#723 | Monday, February 4th, 2002
Where was I on September 11, 2001? I was going to college at Clarion University, taking a class that started at 8 and lasted until noon. Nobody came to tell us what was happening that morning. It wasn't until after class let out that Becky, my bestfriend, told me. She saw me walking across campus and started screaming for me. I knew when I looked in her eyes she was going to tell me something bad had happened. Nothing could have prepared me for what she was about to say. "The trade towers are gone, the trade towers are gone. Two planes crashed in to them and they are gone." She preceeded to tell me that my father and my boyfriend had called to talk to me and see if I was okay. We ran inside to my professor's office and told her what had happened. She jumped on-line while I had used the phone...nothing, all the lines were busy. I couldn't get through. I ran home to try my cell phone...nothing. All I could do was sit in my apartment by myself and cry while I watched the replays of the that mornings events. At that point in time, I felt like I was the last person on earth. I had nobody to talk to, and nobody to cry with. I was alone. Later when Becky came home from class we cried together and watched the news. We were in shock. I was hysterical due to the fact that I couldn't get through to my father after he left a message for me saying he was at the base and didn't know if he would see me for a while. He told me to behave, do good in school and take care of my mother and brother. He also told me he loved me and he'd try and call soon.
My life hasn't been the same since. Although all of my family is safe and accounted for, every time someone leaves, if only to go to the store, I make sure I tell that person that I love them and to be careful. I hold my friends and family a little closer to my heart now-a-days. Even those people who I don't know, or meet only briefly.
Jodi | 23 | Pennsylvania

#724 | Monday, February 4th, 2002
I was at home in Rockingham, Western Australia. At the moment that we heard the news reporters telling us from the TV in the room next door that the trade center had been hit, my Dad and I were helping our dog, Nina, to give birth to her four puppies. I quickley rushed to the TV where my brother had been interrupted watching his favourite TV show, Seinfeld and ran to inform my Dad. We took turns watching Nina and the puppies and monitering the sitaution in America. We were already feeling sad and were deeply traumatised at seeing the second trade tower hit when we lost two of Nina's puppies. Not only was it terribly sad to hear of the people who were killed at the hand of a madman but we were devastated at the loss of our beloved puppies. It seemed like the night couldn't get any worse. I know where I was is hardly significant in terms of the tragedy that occured on September 11 but I'd like to believe that I was united in grief with everyone else on the planet and that makes my whereabouts important.
Piper Anderson | 17 | Australia

#725 | Monday, February 4th, 2002
I was working in an office in Amsterdam when I got an email from a friend in London telling me a plane had crashed into the twin towers in NY. I thought it was a prank email until I tried to log on to the BBC News website and couldn't because it was too busy. That's when I knew something really was going on. The next hour I recieved minute by minute updates via email. Didn't quite realize the full extent of what was going on until I got home and watched the news all evening.
Andrew Tope | 27 | Netherlands

#726 | Monday, February 4th, 2002
on september 11th 2001 i was sitting in my 3rd peroid science class, doing a worksheet. i had no idea what was going on in our country until about 12:30 in the afternoon. i didnt know what actually happened. all i knew was that something happened in New York. i still have the worksheet that i was doing when the first plane hit the world trade center.
Lynnette | 13 | Massachusetts

#728 | Monday, February 4th, 2002
hey y'all.
i just wanted to write to say a big thank you to those helping our country. also, i'm making a scrapbook dedicated to sept 11th and i was wondering if it would be okay if i put people's thoughts in...i would never take their words as my own, but if people want to contribute, i would be grateful. thank you.

if you have any questions, please email me...thank you
rita schory | 19 | Illinois

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