#901 | Monday, March 11th, 2002
Dear American people: I just want to let you know what a lot of your media did not tell you. Do you know why was the USA targeted? why would someone kill himself in such a manner? There is no such thing as pure terrorism. The people who commited these attacks had a reason to hate the USA.
This reason is the unfair support of Israel by the USA against the palestenians who are living in miserable condition under occupation.
AMERICA WILL KEEP ON PAYING THE PRICE FOR ITS SUPPORT TO ISRAEL. I hope that this is clear to the american people who have been blinded by the Jewish-controlled media in their country.
God bless you all
H Ibrahim | 37 | Egypt

#902 | Monday, March 11th, 2002
I can still remember the second I first heard. My boss just yelled from his office that a plane had hit the World Trade Center. I thought it must be a small little plane with an inexperienced pilot that just had a poor error in judgement. Then I heard it was a jet, and I thought, how could a commercial pilot not see the tower in front of him and avoid it somehow. I thought there must have been something horribly wrong with the plane. But when I heard that another plane had struck the South tower, the hair on the back of my neck just stood on end. This isn’t an accident…this is deliberate, this was something someone wanted to happen, but why? I couldn’t even begin to digest what had just happened when the radio blasted the news that a plane had just crashed into the Pentagon. That’s when I realized we were under attack. But by whom and why? Why would someone target buildings full of innocent people? What warped crazed mind had planned such an act of destruction? I just remember being glued to the radio, and when they said that a plane had crashed in the hills of Pennsylvania, well that was just more than I could comprehend. I just sat there, tears streaming down my face thinking about the people trapped above the explosion in the WTC, and wondering how on earth would they ever rescue those people. The came the horrible news that Tower 2 had collapsed to the ground. All 110 stories, gone. How could anyone survive? The death toll must be staggering. Then the North tower collapsed and I just felt so helpless…how could this be….I must be dreaming. This is America! I was glued to my TV all evening, just staring in disbelief what had transpired throughout the day. Then I thought of my friend’s husband Jay, a New York firefighter, husband and father of two. Had he been working that day? Was he still alive? It wasn’t until 4 days later that I found out he had survived. He had, however been witness to the horror that was 9/11. He had been guiding people out of the building along with a fellow firefighter and close friend. The other guy was only a few yards away, when a jumper landed on him and killed him instantly. It was a scene I am sure, will be with him the rest of his life. I pray he is strong enough to deal with what he witnessed that horrible day.
The only positive thing that has come from this horrible event is I have witnessed acts of kindness like I have never seen before. This entire country has bonded together so strongly that in no way will cowardly, lunatics like Osama Bin Laden ever break, or weaken that bond. I just hope and pray that sick bastard will someday have to answer for his actions. He may be a martyr to the total wackjobs he represents, but to us he is just a coward who attacks then runs and hides. Come out of your cave, you rat, and show your face. Be a man, you coward!
Lin Verselli | 42 | Connecticut

#911 | Monday, March 11th, 2002
My husband and I were touring the Hohensalzburg Fortress in Salzburg, Austria. We figure at the moment the first plane struck we were looking at a giant marble column in the assembly room of the fortress about which the tour guide told us the chuck missing from the column was struck by a cannonball that came flying through the window during a battle a couple hundred years ago.

We were told by two giggling teenage girls that seemed to delight in being able to tell another group of Americans that their country is being attacked. We assumed the girls were right that something had happened but didn't think they had the correct information becuase that kind of thing just doesn't happen in the United States. Needless to say, we rushed back to our hotel to see what the news said...and sure enough most of what the girls said was true. We arrived back at the hotel just in time to see the first building collapse and proceded to watch the television coverage for the next 4 hours straight in bewilderment.

Even though there was nothing we could have done if we were home in Colorado, there was a huge sense of helplessness of being out of the country. It just didn't feel right. I must say that the staff of the Hotel Bristol in Salzburg are amazing human beings. They were so kind and sympathetic; we were touched deeply by their kindness. We ate dinner in the hotel restaurant that night and one desk clerk came up to us, grabbed our hands and said "we will get through this together. Austria may be a small country but you should know that we are your friends and this wasn't just an attack on your country but on all of us." We all cried together.
Leanne | 31 | Colorado

#912 | Monday, March 11th, 2002
Well, there's another "peace loving" Muslim spewing the very same nonsense that brought forth these evil attacks. You A-rabs talk a real good game, but now I've got a challenge for you, Ibrahim of Egypt. Come to the United States and stand at Ground Zero and say those words.

Not only are you supporting the zealous, murderous pigs who attacked my country, but you are a coward to boot. You're nice and safe with your fellow terrorists over there in Muslim-land. Come to MY country - the great United States of America - and say this, you disgusting terrorist coward. I think there are a lot of New Yorkers who would really LOVE to hear what you have to say - and to give you a proper New York response of their own.

To my fellow Americans, this SWINE is what we are up against. They are not sorry about what happened to us. You needn't take anyone's word for it...you have Ibrahim here. This particular piece of scum can't wait until we get attacked again simply because we are allies with Israel! Remember that if you remember nothing else, my friends..

Stand strong, be proud and thankful every day that we are Americans. We will be victorious over those who attacked us. I constantly thank God in Heaven that I am an American. My friends, never forget September 11th.

And finally, Ibrahim, two things -

First - what have you Egyptians done for the Palestinians? Oh yes, that's right. You wouldn't take them into your country. Your government knows they are a bunch of malcontents and troublemakers so they won't take them in either.

Second, my fine Muslim friend, we'll see who's left standing when the war is over... you terrorist-supporting piece of trash!

God have mercy on the souls of our murdered countrymen. God Bless the U.S.A. and her Allies! Long live Israel! Down with the terrorists!

Rob Smith - Proud to be a | 26 | Connecticut

#913 | Monday, March 11th, 2002
to H Ilbrahim....Please, this is a website that is dedicated to the memory of those who perished on 9/11. Please have the decency to voice your political views somewhere else. Better yet, why not go back to your country and fight for your beliefs, and let try to heal any way we can. HOW DARE YOU!!
LV | 40 | Connecticut

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