#2464 | Thursday, September 12th, 2002
I was still in that groggy just got up in the morning state when the phone rang, my husband told me to turn on the tv. As I watched trying to grasp what I was seeing on tv I asked is this a joke, this is just a movie right? So many thoughts went through my head, I was up after the first plane hit and then to see the second it just seemed to keep getting worsed. I cried for all of the people lost, and was in shock to see it unfold. Then I began to think had I sent someone on one of those planes (I am a travel agent) and I began to cry. I held my children tightly and cried.

Proud to be an american & military wife.
Heather | 24 | California

#2465 | Thursday, September 12th, 2002
Hi my name is Sharon I'm from New Orleans La. on Sept 11 2001 I was awoken by the phone. My sister Brenda was calling to tell me to turn on the T.V. that a plane just crashed into the towers. With both of us being Born Again Christian's, in the months before this we could sense that something bad was going to happen with all the crime,murder etc we just felt that we are near the end times. As both of us were watching the live covrage on the morning news, we both said, "this must be the beging of the end", before we could say much more the other Tower was hit. We could not believe our eyes. sadness, disbelief,anger,we felt so many things at once. All we could do was cry together. We prayed right then and there for all the victims and their loved ones.
sharon | 33 | United States

#2466 | Thursday, September 12th, 2002
I was working in the emergency department at the hospital on Andrews Air Force Base - Home of Air Force One, on the outskits of the District of Columbia. I was working with my nurse manager, who was going out to the front desk to triage a patient. She came back through the doorway and said, "You'd better come out here and watch this. A plane just hit the World Trade Center." Since my sister had just moved to the greater NY area, I knew instantly that this was not an accident. We were standing there watching the television when the second plane struck the second tower. The realization of what was going on hit everyone like a ton of bricks.

Then every thing became a blur of activity. Suddenly the Pentagon had been struck, the base had been shut down, the phones were ringing off the hook.... The Emergency coordinator for the national capital area started taking information on how many beds we had available in the hospital. Then rumors started flying. We heard the White House was on fire, we heard that there was an explosion at the capital building, we heard that the base itself had become a target....

The hospital's medical control put together teams of people to put in buses to take them out to the Pentagon. I was initially sent down to get on a bus, but other people had already put together certain teams so I stayed in the ER.

We didn't get any of the critically injured, but we did see the "walking wounded." There was an Army troop that had jumped out of a third story window. There was another man who was near the impact site. He was doing alright - physically - but he was sure that the friend he was talking to was dead.

I didn't get home until later that night. I had spent the day being all business. It wasn't until I got home that evening that I had the time to sit down and watch the news with complete attention. And it wasn't until then that I allowed myself to feel what was going on.
Colleen | 29 | Virginia

#2467 | Thursday, September 12th, 2002
i was at home on that day when i heard the news on tv, i just sat in total shock the tears and the pain i felt for those people and kept asking why. one year later we the world still feel the pain and will never forget those people who lost there lives and there familys. God bless always in our hearts
nicola | 30 | United Kingdom

#2468 | Thursday, September 12th, 2002
My name is Kenneth. I live in the Dallas area, and I was on my way to work on 9-11. I had to pass the airport to get to work. This particular morning I noticed there was no airline traffic buzzing overhead.
I did not think much of it. I got to work and turned on my radio, and heard the news. I went running around my floor trying to find someone. I am always early for work, so there was no one else on the floor yet, but someone had the tv on in the conference room.
Not many people showed up to work, and most went home after getting to work.
Most of our vendors were four blocks and closer, to the WTC. The few of us were frantic to find out if our vendors were ok. Luckily they were, but they were closed down for two days.
I am not prone to hysteria or "loosing it". I watched this horror over and over again on all the tv stations, but it never really "hit" me until I saw that man jump out of the window of the WTC. It was beyond words. To think that man thought that falling to his death was the only way out.
All the commotion about a United America is B.S. though. If anything, it is worse than before! There are more lunatics on the roads, corporate America is doing everything in thier power to destroy everything through corruption and greed. I have not seen any of the law enforcement here change past thier own selfish and illegal ways. People are more hateful and selfish. People are rude and grotesque to the extreme. It is the land of "ME" and "I". Just because you may have given a couple of bucks to the cause, or volunteered some time to the effort, does not mean that there is any unity. It has to happen EVERYDAY, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!
Until you start looking out for the other guy and thinking of others instead of yourself, nothing will change.
Of course that is my opinion...but it is also what I have seen.
Kenneth | 40 | Texas

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