#764 | Friday, February 15th, 2002
I remember Septermber 11th, as the day the world stopped. I remember where I was, how I felt, and what I thought when I was told about the attacks.
I remember just knowing, that it was real. It was the moment in life where every person realized we were one- we were the same... there was no, and still is not one word to describe how each of us felt. We felt united, yet destroyed... yet we knew that no matter what happened we were all in this together.
'We will fight not out of spite, cause someone must stand and declare whats right...and we are never broken...'

Mine and everyones heart will never forget the heros of that day- the victims, the people who are still there and the people who gave up everything to go there... we are all with you... God is with you....
Jemimah Duffy | 16 | Australia

#765 | Friday, February 15th, 2002
:: I was taking the train into Manhattan and a gorgeous blonde sat down next to me at the Jamaica Station. I was reading Variety and minding my own business when slowly people started to migrate towards the windows. Cell phone started going off, commotion. I will never forget what I said to the blonde before I looked out the window, I guess we'll have the day off. I looked out the window and people were talking to each other. Reporting what they heard on their cell phones. We all know the rest of the day. I walk from Penn Station over the 59th St Bridge to Jamaica station and took a train home to the South Hamptons.
Antonio Barba | 28 | New York

#766 | Sunday, February 17th, 2002
I was in college when a tutor told us a plane had hit the WTC. At first I thought it was a single engine Cessna, then one of my class mates got a phone call telling him the WTC had been destroyed and they were evacuating the Pentagon. I left college that day and found a crowd of people in an electrical goods store, standing round a T.V. I remember turning away the first time I saw the second plane hit. I went home and watched Sky News for two days, praying they would find some survivors.
Stephen | 21 | United Kingdom

#767 | Sunday, February 17th, 2002
I was going into my 2nd period class when it happened. All my classmates were standing around the TV. At first I thought it was a joke. I couldent believe my eyes when I saw the 2nd plane hit the WTC I about cryed. America will never be the same. The world will never be the same. The events on September 11th not only affected The United States, but the whole world. God Bless America.
Alli | 15 | Georgia

#769 | Sunday, February 17th, 2002
I was in the basement getting my roller skates on for gym class Third hour. When Our High school prinpal came on. At first I thought it was something stupid as it usally is. She announced to the school what had happened. My first thoughts were those Iraqi's attacked us, I never thought it was terrirosts. We started gym class and we came back inside 30 min later. When we got back there was a TV in the hall. The TV was "all fuzzy". I added the times up {from a book that i got on this.} And I know realize it was not a fuzzy TV but the smoke and dust from one of the TOWERS COLLASPING! Teachers and students told us that a 4th plane had crashed and a 5th plane was shot down. {We know this as false know} 9th Hour {In TV class} We saw a plane strike into the tower. {From the Left to right Angle.} Everyone even the jocks were shocked with fear. What I will remember the most. Side by Side picture of two towers collapsing. Tower #7 {around 4 o clock} that i saw collaspe live, and the worst that people had to jump to their death since they couldn't breathe. I should of got a haircut that day and went to a school football game but those terriorists stoped that. God Bless America.
Dave | 15 | Wisconsin

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