#2314 | Wednesday, September 11th, 2002
I was just getting out of the operating room from an emergency c-section for my daugter.
Mist | 21 | Louisiana

#2315 | Wednesday, September 11th, 2002
On the day of September 11, 2001 I was at home. I woke up early in the morning to get ready for school. When I turned on the radio I heard the news about the airplanes hitting the towers but I didnít pay much attention to it because I thought it wasnít really too important. But when I turned the TV on I saw how serious it was. I went out to the kitchen and my parents were just sitting there watching the TV. Later I found out my dad was supposed to fly out the night before to go to work there over at the twin towers. But he cancelled his flight. I was glad that he decided not to go anymore. I was sort of freaked out about that but happy too. It just felt weird knowing that he could have been there and I started thinking about what it would be like if he was there. Today one year later I still think about what could have happened to him. So now I pray everyday for those people who lost their lives and for all those who lost loved ones for them to stay strong and believe in their faith. God Bless
Naevon | 14 | California

#2316 | Wednesday, September 11th, 2002
On September 11, 2002, when the tragedy had happened, I was sleeping. When I woke up and found out what had happened, it was strange. It was strange because all that had happened while I was sleeping. Then when I woke up, I find out that a lot had just happened while I was sleeping.
A year ago on September 11, 2002, my mom woke me up. I woke up for school around 7:45am like I did everyday for school last year. I put on my uniform and I heard my mom tell my older sister to watch something that was happening in New York that was showing on the news. When I was finished changing and washing up, I went to the living room and watched the news. I was confused because there was so much noise and so many things happening in the background while the reporter was talking. It looked like New York City was chaotic. My mom told me that terrorists had attacked and they crashed two planes into the World Trade Center. My mom said it was a very terrible thing to do. I was still confused because I did not know what a terrorist was and why they would be attacking us. When I got to school, our homeroom teacher talked about what had happened and explained further details. I was not confused anymore, but I was worried because I have relatives and friends that live in New York and New Jersey. So I hoped that they were safe. My uncle works for the FBI in New York City, so I was concerned about him too. Our teacher prayed with the whole class. Throughout the whole day, every teacher in every class discussed the tragedy, why it happened, our thoughts and what America was to do. When I got home, my dad turned on the news and the video of the tragedy and the story was playing over and over again. I called my uncle, aunt, and cousins in New Jersey and left a message telling them that I wanted to know how they were doing. My uncle called me back and told me everyone was fine. When I was instant messaging, I talked to my friend in New Jersey and asked her how she was doing and made sure she and all of our friends in New Jersey were okay. Everyone I know who lives in the east coast was okay. I was glad, but there were still the thousands of people who lost their lives in the World Trade Center and their families.
Elizabeth | 15 | California

#2317 | Wednesday, September 11th, 2002
I was sleeping on the couch, when my mom yelled for me to get up, and turn to channel 44 (Fox News), cause a plane just hit one of the twin towers. I was like... "what, how can a pilot be so stupid as to hit one of the towers?". I turned it on just as the second tower was hit, then I knew that this was no mistake... after that I got online to talk to people about it.

Then rumors started to spring up such as "A plane hit camp David, I plane was shot down over PA." Then I was wondering "When the f*ck is this gonna end?" But it had only begun... The terrorists screwed up like Japan did at Pearl Harbor. And they will forever pay!!

Joe Winter | 20 | New York

#2318 | Wednesday, September 11th, 2002
I was at work (on a US Navy Installation called AUTEC, in the Bahamas) and one of our young Techs walked in to my ofice and said, "A plane just crashed in to the World Trade Center". I said, "Oh my God" and asked if it was an accident. He said he didn't think so, and left to go and continue listening to his radio. He returned in a few minutes to tell me that the 2nd plane had hit the 2nd Tower.... We both became numb. He walked away and I, trembling while doing so,logged on to one of the Internet News Sites. There was just a few lines of facts...... nothing else. I checked a few of the other News Sites, and they were basically the same. Then news of the Pentagon was making the rounds. By then no one in the building was working. Our Division Manager quietly walked around to all of our areas and told us we could leave early for lunch and strongly urged us to go to our Living Quarters and turn on our TV's....

After that, I was glued to the TV whenever possible. I cried everytime anything was mentioned. I called or sent Emails to all of my family and friends - widely scattered in USA - to insure that they were safe. I was scared. I felt isolated and frustrated because I was not in the USA, closer to my loved ones.

I did not personally know any victims or their families. I cannot comprehend the grief they must feel. I know what I feel and it is overwhelming.

God Bless us all.
Juanita Strott | 59 | Bahamas

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