#896 | Monday, March 11th, 2002
I was in my car with my daughter going to work. I live in Los Angeles. At 6:05 am (9:05, NY time) I heard a news report that a plane flew into the WTC. I said to my daughter, how big, how many people, what happened to the building - a lot of questions and no answers. At work I heard later that both buildings had been hit and that both then collapsed. At that point I started trying to get the news on the internet and could not access any news site since they were so busy. Someone dug up a radio and we spent the day listening with a bit of work thrown in.
Nancy Curtiss | 52 | California

#897 | Monday, March 11th, 2002
I'm a college student majoring in photography. I live in Herndon, Va about 2miles from Dulles airport and about 15miles or so outside DC. That month I began a study of clouds, sunrises, and sunsets. I woke up about 8am. The clouds were cast beautifully across the morning sun. Rather than turning on the tv I grabbed my camera and began shooting roll after roll of film. After every shot I noted my camera settings as well as the time I took the shot. The best shot was taken at 8:45am. The same time the first plane hit of which I had no knowledge of. At 9:15am my phone rang and it was my mother histerically telling me to turn on my tv. I turned my tv on, saw the film of NYC and fell to the floor crying as she told me the Pentagon was under attack as well. My father is an Air Force vetern and government contractor at the Pentagon. His office was a couple corridors down from where the plan crashed. In a matter of seconds the most frightening thoughts ran through my mind. All my mother could tell me is that she received a frantic phone call from my father saying "don't worry I'm out,I'll be okay and I love you." From that moment on we didn't know if he would remain to be okay. All we could do is watch the news. So much uncertainy was running through our minds. Every 15 minutes or so I tried to call my father's cell phone while my mom went to pick up my little brother and my fiancee tried to comfort me. Thankfully the next time I picked up the phone to call my mom at home to my surprise my dad was the one to answer the phone. I had never been so happy to hear my dad's voice. I couldn't describe how I felt at that moment. All I could do is thank god that he was alive and safe. Later that week he had told us how he felt and how he ran throgh a cloud of jet fuel just to get out. He still couldn't believe what had happened. . . no one could. But through all that horror of that day I was a able to capture something beautiful. I showed my family that photo I took at 8:45am. We couldn't believe that at the very second terror was struck in to the world that something so beautiful was present at that very moment. All I can say is thank you. I love you dad.
Kristin Dunn | 19 | Virginia

#898 | Monday, March 11th, 2002
Six months today and i still can't believe what happend :( It was around 2:15pm in the UK when the planes hit i think. At that time i was in college, it was the first day back after the summer. I had two hours of lectures from 1-3pm. We had the same lecturer so none of us knew what was going on. At around 3pm i left college and went to catch the train back home...

The train seemed so quiet. I don't know if that was because some people knew what had happend, or if it was just how they were feeling that day. There was something eerie about the walk i took from the train station back to my flat. Hardly any cars on the road and no-one walking about.

I got inside my flat and my first instict is always to put the TV on to see if i can catch any news. I put channel3 on and saw some news. I actually prefer BBC1 news so i went through my dial and had a quick look at channel4, news on there too. I thought that was unusual but thought nothing of it and flicked to bbc1. I just remember watching all the footage, i dont think the towers had fallen then..

It seems like 2 days ago and i will remember that day for the rest of my life. Me & my boyfriend sat and watched for hours..in disbelief. I cried and cried for the people who lost there lives that day...

I hope and Pray that nothing like this will ever happen again x x x
Sharon | 18 | United Kingdom

#899 | Monday, March 11th, 2002
I woke up depressed on September 11, 2001. I was depressed because while the Broncos had played and won their season opener the night before, one of our star wide receivers, Eddie McCaffrey, had broken his leg and was done for the season. Yes, this depressed me. This is how I know how carefree I really was on September 10.

I turned on the news to see if there was anything about how his surgery went the night before. I saw the first World Trade tower burning. I watched until my son woke up; just before he did, a plane flew into the second World Trade tower. I remember seeing the plane fly into it. From my vantage point, television, I saw clearly what had happened. The reporter, however, was there, and could not see what had happened. Even as we *watched* the second plane fly into the tower, the reporter was talking of an explosion. He had no idea what was going on. It must have been chaos. You could hear people screaming, you could hear the panic in the reporters voice. He kept saying "hold on, hold on, I don't know what's going on." I kept thinking, someone radio that poor guy and tell him what happened.

My son awoke moments after the second tower was hit, and I was grateful for the excuse to have to put on Brave Mom face. What I wanted to do was crumple and cry. But I turned on the radio, turned off the television, and gave him breakfast and we did legos. I heard the news of the towers crumbling, and the plane crashing into the Pentagon, then the plane crashing in Pennsylvania. I heard it all on the radio, and didn't get to see any images on television until my son went down for his nap. I stayed glued to the television as much as I could when my son wasn't awake, and when he was, I listened to the radio. He was too young to understand the words, but not too young to watch the television even if he didn't understand what he was seeing. So I kept it off.

My husband was in Steamboat Springs for a business retreat, and we hadn't heard from him. I didn't want to get online and tie up the phone line, but I was desperate to see if maybe he had emailed me. I finally called my mom, talked to her and my sister for a while, then got online to check my email. He had emailed me, and said they'd just been watching the television all morning. He was supposed to drive back that evening, but ended up getting home around 2 p.m. I guess they let everyone go early because some of his colleagues that had flown in from California were going to try to rent cars to drive back home.

With him home to distract my son, I watched more television. I watched television until I felt like I would throw something at it. Finally, around 6 p.m. we decided to go out to get something to eat. The roads were pretty much deserted and there were one other family in the restaurant besides us. Everyone was subdued. The televisions were on in the bar so we sat there and watched some more.

We got home and all went to bed by 8 p.m. I kept thinking I had to watch television in case something else happened. I think we fell asleep to CNN that night.

Of course it all started to hit us more and more in the days following. As time goes by, the pain and shock lessens, but this morning, seeing the old news coverage, it brings that pain and shock back all over again. I remember saving everything from the newspapers in the month following 9/11. Perhaps today I'll get it out and look through it. Pay tribute to those that lost their lives six months ago today.

Today I will hug my son a little longer, and tell him I love him more than anything in this world. Today I will go outside and just experience nature. Today I will be thankful to be alive, and remind myself that while sometimes life may seem overwhelming, no matter how "terrible" things are, I am luckier than those who are not around to have any kind of day: terrible, wonderful or in between.
Christina Peoples | 25 | Colorado

#900 | Monday, March 11th, 2002
we (my husband and i) were up while he got ready for work.living in califorina it was 530am.i watched the news every morning while he gets ready.like always they had breaking news,so i watched to see what it was that had happened. thinking it would be a stupid car chase, it wasn't,it was just a mintue after the first plane had hit.i started to cry not knowing what happened but knew it was terrible.my husband stood in the bedroom door,then sat down to watch and to see if it was real.mintues later while they showed it live we saw the second plane come in off from the side.then more fire and smoke.he left for work,i sat with his sister in front of the tv.all day we sat and watched everything,i cried more. how could i not cry,1000's of people were hurt or hurting.six months later today...i watched the CBS show seeing it though the eyes of firefighters and the camra men in the building.i was in shock how could anyone escape that?i still cry at anything that reminds me of that day. songs,pictures,everything!how could someone be so cruel and what to kill innosent people?i guess we may never really know.i wish there was more i could do...all i guess i can do is pray. pray for the family and friends of those who lost,and pray that this disgusting act never happens again.god bless each and every New Yorker,god bless each and every American.god is watching and he will make these men pay.
J.L.Martinez | 24 | California

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