#635 | Wednesday, January 16th, 2002
I remember these events like they just happened yesterday...I was in my 2nd period English Class around, A person (A staff member i'm guessing) was outside of our room, my teaher went to see what the person wanted, After, my teacher came back into the room quickly and put the TV on.I thought it as going to be something we were studying at the time, the oddysey for example, But i was totally wrong,I saw a building smoking on TV i noticed it was the Twin Towers. I was there to see only the first one hit which already crashed into the tower. Everyone in my class was silent...everyone thought it was probably an acident...Including the teacher. I went to my third period class and the tv was on...that when i saw that there was another crash. I thought to myself this is def. not an accident. I was thinking about my family and how they were dealing with this. All throughout the school day phones were ringing in my classrooms, kids would be called in for early dismisals...and all we did was watch the news the whole day. In Math i found out the pentagon was hit too. I couldn't wait to get home to see my mom and see how she was doing, she was fine and so was the rest of my family. Some of my football games that i cheerlead for was canceled because a kid in the football team had a father that worked in the trade centers was missing. There were like 4 other people in my school that were facing the same troubles.I found out a week ago that only 1 of those four kids parents died. God Bless them. My high school is said to have had most people related to this tradgedy in CT...God bless america and all those who helped in this tragic situation...and God bless all those who are suffering from lost family members or friends.
Amanda | 14 | Connecticut

#636 | Thursday, January 17th, 2002
I was driving to my golf class at the wonderful Eastern Michigan University and I was listening to a local morning talk show on the radio and they were discussing the first plane that the building. It was hard to understand what they were talkingabout because they normally are pulling pranks sanf telling jokes. They then said a second plane hit the building and the pieces started to come together. I was shocked and confused and I had to go to class. I got there, and eveyone was watching TV and everyone was scared. Our intsrtuctor let us go and I went home and watched Fox news channel the rest of the day.
Jacob Taylor | 19 | Michigan

#637 | Thursday, January 17th, 2002
16th January 2002

My name is Emily Charlton and I am from New Zealand. I think that it is great to have somewhere to express how the selfish and cowardly actions of September 11th 2001 impacted on me.

Early that morning, my partner and I had gone into town to take my grand daughter to school and decided to eat in town while we were in. We walked into the Café and were greeted by the owner who jokingly asked if we had any bombs on us. We responded with “not today I’m afraid, we’re just in for breakfast”. He went on to say that he had brought his television in so he could keep up with the tragedy of the World Trade buildings in New York. We both glanced up to the TV and saw the news bulletins showing shots of the aeroplanes flying directly into the towers.

In the first instance, I thought ‘Wow, that is great camera work, what film is this?’ The owner then proceeded to explain that this was no film, it was real. Overwhelmed with emotions of horror, bewilderment, despair and non-belief I found myself wide mouthed but speechless. As we talked at one another, my mind raced with questions, my heart immediately left me as I realised the people who would be affected. I could hold my screams but not my tears as I saw the destruction of the buildings and the fear on the faces of the people in the streets.

As we sat and watched through the day I felt so helpless being so far away and not being able to help. For the days, weeks and months that have followed and I’m sure for always, this has made an imprint deep in my soul.

I have pity for those responsible and can only say that the God I know and love is not the same God whom they love. God gives the breath of life and does not think kindly to those who take life.
These lines are all I will accord to the offenders, as I will not waste my time on such a cowardly act.

I give my thoughts and prayers to those folk who have lost family and/or friends through this disaster. Being so far away, I cannot offer my physical help but can express my profound empathy for the people of New York and indeed America.

Emily Charlton
Emily Charlton | 48 | New Zealand

#638 | Friday, January 18th, 2002
I work in Advertising Sales for a local news publication in Columbus, Ohio. September 11th was a day I was dreading even in August. For some reason, I had planned 4 appointments for work that day, which was going to force me to go into the office early to get some paper work done, and then fly all over town, from one part of the city to another, and give 4 sales presentations to different clients. Normally I’ll only have 4 presentations per week, and on Tuesday, September 11th, I scheduled all 4 in one day. I woke up early, checked in at the office and left there at 8:15. At 9:08 I walked through the parking lot of my first big meeting of the day thinking I was late, and worried about making a good impression.
When I got up to the 4th floor of the large office building, I walked into the lobby and there were 8 people crowded around a television set. A building was on fire, not a building I recognized, but then I watched in astonishment as the 2nd plane hit the building beside it. Not knowing what to do or think, and standing beside my main contact for the presentation, we decided to go into another room to go over the information I had for her. I gave a 34 minute presentation, trying to sell advertising to this executive, and the entire thing is a blur. After our brief meeting, I went out to my car and turned on AM radio voluntarily, for the first time in my life. Just then, as I listened, trying to make sense of everything….the Pentagon hijacking was reported. I pulled into a gas station (remembering my car was past E) and tried to call my boyfriend. My cell phone wouldn’t even dial. I'd never had cell phone problems before...and did not realize until later that day, that the Verizon Wireless (my provider) building was so close to the Twin Towers. For the next hour, I was unable to make any calls. After a frantic payphone call to my boyfriend, I told him to turn on the t.v. and I would be at his apartment in 15 minutes.
I called the rest of the day off work and watched the news for 3 days straight. At 23 years old, I never watched national news or listened to talk radio. From September 11th to the present, I am addicted to knowledge of world events. There was so much going on that I wasn’t aware of.
Mandy | 23 | Ohio

#639 | Saturday, January 19th, 2002
my name is omry from israel, and when the terror event happend i was sleeping and the t.v woke me up
omry | 16 | Israel

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