#2329 | Wednesday, September 11th, 2002
I was teaching my third grade class at a Catholic school when the principal came on the intercom. She just asked us to take a moment of silence and say a prayer for something sad had happened on the east coasts. I got chills. I knew it must be bad or else she wouldn't have asked. The secretary came around to tell us, but by then most of us had the information from the computer. I was lucky in a way, my kids were going to another class for the next 1 1/2 hrs. I spent any moment I could the rest of the day in the office, where a few people had brought tvs too. I saw the 2nd tower fall. I kept calling my husband to see the latest information. It was the hardest day I have ever had to teach. We couldn't tell the kids--how could we tell the little ones? That was for their parents to figure out. My heart was breaking as I thought about what was happenging...
Heather | 27 | Kansas

#2330 | Wednesday, September 11th, 2002
When I first heard of the attack, I had just walkd into my front room with my girlfriend of 1 week.
We were both shocked to see the images on the TV screen. I really did think it was a film.
Only when the Sky News Anchor man appeared, and verbally confirmed what we were seeing, did it hit home. Immediatley, we both had to sit down. My head was trying to sort the emotions I was feeling towards the victims of the tradegy. We honeslty were in shock.
Then, when the first tower collapsed, I could not come to terms with it.
My girlfriend and I watched the tribute to the WTC earlier on today on BBC2.
We just want to say, our thoughts and feelings to the people who's loved ones perished in the attack. And to all the service men and women who helped find the survivors. Our love to you all. James and Helen.
James and Helen | 21 | United Kingdom

#2331 | Wednesday, September 11th, 2002
I was at uconn sleeping when the first plane hit. My roommate awoke me and directed my attention to the televion. Wow I thought look the special effects of that movie. Then as the second plane collided with the second tower I said " oh fuck" its not a movie. And so me and the television were inseperable for the remainder of the day.
Basili Tyropolis | 21 | Connecticut

#2332 | Wednesday, September 11th, 2002
As a Canadian citizen living in Ottawa, Ontario, that horrific day has changed my life forever. My father had called me from his office to inform me of an "accidental" plane crash into one of the World Trade Center towers. I rushed downstairs, turned on the t.v, and after about 4 minutes of watching this wierd image of a scyscraper on fire, the second plane hit. Time literally stopped itself dead in its tracks when that second plane hit. It was almost comparable to watching a movie, but this wasn't a movie, this was reality. And for the next 12 hours, i was shaken to the core of my soul at what i was watching. I may be a canadian, but that day, regardless of where you reside in the world, we all came together in harmony. Even one year later, i am still shocked and pained at those inhumane images of terrorism. Those poor, poor souls who never knew. God bless them, God bless freedom, and may God us all in such troubling times of uncertainty. I want every reader to learn that the majority of Canadians understand the frustrations in regards to us fighting freedom alongside American soldiers. Please understand that freedom does not come from military action, and from a Canadians perspective, lack thereof. Freedom spawns from our hearts and love for fellow humanity.

Andrew, 25
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Andrew Berezowski | 25 | Canada

#2333 | Wednesday, September 11th, 2002
Most kids my age were in school the morning of Tuesday, September 11th, 2001. Unlike then, i was homeschooled at the time and sleeping in as usual. My cat had gone in the night before be get surgery. I was to wake up by 10 so i could go with my Mom to pick him up. By 8:50am my Mom ran in my room as i was sleeping and told me to get up and that something had happened. i wasn't quite awake so she walked back out to the living room, called my now [ex] step dad to tell him what had happened. Just before i walked out of my room, my Mom was still on the phone with him and watched as the second plane hit south tower. I walked out to watch with her. About an hour later we had to leave to pick up my cat and just before me left my Mom was in the bathroom and i was watching the news only to find out that the Pentagon was hit. i screamed from the living room to my Mom in the bathroom what had happened then. For from reason she wasn't all that shocked.

We left by then and picked up my cat. On the way home she had the radio on and we listened as it came threw that north tower had collapsed. Soon after i was home and watched on tv as south tower collapsed as well.

For the next week or so, CNN was never off our tv. it stayed on all night and day until everything died down.

As annoying as tv is making the story, i still wont ever forget. i didn't lose anyone but i feel many other peoples pain well and it hurts me as well.

RIP 9-11 victims. May you sleep painless.
Jamie Ellsworth | 17 | Florida

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