#2444 | Thursday, September 12th, 2002
What started out to be a normal day, ended in confusion, grief, and anger. I was a housekeeper in a local hotel that day. As I was cleaning a room, I heard a guest next door loudly exclaim that " that isn't an accident, that was on purpose." . So I turned on the tv in the room I was cleaning, just as the second plane hit. That day was a blurr after that . I remember going to the lounge where we took our breaks. Everyone was watching. Then all the guests we had started leaving. It was understandable, as alot of them were government employees. In a matter of a few hours, our 106 room hotel was empty, or just about.Just a few guests, and the employees of the hotel were left. We couldn't stop our work, and had to continue. That day seemed to last forever. It truly is a day I'll neverforget. I kept thinking about my family. About where my husband was. What was going to happen next. Would there be more? When I got home, all I could do was watch the news, and cling to my husband. I called my family to tell them how much I loved them. After all that happened that day, I never shed a tear.I couldn"t understand that. I guess I never will. But now... One year later...I again was glued to the tv. As I watched the service in New York, and Heard the Pipers play "Amazing Grace" before going into the pit, I started to cry. I cried for all those innocent lives taken from their families. For the brave souls who thoughtlessly gave up their lives to save someone they didn't even know. For the courage of the families, who must deal with this horrendous loss the rest of their lives.Our world is now forever changed. I pray that the world as a whole learns something from this. That one day, soon,we won't have to worry about opening our mail, or flying to another city. That the world will not tolerate such cowardly acts, and will take the steps necessary to obliterate those who perpitrate them. To all the families of those who were taken that day,May God Bless you and bring you Peace.
Lugene C. | 46 | West Virginia

#2445 | Thursday, September 12th, 2002
were was i i was i was home with my family when we heard the sad news are hearts go out to the familys that lost their lives in a sad way i lost my cosion in the wrold trade center i cryed so much and still do the pain will leave my heart of my mind can't black it out no matter what a pice of me is gone to those who lost love and famly.
tressa miles | 18 | Florida

#2446 | Thursday, September 12th, 2002
I had just walked into work and I remember some one saying a plane had hit Tower 1. I quickly snapped back, don't joke about that shit. Then I saw photos and I was in horror. I think I spent a good deal of that day in the break room watching the small television we had set up. Nothing seemed to matter any more. I was threatened with a job loss if I didn't return to work, I just didn't care. I didn't lose any one immediate to me, but it felt personal. All of my problems were minute to what all those people went through. So I called in sick yesterday and was glued to the television, watching the families of the victims. It pained me to know that children lost parents, why is there so much hate in this world?
Dave | 28 | Iowa

#2447 | Thursday, September 12th, 2002
I was in bed with my children when it hit. WE didnt get up until about 9:00 that morning and when we did I cried all day and my children and I were glued to the tv. I couldnt even bring myself to go to work that evening. I will never forget it as long as I live.
wendi | 25 | Texas

#2448 | Thursday, September 12th, 2002
11th September , 2001 was the day after my 30th Birthday, and was i feeling hard done to or what! Getting old and all that over the hill stuff was flooding through my mind. I had booked the week off work to "celebrate" but didn't feel like celebrating at all. I had moaned about not doing anything special for my birthday, and so i had got Mark to take me to a small town for a day of shopping and afternoon tea. We had arrived in town and had sat and had a coffee in a lovely tea shop, and up until then me and my partner of 11 1/2 years had been arguing and not liking each other, what a great day it had been!!! But then we had a call from a friend saying that a plane had flown into the world trade centre and it just didn't register. The night before (my birthday) we had had a curry as we were going out at the weekend for my birthday, and had watched a programme called how buildings collapse, so it was uncanny to hear about it on the news. But the severity of it didn't hit home. Then as Mark was talking to Ken on his phone, he was relaying parts of it to me, and he said "it wasn't an accident" and "it's a passenger jet". That was when i felt my skin go numb, what was going on? That doesn't happen in real life. Then while Mark was still talking i saw the electrical shop had televisions in the window and i could see the smoke coming from the tower, i told mark and he ended his call and we stood in the electrical shop and watched as the smoke poured out into the sky and the news people showed the plane hit the building over and over in slow motion. I just couldn't stop crying, and i'm crying now just thinking about it. Then when the second plane hit i couldn't watch and Mark was very quiet. Even though we were thousands of miles away, it felt like anything could happen now. We dashed home in the car and Mark was almost in shock. We listened to the radio all the way home and we phoned our family because it felt like the world was ending. Everything you see in science fiction and action films was happening. The reporters on the radio said there were allegedly five more planes one heading for the whitehouse, one the pentagon, possibly one for london. Then the other plane crashed into the pentagon and all the airports were closed. I felt like a fool worrying about being 30 years old and some of these people had just been at work and had to die in this terrible devastating way. When we got home we watched the news on every channel and just couldn't believe it was real. That evening Mark just put on his coat and said come on were going out. He had calmed down as we had watched the tv but he was still shocked. When we got in the car he said " I go through life using excuses like I don't have enough money, or enough time, or it's not my sort of thing, instead of living every single day, so tonight we are going to go to the football match." I wasn't a fan of football, that much, but it felt amazing to be standing with 16,000 people and holding a minutes silence for those still trapped and those already dead. I have vowed since that day that i WILL do things that aren't really my cup of tea, or will go to different places and forget the excuses from now on. If i have learned anything from this dreadful tragedy, then it is to treat life as an adventure not a chore, and to live every single day like it's the most important one in your life. I still think about those brave people of 9/11 and i pray for them and hope they can all rest in peace.
Tracy Poston | 31 | United Kingdom

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