#821 | Tuesday, March 5th, 2002
I'm not sure about the rest of the United States of America, but I know that 9-11-2001 has altered my reality. Unfortunately, I don't have cable, which means I don't get to watch much television, but my boyfriend showed up early at my house that day. I still had my bath towel wrapped around my head and my eyeliner pencil in my hand when I opened the door for him.

"You have no clue what's going on, do you?" he pushed past me.

"No," I said. "Why, what happened?"

"I can't even explain it to you. You have to see it."

He put a video tape in my VCR, which isn't exactly out of the ordinary since he is a professional audio/video editor and producer. I watched the first tower burning and heard the jumbled voices of news anchors telling the story. Then the second plane. Then the Pentagon.

"Is this real?"

"This is happening as we speak," he answered.

"Who would do such a thing?"

We went to his house, because he has cable. Our friends came over and we sat to watch it together. And I swore, when the towers collapsed, that it was a scene from a movie. The actors panting and screaming as they stretched to outrun a dark cloud. And we watched. We watched bombs falling in Afghanistan. It didn't make any sense and I was convinced that it wasn't real. I was crying because Hollywood made it seem real, right?

All of those people....

All of those lives....

I knew that some of them would never be found, their bodies disintegrated by the heat. All that lost for what? As you can imagine, the anger set in...the total disgust at what humankind has become...fear that everything I thought was, was no more. It's like waking up and suddenly the grass is blue and the sky is green. What the hell? Was I really so naive? Was I still living my life as a little girl, trapped in some fairy tale or hope that the world was more like one?

I still have no resolve. I don't have any answers. But I can tell you that, after watching "The Wall", I never thought I'd see a war in my lifetime. "The Wall" painted a picture of what war is good for -- leaving children without fathers, mothers without sons, wives without husbands, staining the streets with blood, fear, devestation, hate...am I leaving anything out? I thought the world had realized that war does more harm than good. I was naive.

And, here we are, dead smack in the middle of a war. People are still dying, blood is still staining the streets. There is a child who will never know her father (Daniel Pearl), there are thousands and thousands of Americans and Middle Easterners who have lost because all we have learned is how to hate.
Joanna M. | 24 | Ohio

#822 | Tuesday, March 5th, 2002
On september 11th,it was like a regular day .I got up for school,had breakfast took a shower and called up some friends. When I got into school a little after 9:00am, some of my friends were crying and I didnt know what to do or what to say to confort them.At this point I still didnt know what had happened. So about 3 hours passed and thats when I saw my friend Matt ,a friend of miune for almost 6 years,and the look on his face just made me ask around to see what had happened. I decided to ask a teacher and they had explained to me the whole terririst attack.I flipped out I was so sad yet felt a huge amount of anger and disbelief.I didnt know how to react except try to help my friends by sayin everything will be alrite. During lunch in the cafateria, a lot of ppl were cryin so me and my other friends who werent affected by any of this personally ,split up we each went to one of our friends. I Decided to go to one of my close friends, im not goin to say the name but I have known him for a long time, he talked to me about his dad and how he cant wait to, "see his dad walk in threw his bedroom door one night,and be cryin with happy tears,or just to see him with no broken bones,I just want to see my dad alive!", those are the exact words he said to me, I know for a fact because this was the most horrifing thing that has ever happened to me or anyone else.After a couple of minutes talking about how "everything will be alrite" he was called down to the office where his mother,brother,and sister were.They were all in tears ,and once he had seen them he broke down in tears too.He started screamin "why does everything shitty happen to me, my life is as fuked as a fuked up dream", and he ran out of school .He had ran all the way to his house where he had locked himself in his room for a couple of days.But I felt special because I went to his house personally and talked to him and said "everything will be alrite".He came out and as he came out he hugged me,I felt the sadness,yet anger flow threw my body as we hugged.And i think I would say that moment , I think I would do anything to have his father back.ANYTHING.
kelly | 14 | New York

#823 | Tuesday, March 5th, 2002
Hello My Name is Michael Mokson, I am a Paramedic for New york Presbyterian Hospital. The day of 9/11 i was down at the site helping with the rescue effort. I was about 100 feet from the buildings when they collasped, I hid uner a walkway bridge that connected the Trade Center towers to the World Finacial Center, As the buildings collasped I looked over my shoulder to see the after shock coming towards me and eye Beams flying through the air right at me. I thought I was going to die and that the bridge had collapsed on me. I am so lucky to be alive and thank god for giving me a second chance at life. That day and expereince will live with me for the rest of my life. God Bless all of my Brothers and sisters who lost their life and for all the families who who suffered a lost. God bless my fellow brothers and co workers 8001 & 8021 I love you both and miss you and I will never forget you.
Michael Mokson | 28 | New York

#824 | Wednesday, March 6th, 2002
What happened was something so devastating and horrible. I remember I just woke up and was getting ready for school when my mom came into the room and said "You need to see this." I was so overwhelmed by it all.
Everybody was affected by it. I noticed how my teachers weren't the same. So my school to help we donated money. It was over 4,000 dollars but that was still not enough. So we held a dance and I couldn't attend so I just donated the money anyway. But nobody is the same after what has happened. I walked through the hallway at school and bump into this person I never meet before and now I talk to her almost ever single day. The on thing I am afraid of the most is the what ifs.
I could not be able to live with myself so to the families of loved one's lost I wish you the best and always remember their in a better place. Also to all the soldiers everywhere good luck and god's speed. To Osama Bin Laden you can not hide forever we will find you because you are human and you are bound to make a mistake.
Jamie Cudd | 13 | California

#825 | Wednesday, March 6th, 2002
I think that september eleventh was good because it braught everyone together closer to god. I hope that it doesent happen again though because i do not want of my family members to get hurt. I was at home when it happend. I was sick. My grandma called me when it happend,she said have you been watching the news i said no so i turned on the t.v. and I saw it I started crying and thaught the world was going to end because it said in the bible that the world will end by one great world war and I hope it isn't in my time because i dont want to die i want to live my WHOLE life to be free.
Laura | 12 | Virginia

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