#37 | Sunday, September 16th, 2001
I was on my way to work when I heard on the radio about this awful tragidty. I happen to be a nurse,emergency and also same day surgery.Tuesday,I was to work same day surgery,people come in for small procedures and go home several hours later.But this day was not the usual day.AS I entered the hospital at the ER entrance I came around the corner in the waiting room.Many of the EMT's I work with daily were huddled around the TV. I was in shock I heard about a plane crash but not sure what had really happened.I could not believe what I was seeing.I stood with them and watched briefly,but I had to got to go to work!
I went upstairs and everything was very busy my co-workers were all in shock.Then the news about the Pentagon ,again were are all in shock,the patients are in shock. People are questioning should I have surgery today?We had 16 patients ,16 small tv's,seemed like 16 different tv stations .WE were all on overload.
Then one of my co-workers realizes that her daughter is engaged to a Manhatten rookie policeman. She is in tears ,She does not know what to do. She finally leaves and goes home .We later get word that he is fine but a member of his family may not be.
We are all trying to do our jobs to care for our patients,to have this be like any other Tuesday.But it is not .Some crazy people have just done an awful thing to many innocent people and to our country.
The day goes on ,it seems very long.The news keeps getting worse.My headache gets worse also.The patients are all worrying.I have a patient sign a consent form .I think this date will live forever just as Pearl Harbor has.
My thoughts go ,often ,to my family hoping everyone is coping OK.My husabnd has left work. I worry about my young son.He worrys so about everything.He is to young to understand.(Do any of us understand?)He sobs as soon as I walk in the door. How do you explain this to a child. My thoughts are also with my oldest son in college.What must he think?Is he alone or is he with some friend so they can share thoughts and tears.
You think I cannot watch this anymore on the TV ,But you leave and return to catch more news.
My closing thoughts are to pray for the victims both the families and the lives lost.Pray for our leaders that they may may make the correct decision on how to handle this crisis.Also for all the workers who are putting thier hearts and souls into finding the lost victims.

Kathy | 44 | Connecticut

#38 | Sunday, September 16th, 2001
I am a teacher in Massachusetts. A co-worker came in and told me the news. I couldn't believe it. Another teacher had his TV on and told me the World Trade Center was gone. I felt chills throughout my body. I also had to explain things to my eighth grade special education class. Not an easy task. I also had to tell my husband who works in the airline business. It all seems like a bad dream.
Beth | 38 | Massachusetts

#39 | Sunday, September 16th, 2001
i woke up characteristically late (around 12:00), went downstairs, still yawning and sporting my p.j.s to find the t.v. blaring and my eldest brother flint sitting on the couch staring in disbelief at the images flashing across the screen. "can you believe this", he says. i say (grogilly), "believe what?". he says "you haven't heard?". as soon as he told me what happened i started crying. i didn't think of the buildings, i didn't think of our country being attacked, i thought of all of the scared and hurt people. i thought of those who saw the plane coming towards them, and how in that moment before they died they probably wished they could see their families and friends one last time, if only to tell them that they are loved. my soon to be stepfather was staying in the hotel that formerly stood between the two world trade center buildings. for a short while we didn't know where he was. he called after the first plane hit, but there was no word from him after the second. he told us later that night that he walked from manhattan to queens with droves of other people. he said it was just this mass exodus from manhattan, and that they all walked, shocked and horrified, away from the ruins. later that day i talked to a friend of mine who said he was washing dishes in front of his kitchen window when it happened. he used to have a great view of the skyline. now he can't look through that window without remembering what used to stand there.

all of my friends and family are okay, but it doesn't soften the blow of what happened. i will never understand why people intentionally hurt and kill one another.
Meg | 20 | Vermont

#40 | Sunday, September 16th, 2001
Tuesday's events seem surreal. Every time I think about them, I can't help wondering if this is how people felt when Pearl Harbor was bombed, and if we'll look back on this in a few decades and actually remember exactly what we were doing when we heard about these terrorist attacks; or if we'll even be around that long what with the current threats. But i guess that all we can do is continue to live our lives, because even though this is a shock and truly does affect us, we can't afford to let it get to us; it's just not worth it. Hopefully, someday we'll be able to tell our grandchildren these memories. And hopefully, we ourselves will be able to outlive the tragedy and suffering of these memories.
kathleen dahling | 17 | Connecticut

#41 | Sunday, September 16th, 2001
i was sleeping.. sortof. i was in a sleeplike state when the phone rang. it was my mother calling from work. it was 9:52. "were under attack", is what my mother said. "turn on channel 8!" so i turned on the tv and instantly i am snapped awake by images of the pentagon aflame, along side a picture of the twin towers erupting with fire. this is the same place i sat for awhile, telling my mom what was going on, because all she had was a radio at work. i hung up with her and phoned my frined evan, who was still asleep. "the pentagon and new york city have been attacked by terrorists" i said. he quickly turned on the tv. i filled him in quickly on everything i had heard. we both watched in silence as the first tower collapsed,and i stayed on the line with him untilt he seconed tower went... both of us were shocked. i hung up with him and dialed my mothers work number. i filled her in and she said quitly "i just heard" i stayed on my bed for at least 3 hors listenign to the news. before getting up and making breakfast. this was the start of the day i shall never forget.
Michael Bennett | 18 | Connecticut

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