#595 | Monday, December 31st, 2001
I think it impossible to ever forget where I was, what I was doing, and how I felt that tragic day, Tuesday, September 11, 2001. Like a lot of people I got out of bed nonchalantly and and got dressed. it was no special day to me. Just another horrid day I had to spend at school. I headed to school and went through first period not knowing what had happened. While many lives were taken I sat in French wishing the bell would ring. I soon got my wish and went out of the 200 hall, onto the breezeway, and into the 400 hall. I never could have even conceived those steps I was taking would change my life forever. I entered the Computer Tech room around 9:46. I noticed my teacher had the television on watching CNN. In a matter of minutes I shared in the confusion around the nation. More than confusion swept over me though, fear, heartache, pride, uncertainty, alarm, and ambush all found their place that morning. I cried like so many others. I was hurt that people in other countries hate me so much, and they have never even met me. I was confused how fellow classmates could laugh and joke and pretend nothing out of the usual had happened. My life was turned upside-down; it was forever changed. I remember going to a prayer service that night. Sharing with the pain of so many, I put aside my differences and tried to do a small part in the healing of lives. I remember watching President Bush that night, feeling proud he was my president. Before this tragedy I often mocked and made fun of him. I easily came to support everything he said and did after this tragedy even though I am a democrat. Political Parties had no place in this. We all came together and put petty differences aside. I will never forget the words spoken by our President that night, "None of us will ever forget this day, yet we go forward to defend freedom.", and truly that is what happened. This tragedy was definitely terrible, but a lot of good came out of it. Afghanistan is regaining freedom, many people started attending church again, and families were brought together, among other things. Our country united, and the pride of America shone through. They "awakened a sleeping giant", and if the terrorists sought to tear our great nation apart, they truly failed. I believe Senator McCain said it best "God may have mercy on these terrorists, but we will not." I have never been more proud to be an American. In a lot of ways, I'm glad this happened when I was young. Hopefully, I will carry things I have learned from this with me the rest of my life.
Kayla Porter | 14 | South Carolina

#596 | Monday, December 31st, 2001
That terrible day was like any other i was just going to go to school see my friendsand learn something new,but i will never forget it because i have a picture to prove and remind me of it.the picture was my eighth grade class picture.that morning i went to school and went to my first period class which was literature and my grade was to go second.anyway the secretary called on the intercom and said for the eighth grade to go to the auditorium for your picture and so we did not knowing what my english teacher was going to tell us.So we went in there i was wearing a lime green tank top and a pair of blue jeans with clogs.So we got in there and a boy in my class went ahead of me and i was second seeing as we were going in alphabetical order.so i went and after that two or three more girls in my grade went.so after that me and the other girls were just talking when my english teacher came in and said that the world trade center had been hit by a plane.At that moment everybody started asking questions on how did it happen,when did it happen,why it happened and who did it?Also if we found out another country did this to us were we going to war with them.I was one of those people to ask questions.Our english teacher i could tell was upset and confused on why this terrible act had happened.My english teacher found out from my dad which is the history teacher at my school.So after that i went back to my class ,we were playing a game for my literature test the next day.A couple of minutes later the bell rang to go to our next class which was my dad's class to keep study hall so we went and then i heard the pentagon was hit which made me more scared so me and my friends were wondering on whether were we going to war???So then my dad came in a he decided we shouled watch the news so we did the whole class period.So at break also me and my friend stayed in and watched the news we also saw the second tower collapse.We watched the news every class periond except two.Like everybody else we were all worried about our families,i wanted to call my mom in jackson and se if she was alright and hear her reaction on the attack.On the way home from school everthing seemed like all a blur the sourroundings around me seemed different ,the sky looked lonesome because no planes were flying .It all seemed so quiet and felt like i was the only one left on earth.It was also scary because even a little local airport where they keep private planes was shutdown.Also my mom came home early because there was a rumor that the gas prices went up in my state.so my parents had to go get some gas at the gas station which took about an hour because of the lines.Also when i got home and saw my mom i was relieved and happy to know that she was fine and my whole family was safe with me,also my dog to.That night i thought about the next day was something going to happen,were we going to declare war or find out who did this.That day i had so many questions running through my head that nobody could answer.I was confused and upset like the whole nation was but my parents told me it was going to be alright and that are president was going to take care of the matter and he has and he has done an excellent job so far.And will in the years to come.Now adays when i see a plane in the sky i wonder where that plane is going or who is in it,like that song by Alan Jackson "Were were you when the World Stopped Turning on the September Day"that song is so true and simple it defines americans everywhere on that day.That day brought Americans closer and made them stick together as a whole and if we can keep it up we can conquere anything including this because americans are known for their bravery and we're not going to loose that reputation just because of this attack.That is why i am proud to say "i am proud to be an american!!!!!!!!"But there is one question that still lingures in my mind ,why would somebody do this to our great nation which helps so many other countries in hard times and gives to so many countries.WHY??WHY??WHY??GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hannah | 14 | Mississippi

