#600 | Wednesday, January 2nd, 2002
I was in my car on the way to work - they mentioned the first tower being hit, and it ocurred to me that a massive error had taken place in a plane's navigation system. By the end of the newscast, they mentioned that the second tower had also been hit -- that's when it took on a whole new characteristic. It didn't seem to me that there was *any* way that two planes' systems could possibly go that horribly awry. As I was teaching classes that morning, snatching radio news bits between periods, the drama began to unfold... I wasn't able to make it to a TV until late that night after a string of meetings, and then I couldn't pull myself away from the CNN webcasts of the events.

God's blessings of peace to all killed, injured, or connected to those who were, as well as blessings of hope to my American neighbours.
AMS | 27 | Canada

#601 | Wednesday, January 2nd, 2002
I was at work when suddenly my friend Mohammid came in. "Do you see the TV...do you see that Sameh?"

I replied no...and I lifted from my dusty plasterboard desk and walked into the hotel lobby to watch channel 98. There is was..a tower had hit World Trade Center. I prayed for the victims. I thought helicopters would rescue them. However, not particulary worried about it being terrorist at all. I went back to answering phones and taking reservations.

Then he ran into the room again

"Another plane hit it!"

And at first I didnt believe it. Then I realized it was true. A second plane had smashed into the tower's. At this point all kinds of reports were coming in that American planes were being Hijacked all over. And unconfirmed car-bombs and bombs everywhere. So me and my co-workers watched...in utter amazement as it appeared America was under a massive attack. We thought it was some sort of Coup going on. Not in America...then we started talking about that slime ball Bin Ladin and Saddam'Hussayne.

Then they showed picutres that the Pentagon had been attacked...Sad...

And then...the tower's collapsed. We looked in utter shock as smoke covered the York Island. We thought it was the end of America..without a doubt. Then the pennslyvania crash and the more reports of bomb's everywhere! Prime Minister Bush came on and they broadcast his speech. He looked scared...I was saddened, shocked, and great sorrow

I want the American people to know that on September 11th. Syrian's filled our temples to pray for you all the victims. For 1 day's there was a national day of mourning. And we weeped...

Although we dont agree with american policies. That is not the issue. This should of never happened. My people support America action against Usama's Base.

God help the victims and survivors! We are with you.
Sameh Wahba | 27 | Syrian Arab Republic

#602 | Wednesday, January 2nd, 2002
I'm a 17 year old junior in high school, and I live in Pittsburgh. I was at my 4th period gym class when a whole group of teachers and staff members went in and told everybody in my class to take a seat against the back wall of the room. I couldn't figure out what the heck was going on, I thought we were in trouble or something. Then one of the teachers said to us, "Do all of you know about terrorists"? Me and most of the other kids said yes. Then one of the teachers suddenly said, "terrorists just crashed planes into the world trade centers and the pentagon. I was totally shocked beyond disbelief. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. It took me a while to realize that they weren't making this up and that it was true. At the same time, my dad was on a business trip in Washington D.C. I was so worried about him that I had to call my mom at home to make sure he was ok. I go to two different schools during the same day, and when I caught my bus at 12:15 to go to my other school, we rode on the highways through downtown Pittsburgh and the entire city was completely desolate and empty because it had been evacuated. This was just like a movie, I couldn't believe it was actually happening. Then when I got to my other school, they were showing the news footage of the twin towers being hit, and then collapsing, over and over again. I listened to what was going on on my Walkman the whole way home. Then when I got back into my house me and my mom watched the news for hours. I watched it on TV for the rest of the day and stayed up all night watching it too. I'll never forget that terrible, horrifying day as long as I live.
Mark Hirschman | 17 | Pennsylvania

#603 | Wednesday, January 2nd, 2002
I was in class at Eastern Michigan University, and had heard about a plane hitting the world trade center. I had convinced some of my friends that it was probably just a small plane, and a freak accident. Knowing a little bit about the structure of the building, i figured that there was minimal damage and that possibly only the pilot had died. Little did I know that the world had changed.
When out of class, i turned on National Public Radio and heard the full report on the trade center, pentagon, and pennsylvania. i was beyond angry, especially since my father had been on a plane to LA, and my sister was working in Manhatten. I did not know where either of them were for a while. Needless to say, when i heard the actual report, i drove home at about 70 miles per hour (on a regular street), just to get home to hear the news on my family. Luckily they were ok.
Then I saw the footage. the people jumping, the towers being hit, and the crumbling. my heart sank so deep, i almost could not breathe. i have not yet cried, and do not want to, for that would mean the perpetrators would have accomplished something. i am steadfast in supporting the erradication of terrorist attacks, and remain hopeful for the world's future.
Lastly, i recommend everyone visit the sight before it is cleaned up. I have since been to Manhatten, and i am only more proud because of it. stay strong everybody, and trust that things will be ok.
Casey | 23 | Michigan

#604 | Thursday, January 3rd, 2002
I was in downtown DC with some friends, waiting for the workday to start. My friend Maurice got an urgent page from his cousin, and I let him use my cell phone to call him back, but it wouldn't work. I thought I was just having phone problems, I never would have imagined that all the lines were blocked up with people trying to get in touch with their loved ones. A few minutes later, Maurice somehow got through to his cousin and he told us the news- a plane had hit the World Trade Center. Like so many others I dismissed it as a freak accident. Then word came about the second plane. I thought about all of my friends in New York, and started making a mental list of people I would have to call and check on. Then a homeless man ran into the middle of the street and gave us the news about the Pentagon. He told us all to repent because the world was going to end. I felt like I was standing in the middle of a movie scene. Shortly after that, our boss decided to send us home for the day because they heard they were evacuating the White House. All of my friends walked over an hour home, scared of a bomb on the metro. My hip hurt from a soccer injury, so I took the metro, but it was the longest 15 minutes of my life. By the time I got home, the buildings had already collapsed, and I felt so lost. Months later, the reality of how close I came really hit me. If that plane had not gone down in Pennsylvania, it may have crashed on me. I will be forever grateful for those passengers' courage and God's good will.
Julia | 17 | District of Columbia

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