloud if we were in WWIII now.
Andy Keen | 38 | Colorado

#972 | Tuesday, March 12th, 2002
I live in the mountain time zone and woke up about 6:30, which was 8:30 in the east. I took a shower and distinctly remember how well I felt. I just had a deep feeling of well being that morning. As I showered, I remembered an odd dream I had during the night. In the dream, someone was trying to call me from an airplane...

I was in the kitchen making breakfast when my husband turned on NPR on the porch. He said something about a plane crash and went toward the television. I hate TV and snapped that we would be fine with the radio and please don't turn on that "idiot box" so early in the morning. But on went the TV and soon I was glued to that awful billowing smoke from the first tower. Then, we saw the second plane hit.

Later, I realized that while I was watching events unfold, my brain was not comprehending what it saw. My mind kept going to the place where everything is alright. "Well, there's a lot of damage, but they'll fix it." When the first tower fell, even though I was watching it, I DID NOT SEE IT FALL. It wasn't until later in the afternoon that I realized both buildings were gone, despite having watched them both come down numerous times.

We covered all the bases during the day--calling those we knew who might have been affected and it turned out no one we knew personally was directly involved on any of the flights or in any of the buildings/neighborhoods. But everyone certainly felt the impact.

I am grateful that we had the leisure to stay together all day and we mostly stayed at home with our cats. We went for a walk in the afternoon and stared at the plane-free sky. We were numb and scared.

In a way, I'm sorry that the focus went so quickly to our war overseas. I think a lot of people right here in the US are still trying to comprehend that awful day and the war almost seems distracting. We need a healing that overseas victories will not provide.
Phoebe Kestrel | 35 | Colorado

#973 | Tuesday, March 12th, 2002
I was in the car, listening to a CD when my friend called me to say that a plane had struck one of the WTC buildings. I've never been to New York but whenever you saw pictures on TV or in magazines, they were there, towering above the New York skyline. I watched on the news as they showed the moment the second plane hit over and over again but somehow my brain just couldn't process the images. It is the most horrific thing I have experienced in my lifetime. Even here in Scotland, thousands of miles away from New York, people have been affected by what happened that day. It just didn't seem real, it was like it was a movie or something. Even now when I see it on TV, it's still a shock. My heart goes out to all the families all over the World who were affected by the events that day.
Heather Campbell | 18 | United Kingdom

#974 | Tuesday, March 12th, 2002
i was a t home on that faithful day .. just waking up for the morining routine and turnd on cnn and couldnt believe what was un folding in frount of my eyes. i pulled my daughter out od school and thenm broke down and cried as the towers fell. i will never forget and never forgive. i had family that died in the wtc attacks... our world will never be the same........
peter white | 35 | New York

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