#597 | Tuesday, January 1st, 2002
I was in Gaza, chatting with a friend, when my phone rang. Another Palestinian friend had deep concern in his voice when he asked if I had family in Washington, DC or New York. I told him I did not, then he asked if I'd seen the news.

"No, what happened?"

Being true to his culture, he was hesitant to tell me the news then apologized for having to tell me. I hung up the phone, turned to apologize to the friend with whom I was chatting, then it rang again.

This caller was weeping, concerned about my family in New York/DC. When I told him I didn't have family there, he was relieved. I used to live 'close' to DC, and that was close enough for him.

After hanging up and trying to apologize again, the phone rang for a third time. This went on for about an hour, the final caller sobbing in fear that I had been on the phone with family in New York/DC.

Then I heard about the 'cheering in the street' video on CNN. How sad... I wish that reporter had been at my home that day to get what real Palestinians are like.
Timothy | 37 | District of Columbia

#598 | Tuesday, January 1st, 2002
I was sleeping when my husband woke me up thinking it was something that happened here in my home town. I had to point out that where it happened at was daylight and we were still dark here. My eyes just like everyone else was fixed on what was going on on the tv. My heart sank deeper and deeper and then I saw the second plane hit. I couldn't believe it. How and why was all I could say. I sat and watched the tv knowing I had to go to work but not wanting to. When I got to work we had radios on all over the store. No one was shoping it was so silent. One person I worked with couldn't keep it together at all, I knew what happened was terrable but could not understand this persons actions then I found out they had lost 4 family members there.My hurt for everyone turned into such anger.My friend this person I worked with had gone threw so much this year already. He lost his mother and father only 3 months apart this year, and 2 uncles also and now this. How much burden can one carry on their shoulders.Im angry Im hurt and I hurt for all of the victims.Thank you for letting me say my thoughts
Alicia Cass
Alicia Cass | 35 | Washington

#599 | Wednesday, January 2nd, 2002
I was doing a rather mundane task on Sept the 11th, something that I never thought that I would be able to recall 4 months later. I was studying my management text book, because exams were looming. My parents yelled for me to come into the kitchen and then i saw it, a plane hitting the wtc. From that moment on, I was glued to the television, calling and sms'ing everyone that I knew to alert them to what happened.

It was simply unbelievable. "Things like that just don't happen in my world" i thought to myself. I was in NYC in January 2001, and saw the many wonders that the city has to offer. I will return to New York in late August 2002 on a University Exchange, but I know that I will go with a heavy heart, knowing that New York and my world has been changed.

I fell asleep at around 3am (I live in Australia so it was coming towards the end of the day when America was beginning theirs) watching the news. It is a night that I will never forget. I think a day that no one will forget. I guess all I can say now is that the world makes me sad, but seeing people so together, connecting with one another, i'm reminded that every cloud has a silver lining, sometimes you just have to look a little harder.

God Bless Us All.
Trish P | 18 | Australia

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