#545 | Thursday, December 20th, 2001
Iwas just getting up with my kids when my husband called and said to put the TV on. When I turned it on I couldn't believe my eyes. I thought oh my god what a tragedy. How could an airplane crash into a building...thinking of all the poor people in the plane and in the building. Just as I thought to myself what a horrible accident... another plane comes crashing into the building next to it. I sat glued to the TV with tears running down my face and alot of fear. I was so scared! My sister called me... Then I called my mom who is 81... Then I called my brothers and sister in laws. My sister in law who works at xerox didn't know a thing. When I called she put the radio on and then told everyone... they somehow got a TV. We kept calling back and forth crying and exchanging thoughts of what happened. When the second plane hit we knew it was an act of terror. When the plane hit the pentagon I really started to panic... How could this possibly be happening, especially to the pentagon. Somewhere that is supposed to be such a protected area. Then another plane down... this one close to home. I started to panic and fear how many more will there be! Is this the start of a war. While all this was going on my whole family keeping in contact with one another. My brother dropped my mother off to my house before he had to go to work... My mother so upset and crying we were all worried about her. My sister came home... to my house. My husband who works in downtown Pittsburgh came home. My sister in law who works by the airport at Xerox is sent home. Her office closed because of being so close to the airport. All airports closed. I stayed glued to the TV flipping channels for days. So sad...what a black day! I wanted to do something so I found a website that gave directions on how to make these angels to send to the people who lost loved ones. They were going to have a special service in New York and give them to the people. If I could of gone to New York.. The Pentagon... or even to the site by me in Pennsylvania and done something... anything to help I would of. All of the firemen.. paramedics.. and police.. God bless them all. Sept 11, 2001 made me a different person... made me cherish life so much more... from that day on I have expressed my love so much more for everyone. My children were shown alot of love before but so much more and told how much I love them and my husband the same. My Mom...Sister...and Brothers...Sister in Laws... Nieces and Nephews...Friends...everyone now says I love you more often. When we are on the phone before we hang up we now say bye talk to you tomorrow... I love you!
JLB | 39 | Pennsylvania

#546 | Thursday, December 20th, 2001
My name is Amanda Jenkins. I am 14 years old. The day of 9/11 I was at school. When I heard what had happened all I could think was really my family but mostly my dad my dad had been in New York the last I had talked to him. No he is still alive lucky enough for my family and me. At first I keep calling him to make sure he had left that area. He had he’d left 2 hours before the strike and I’m so happy for that. I feel for those who had lost their families and I’m glad that my father wasn’t in that. If he had been I don’t know what. But one thing for sure is that this has brought my family closer than ever. I think I even believe in God more than ever because if hadn’t been for God I think my father wouldn’t of left then, but for others who hadn’t been so fortunate I feel so sad and confused and I have a greater understanding why we have History in school. And I realize now that we, children, don’t understand Pearl Harbor and such because it didn’t happen to us and we also now understand that 9/11 is our generations history not our children’s when have them. Thank You.
Amanda Jenkins | 14 | Alabama

#547 | Thursday, December 20th, 2001
I have one thing to say wow That day I couldnt believe that actually happend I was like omg I cant believe it
Sarah | 12 | Georgia

#548 | Thursday, December 20th, 2001
When all this happend I was at school working in the Library The princible came over the entirecom and said there'd been an attck on the world trade center and I was like wow but I got to sit and watch the t.v cause I had library that whole day I watched it over and over I think thats really the only time the media was actually practical !
Becky | 15 | Alabama

#549 | Thursday, December 20th, 2001
That day will live on forever I was sitting in class and the princeable came over into each and every class and since our class is room #1 we heard 1st he said he felt sorry I think he was mostly talking to our teacher because her son worked at the World Trade Center and he had died I remeber our teacher crying and crying she hasnt been back to school shes coming back after christmas but I know she wont be the same because that was her only son his wife and 2 children moved in with her to help her but I remeber how all my friends and I started to cry over and over again one of my friends dads had been in New York at the time but he didnt die he'd been in a different area but he still got pictuers of the place and how it looked i felt terrible and that piece of Histopry will live on 4-ever in all of our lives wether we be young old we will have a piece of history that will devastate us for the rest of our lives!
Brittany | 15 | Arizona

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