#2174 | Wednesday, September 11th, 2002
On September 11, 2001 I was in school when this drastic thing happen. When I heard this I asked myself who did this to our country. When I got home I turned the t.v. on and I watched the news. A couple of weeks later I was looking in my JET magazine and I saw so many people showing the pictures of the love ones they had lost. When I found out who had did this bombing I wish that they were never born. Ever since this highjacking, I have been too afraid to ride a airplane.
Jaleesa Chambers | 12 | Virginia

#2175 | Wednesday, September 11th, 2002
I was at home in California. When I woke up that morning, many calls and emails had come in from co-workers and family back east. Everyone I knew was fine. I looked at the TV, but turned it off immediately. Just couldn't bear to watch the tragedy in my beloved New York.

From my back patio I saw a foursome of lady golfers, laughing, chatting, playing golf. The terrible news hadn't reached them yet. I thought of shouting out to clue them in, but I decided not. Let them remain in their blissful, pre-9/11 state of mind for a little while longer. Enjoy peace as long as possible. They would hear about it soon enough.

It was surreal to see these happy ladies, oblivious to the news, when the rest of the world was so saddened. I was witnessing people who existed in a different historical era.
Gale Weatherby | 39 | California

#2176 | Wednesday, September 11th, 2002
September 11, 2001 was a day that I will never forget. I brought my two children to school and began the drive to work. I noticed that my gas tank was almost empty but I was running late and knew that I could easily fill up after work that night. I was employed as a bank teller and began work that day at 8:30 AM. The first news arrived when the doors of the bank opened at 9:00 AM. Our first customer was a representative of a local school system. He commented that he had heard on the radio that a plane had crashed into the world trade center. We asked him if it was a commercial airliner with passengers on board. He said that he had heard it was a small plane with not many passengers. We were under the assumption that it was small news plane. Within minutes, the drive thru and lobby was filling up and customers were all telling us that another plane had hit the world trade center and that the damage was horrific. We turned on the radio and phoned the bank officers to let them know what was going on. There was a television in our break room and people were all taking turns going back to look at the news. My first break at actually seeing the damage on television was around 9:50 AM. I remember being in shock at the damage surrounding the world trade centers, the people crying and running, the towers burning. I was watching television live when the first tower went down. The room was full of other employees and all you heard was a collective gasp as the tower folded. In my heart, I knew that there were still people inside the tower as it fell but I hoped and prayed that everyone had gotten out. Shortly after, I had to return to work and listen to the radio reports. I heard the radio report of the second tower falling, the hit at the Pentagon, the crash in Pennsylvania. I remember the fear as the airline industry was shut down and planes were grounded. I knew the significance of shutting down the airline industry and the possibility that there were still terrorists waiting to attack. The thought of a nuclear strike on American soil went through my head. The fear of not knowing what was coming next or who was engineering these strikes struck deep in my heart. All I wanted to do was go home and stay glued to the television. By 3:30 PM that day, there was a rumor of gas gouging and price increases to over $5.00 a gallon. The rumors hit record levels and the lines at the gas stations were hours long. When I left work at 5 PM, I was twenty minutes from home and my gas tank was still on empty from this morning. It was hard to believe that only nine hours had passed since my early morning thoughts of getting gas after work, no big deal. I was stuck in a traffic jam at the gas tanks for over an hour when all I wanted to do was get home and hug my children close. When I arrived home, I stayed glued to the television, crying along with the rest of America. My children asked if they were safe or if the terrorists were going to hurt them too. My son, aged 7, had wrote a paper at school about the terrorist attacks in his own words, punctuation, and spelling. It said, "The terist fleood arpplanse's in the wod trane santr and nocd it down and lads of peple got hart and lads of peple dide be cas the terist fleood the arpplanse's. They mad the drivres go bak in the planse and then they fleood the arpplanse's in the bilding and peple got hart and they wint too the hospital and peple dide and got burnd and mor peple dide and wint to hevn and peple cride." I was impressed at his understanding and was saddened by the loss of innocence. May we always remember that loss of innocence and our triumph over those who only practice hate.
Mary | 30 | Michigan

#2177 | Wednesday, September 11th, 2002
I think it was wrong.I was in Coach Gowin class when it happen. But I felt bad for the people that died that day.
But they risk their life for honor and respect. But it's different now and life lives on. If we didn't come together as a nation we wouldn't get through what we had to go through but we were strong.
Demetrius | 13 | Virginia

#2178 | Wednesday, September 11th, 2002
On 9/11/01
was the most teribble time.
I was looking at the tv and they said
two planes had went into the world trade
center and i said this can not be happen
and then a few hours later they said a
plan had just went into the trade center again and i just was shock after than.and after that i could not sleep after that because all those pepole had
to give there life up so soon.my heart go out to all the pepole who lost there
love ones on 9/11/02.I think people can
think god for begin here a another day.
shaenaka | 13 | Vermont

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