#950 | Monday, March 11th, 2002
i was at work at scerbo buick in boonton nj when a another worker told me that tower one had been hit by an airplane at first i thought it was a small airplane with mechaical trouble latter he told me a second plane had hit tower two i knew than that this was no accident i went too the tv in the waiting room there was a crowd of emloyees and customers watching the horror of what was happening the real shock came whan the towers collapsed right on tv it's aday i will never forget
louis agresti | 35 | New Jersey

#951 | Monday, March 11th, 2002
When the attacks happened I was at school. Our principal came on over the PA system and told all teachers with access to cable in their classrooms to turn on their tv's cuz 'something important happened'...he didn't say what it was (of course my teacher didn't have access). That night I went to my grandma's house like I do every day after school and my grandma told me the news. I was so totally suprised I couldn't even belive it untill I watched the tv broadcasts. Then the next day I was at my friends house studying for a test when her aunt ran throught the door (not even knocking...it startled us) and was screaming "turn on the tv turn on the tv!!!" so we were all sitting there staring at the tv and that's when I was informed of the attacks coming from afghanastan...which I had never heard of untill then. me and some of my friends had tryed some ideas to raise money to send to the red cross...unfortunately the principal turned down EVERY idea we had. then our school decided to raise money by having the entire school make donations then the teachers each had to give $10 and they promised to double the amount! I think we came up with over $1,000!!! also my best friend and nextdoor neighboor's father is a fireman who traveled all the way from pekin Illinois to new york to help! And I want to say one more thing to all my friends and family... you know who you are...I LOVE ALL OF YOU AND HOPE YOU'RE ALWAYS SAFE AND NOTHING AS HORRIBLE AS THIS WILL EVER HAPPEN TO YOU! I HOPE YOU ALL LIVE A FULL AND HAPPY LIFE!
Nichole | 12 | Illinois

#952 | Monday, March 11th, 2002
I remember it very well,I was redecrating the kitchen cupboards it was about 9:15 a.m when my sister called and said turn your t.v. on you won't believe what's happening in the u.s.So I immediately turned on the television and I could not believe my eyes I saw it but I didn't believe it.I was totally in shock and lost for words and was for quite some time.The following Friday I was watching the memorial service in Ottawa on parliament hill then I just burst into tears just sobbing because the reality of this horrific event was just sinking in.Now 6 months later I still do cry thinking about it what those poor people on the planes and in the buildings what kind of fear they most have faced knowing these were their last moments and there was nothing nobody can do for them.I didn't know anyone there but I feel for them so much.
Laurie | 30 | Canada

#953 | Monday, March 11th, 2002
Where was I. I was telemarketing for a timeshare company in Rhode Island.
As a gift to the people we would call, we would offer to them four free round trip airline tickets.

On that day, I called a women in Connecticut and began my offers to her about the four free airline tickets.
The women yelled at me through the phone, four free airline tickets!! You must be out of your mind!! What kind of office do you work for!! I am watching the World Trade Center in New York that has been blown up by a hijacked airplane and while I am watching that, another plane has hit the other tower!! Do you really think this is the time to offer that and even take a plane anywhere!! Then she hung up.

I turned to my manager, told him about this, and both of us just looked at one another. More people in the office were getting similar feedback and finally we put the TV on, and we could not believe it!!
It will be a day that I will not forget and surely the other telemarketers in the office won't.

God Bless America
Nancy | 58 | Massachusetts

#954 | Monday, March 11th, 2002
I had been at work for about an hour when the first reports started coming in about 0752 CDT. I was thinking that it was a small plane that had hit the North tower, I was thinking that maybe fog had caused a small plane to get lost and collide with the building (It had happened before in 1946, I think, to the Empire State building.) I went out to the CNN website and saw that it was not a small plane and that something much more terrible had happened (still thinking accidental, though.) We have a lounge where I work that had a big screen television and I decided to go see if more information was available. I arrived just in time to see the second plane hit the South tower. I remember (and always will) seeing the plane seem to disappear behind the second tower and counting to myself, one thousand one, one thousand two, one thousand three, one thousand four when the explosion came out the opposite side. I don’t know why I counted; it seems rather odd what you remember at the time. At that point everyone was glued to radios or watching a television that we had managed to hook up near the area I work. I was angry knowing that this wasn’t an accident and this seemed to be confirmed when about 0940 CDT, the reports came in that a plane had hit the Pentagon. I was angry now and in part I felt I had failed somehow. I am a veteran of the Gulf War and of seven years service in the United States Marine Corps. It was in part due to not keeping the “Barbarians from storming the gates,” so to speak. We then heard that one of the towers had collapsed, I was able to get in front of the TV, when about 30 minutes later I witnessed the second one collapse, we had it on the FOX News channel, and the commentator, (from the NY Fox affiliate) said “We are witnessing history, the World Trade Center stands no more.” It seems odd that even after six months, I can still remember every moment of that long, terrible day. On my way home, (I took the train downtown from near the airport) I got off the train and was walking to my car when I noticed the unnatural quiet because no planes were flying.

Thanks for letting me share these memories.
Dan | 33 | Missouri

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