#2469 | Thursday, September 12th, 2002
Hi. My name is Nikki and I'm from Baltimore, Maryland. I was at the tanning salon where I work that morning, anticipating another ordinary work day. I turned on MSNBC like I usually do in the mornings just to catch up on the previous day's events. Seeing the first plane crash into the first tower was horrific enough even when my customers and I thought it was a terrible accident. There were 6 or 7 of us in the shop that morning, glued to the TV. When a reporter called from the Pentagon and said he felt the ground shake like there was an explosion nearby, that was when I really started feeling what we were all thinking. My heart was racing, some of us were crying. I live near Martin State Airport which also has a Maryland National Guard Station nearby. A fighter jet, which I can only assume took off from Martin's, flew overhead. We started to fear for our children and were getting conflicting reports on school closings. It was truly the most frightening day of my life. I cried every day for at least 2 weeks after this happened. I felt like I had lost family even though I knew none of the Americans that died that day. I refuse to call any of them victims because they all fought for their lives, those on the planes and those trapped in the towers. They have all given us more than we will ever know
Nikki | 33 | Maryland

#2470 | Thursday, September 12th, 2002
When the first plane hit, I had been at work about 20 minutes. It was 7:45 am here in Dallas, and I was the first one in that morning. All of a sudden, the phones of my co-workers started ringing one by one, then mine rang. It was my boss, asking where everyone was. I told him I was the only one in yet, and he asked if I had gotten on the internet yet. I told him no, why? He said that a plane at hit the WTC. I thought he was joking, but once we hung up, I tried to get on cnn.com, it was not working and neither was yahoo. Then my phone rang again, another co-worker. He had heard what happened. Then I believed it was real.

Finally others started getting to work, and we went down to the lobby of my bldg, where there was a big screen tv. Everyone was just in shock. Then they turned on the news in our big assembly room so we went in there, thats where we saw the towers collaspe. We were all crying and scared... Dallas is a big city, were we next??

My company has two bldgs, one in the suburbs and then offices in one of the tallest skyscrapers in downtown Dallas. We were in the suburbs but the majority of the company was downtown, which was being evactuated. So we all got sent home. I then met a friend for lunch so we could talk about what was going on, and everyone in the restaurant was glued to the TV. Once I got home that afternoon, I think I watched TV for about 7 hours straight.

Even a year later it is still hard for me to comprehend what happened that day. I will never forget it, but just think, in 20 years this will be some boring lesson in a history book to some kid in school, just like Pearl Harbor or the JFK assassination was to my generation.
TC | 25 | Texas

#2471 | Thursday, September 12th, 2002
I was working third shift at an
electronics manufacturer. After
work I went to a 401K meeting,
went home and went to sleep.
I didn't find out about anything
until about 3pm, when my Mom
came home from work. She told
me about it and showed me the
afternoon newspaper. The
picture and headline were very
scary and hard to believe. Then
I turned on the TV, and watched
for hours. It was unreal. My prayers
go out to the families of the victims.
Sue | 40 | Wisconsin

#2472 | Thursday, September 12th, 2002
My Name is Shawn and Im a college student in Jacksonville Florida.
on 9-11-01 I was off from work but was planning to go up there to give them my new hours to work because classes started back up. I woke up about 9:00 and turned the t.v. on to see the coverage of the 2nd plane hit the tower.
I just stood there frozen as they said two highjacked planes were flown into the towers. I continued to watch in horror as The towers smoked. Then as they said the pentagon was attacked I felt affraid for my life as a American. All I could say is "The pentagon was attacked." When I saw the towers fall all I could think is did my Friend Kenny make it out alive?. As the day passed I could not belive that America was attacked and what was going to happen to the country. I was able to call My friend kenny late on 9-11 to find he was hurt but alive. As 9-11-02 Came and went all the emotions came back to me and I still can not understand why this happened and How it could Happen.
Shawn | 23 | Florida

#2473 | Thursday, September 12th, 2002
I was asleep at home in Louisiana when my phone rang at about 7:50 A.M. It was a good friend of mine to tell me he that a plane had hit the World Trade center. He said he thought it was a movie when he first turned on the T.V. As he said this I looked up, (I had left the T.V. on) and saw the horror that was taking place in New York. All I could think of was all those people, and the rescue workers that were trying to help them. We almost thought it was an accident till the second plane hit. I dropped the phone and screamed when I saw what had happened. My roommate came running, as I started to cry. I couldn't believe that this could actually be happening to our country. It seemed surreal. Then we heard about the Pentagon. I called my mother who lives in Connecticut to tell her I loved her, and make sure my dad wasn't in the city that day. Thank God he wasn't, but so many others were. A year later I still can't find the words to express how much pain I felt from watching people so heartless, try to destroy a country. Murder innocent people by the thousands. This year, on 9/11, I like many others said a prayer. That our country has been strong enough to raise up and surpass this unimaginable tragedy. That we are strong, and that we will survive.God, bless the USA, the people who lost their lives, thier families, the rescue workers, and all of us!
Anna | 22 | Connecticut

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