#615 | Monday, January 7th, 2002
I was at my boyfriends house, asleep. He roommates woke us up, and we ran in to watch the TV, and one plane hit a building, and then we saw the other plane hit, and later we saw the biulding fall. I called my mother, to tell her, and to tell her I loved her. Then I called my friend in the Air Force in Alaska to talk to him. Then I didn't go to my classes that day, I just sat and watched TV, in disbelief. I was soo sad, yet soo mad. I felt that my freedom had been violated. It certainly will be a day that I remember forever
Amanda Zachary | 20 | United States

#616 | Tuesday, January 8th, 2002
I am a nurse at a hospital in Tennessee. I was working that day when one of the nurses came into the area I was sharing with another nurse and told us that a plane had crashed into the World Trade Center. I asked the nurse, "Is this a joke?"
She said,"No, see for yourself." As we turned on the television we saw the fire and smoke coming from the first tower that was hit and heard the reporters commentating on what might have happened to the plane to cause the crash. At that instant we watched as the second plane slammed into the second tower. There was a collective gasp from the employees of the hospital who stopped to see what was happening.
I remember saying,"Was that what I think it was?" The nurse beside me looked at me as if she were in shock and replied,"I think so." We both knew that this was no accident.
As the T.V. kept reporting, we continued to work. There was a pall over the people in the area where I worked, a silent understanding that, after today, our lives would never be the same...
K. Matthews | 33 | Tennessee

#617 | Tuesday, January 8th, 2002
I work on Wall Street and on 9/11 I was 2 blocks away and watched as the 2nd tower was struck. It was horrifying and it took awhile for it to sink in that the USA was under attack. Looking back now, I consider myself extremely lucky. I watched as both towers burned and fell, it was heartbreaking. I remember being young and asking my parents if they remembered where they were when Kennedy was assasinated but not quite understanding the impact of such a loss. Now, my children will ask me "Mommy, do you remember where you were on 9/11/01?!" and, like my own parents, I will have to explain the pain and loss that I experienced that day. God bless those we lost and pray that they are at peace. God Bless America!!
Carla Silvestre | 27 | New York

#618 | Wednesday, January 9th, 2002
on september 11th 2001 i was in my base i was a solidar in the israelian navy.
someone came in the office i was in and he said that a plane crashed in to one of the tower's we where all shcked but we never imagined the size of the tregady, since we were at the army we where very adraid that israel will be next.
When igot home i opened the television set and i couldn't believe my eye's, i still can't.
in the name of the israelian pepole i would like to say how sorry we are for al the lost lives and all of the broken families.
I still cant believe that i will never get to see these two beautiful building's since the last time i was there i was very young.
sarit amon | 20 | Israel

#619 | Wednesday, January 9th, 2002
Hello, I was in the wet climes of North West London England at the time and about a week later was suddenly startled by the fact that a social/world problem poem I had left [unfinished] on my pc back in August was just a bit too close to the mark even for my own liking. I added/adjusted a few lines [...Laden by, Nostradamus bits and fading hooves] just to round it off and keep myself sane.

Someone must apologise to the families of all war ravaged people until as a world we get it RIGHT.

If you will accept my offering please read on.

The Jungle jumped down a thousand feet
Of New York's finest, faded concrete.
Unable to grow from opulent, opaque glass,
Reflecting only wasted heat [back] onto the street.

There fiery lamplit rasta-hippies used to pounce
And roll minds together over times' encryption.
Only for falling, flaking, cutting tear duct cinders
From oxidised terminals 'ledgered' high,
To cause Hubble sized dementia,
And let another, unseen,
Laden by.

An ancient revenge the genie tapped in,
Causing Leadenhall and Bells to ring.
With captains of industry tacking hard away from crashes,
Nor could they turn back for corporates falling by,
Blaming each other for their own cocaine flashes,
Hiding profits for a ten year 'high'.

Of which we were all the pay me for a line and the night time tube.
Giving coverage of Future's buying Asian plains.
Only to see war strew them with human stew,
And save some glory for the mid-west pans.
Yet there is even more in common -
if we so choose, an east-west flair for four cloven hooves.

But 'til now us and the U.S. had become obese,
Oblivious for the need to queue,
For food,
Or space flight and the encryption call.

Some of us mistake [mistook?] those video self-made rushes,
Hurled violently against the violet 'behind you!' wall.
It's cctv crime watch, your own shadow in vision.
for no advert ever gave absolution for our souls.

We all watch absorbed,
The 2D simulation of rainbow's arches.
Watch apauled the third world writhing mad.
Watch enthralled the ancient world's matching puzzle,
Watch and adore brazen hussies chosen by the sad.
Watch 'annured' the west world's eighteen holes.
But never watch the whole world's missing souls...

... which tend to end their connection after each large and final meteor squall.

Still up high, but no! Now two thousand feet,
Sad, white ticker tape parades -
Then transforms to cloud -
And rumbles down the street.
Where still the coughing, crouching terrorist aura greets,
To feast of human, desouled meat.
And laugh at equal uncaring brothers' eye,
Staring disconnected from the shards of opulent glass -
Now piling high.

Nostradamus and his headache spoke
Not just of twin towers,
And of tripods with no faces shown [but flew],
Yet also of cataclysms beyond his powers.
Not knowing if any to space had flown,
[or grew.]
Indeed before the meteor thud that is ours!
He suggests we have yet two more thousand years,
So please don't let that end - end in tears!

Now, no more vast predictions,
For now is found the returning clue.
No more flat universal theories,
Just black holes warping the double helix view.
For if it is the archaeologists' dream,
To find lost cvilisations' lairs...
With whom did our universe once begin?
And beautifully still lay twinkling there?

And so rebegin the the space flight trine,
{Please U.S. to take the 'foreign' policy role!}
As the United Nations are placed in Palestine.
As the meteor rumbles after the remaining souls.
All to the sound of fading hooves...

Ian Cooper | 51 | United Kingdom

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