#408 | Sunday, December 9th, 2001
I was driving my Bus in Germany when I heard it on the News, one of the first things I thought was to to find a TV with CNN to view the tragedy and try to understand why this is happening and Who is responsible. Feeling for the lost and missing.. We also have learned that not only do we have a bigger and better Country but we also have more targets for Insane to destroy..
Bob H. US American in G | 44 | Germany

#409 | Sunday, December 9th, 2001
I was at work doing some general research for a project I was working on, when the MSNBC News icon in my toolbar began to flash. I clicked to open it, and all it said was "Breaking News - Plane collides with World Trade Center." I proceeded to tell my coworkers, and then I started to get updates, we were desperate for information, as we have an office in New York City, though thankfully not in the Towers. One of the attorneys had a small black and white portable tv in his office and we all congregated there to watch it unfold, including the Pentagon collision. The one moment I remember most clearly was when one of the law clerks informed us that the first tower had collapsed and no one believed her. Our office was in a panic because they didn't want to send us home. We work just down the street from the State Capitol as well as one of the tallest buildings in Upstate New York, and who knew what would happen next. Finally about 2:30PM EST they decided it was in the best interest of the employees to let people go home.
Sarah Gold | 26 | New York

#410 | Sunday, December 9th, 2001
At the time I was living in Nashville, TN. That morning was very strange. At 6am I watched on the TV that the Fed was goi to announce a recession. I was about to cancel a job interview, but decided to go anyway, needing a job at the time and the position was easy enough. I was on my way to a job interview on a law firm when the planes hit. I couldn't believe it as I heard the broadcasts. Everything just changed. Tension was felt on the street. When I arrived at the law firm, the junior partner was in tears. My interview went well despite the news playing on the background. I was on and started that Friday. My ex called me from the UK to see how I was doing. Our relationship was pretty much over, but it was nice of her to call and to care. I tried to email my friends and relatives in the NYC area. They were OK. One of them Liza, emailed me her version of events a few days later. I stayed on my apartment all day, listening to the newscasts, surfing the web and making sure my friends and family were alright. I dealt with disbelief, numbness, but not anger. I knew what was going to come. The only thing I can say about this whole thing is that we say to the world we do this in the name of freedom and what we do is put out legislation that curtails that. My heart is always with the victims and we should've dealt with the Taliban long ago. Also keep in mind that again, we end up fighting an enemy we created in the first place. The world has changed indeed. Remember that freedom is also the freedom to have a different viewpoint than the official version. Take care.
J. E. Roman | 33 | Puerto Rico

#411 | Sunday, December 9th, 2001
I was at home after having major surgery on the 8th so I was unaware of what had happened until my oldest daughter woke me up and stated that a bomb had gone off in New York city in one of the trade towers. She did not yet know what had actually taken place, just like the majority of the nation. I got out of bed about half an hour later feeling like I needed to go back and lay down for a while. But, I forced myself to turn on the TV. I was now in shock at this point on top of "not feeling well" after tuning in just as the first tower collapsed! September 11 also happens to be my younger daughters birthday - her 21st to be exact. We all felt the horror on that day in a different way.
Mike Glaze | 48 | Washington

#412 | Sunday, December 9th, 2001
When I heard about the first attack (about 2pm GMT) I was sitting in the Sixth Form common room at my school. Everyone was reading, or doing some work, or talking etc, when my friend Charlotte (who had her Walkman on) said "A plane's been flown into the World Trade Centre". Everyone just laughed at her, and told her to get real, it wasn't April Fools. No one was able to realise that it was true, because it seems so absurd.
I only realised it was real, when my parents phoned me to ask me to e-mail my aunt in NH to ask if she and her friends were all OK.
The next day was my 18th birthday, but I will probably remember where I was at 2pm on the 11th instead of what I did on the 12th.
Hayles | 18 | United Kingdom

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