#2024 | Wednesday, September 11th, 2002
It was around 4.00pm (10.00am NY time)
I was at a friends house, getting a copy of Max Payne.

A friend of ours called me on my cellphone and told me to get to the nearest television set, because there had been some events that he didn't have time to explain (he needed to call more people).

So we went up into the livingroom, kicked my friends younger brother away from the TV set and switched to a newschannel just in time to see the second plane crash.

I couldn't believe what I was seeing...
After seeing the clips a couple of time, letting the news sink in, I started calling friends and family, telling them to turn on their TVs.

My heart goes out to everyone who lost someone they loved on 9/11-01
Kristoffer Bergersen | 17 | Norway

#2025 | Wednesday, September 11th, 2002
It was my day off. My best friend and I were catching up on the phone long-distance. What's new with you and that sorta stuff. We were talking about my visiting her on my much anticipated vacaton the last two weeks of September.
Then her cell phone rang. Her husband called. Turn on the tv! What channel? Any of them...
Oh my God. As we desperately watched to see what was going on, it became clear this was no accident. I work for USAirways, and was terrified. While I was initially relieved to know it was not one of our flights - I was horrified and heartbroken for the United and American Airlines employees and passengers!
I didn't know anyone personally that perished in the attack. But when I returned to work that next Thursday...well, it was just not the same. It was so quiet. There were not many people calling for reservations, and the ones that were calling - were cancelling.
Hearing the fear in every passenger's voice was the second most ...? Upsetting, depressing, scariest thing? Knowing that this was only the beginning was the first.

Jeannine Brocklehurst | 32 | North Carolina

#2026 | Wednesday, September 11th, 2002
I were at my work in Oslo, Norway when I recieved an SMS from a friend telling med there had been an "accident" (when the first plane crashed).
That was when the world changed...

Hopefully something good will come of this!
Øyvind Blankvandsbråten | 29 | Norway

#2027 | Wednesday, September 11th, 2002
I was at work sitting at my workstation when one of our employees came running in and stated that two planes had crashed into the WTC. We turned on our television and about 30 of us huddled around, watching in disbelief. Some postulated theories of why the planes hit, while others cried. We all knew it was foul play.

At first, it was like watching a bad sci-fi movie. Then the calls from spouses and friends started coming in…. a car bomb explosion near a mall in DC; … a jetliner circling above the White House… explosion at The Pentagon….a 747 crashed near Somerset, PA. …a plane was hijacked out of our airport (PIT) and on its way to another target…they are evacuating downtown…etc. The most horrible image was the live telecast of the first tower crashing to the ground. At that time, no one knew how many were trapped inside. Earlier that year, we watched as our Three Rivers Stadium was imploded, and all I could think of was that earth-shaking collapse and the dust cloud smacking me in the face.

We kept staring across the river at the skyscrapers in downtown Pittsburgh, wondering if they would be next. Now I’m getting nervous! I called home to my wife and kids to ensure that they locked the doors and had access to my gun cabinet. Our employer sent us home at noon. Total gridlock- It took two hours to travel about 11 miles. My head was fixed on the sky above the entire ride, looking for those eleven (11) unaccounted-for jetliners. Then a few hours later, the sickening sound of silence in the skies; so quiet that it was irritating.

I live in the suburbs of Pittsburgh, and I realized (later that evening) that if the heroes of Flight 93 would have initiated their attack a minute or two earlier, their plane could have crashed in our neighborhood. Memories of the Flight 427 crash a few years back resurfaced. I sat glued to the television for the next week. I didn’t sleep a wink.

Although I don’t have any immediate friends or family that were killed in the attack, the events really hit home. I was transformed from a cozy spectator to a panicked American under attack. I am forever scarred by the chaos and images of that horrible morning.
Jake | 36 | Pennsylvania

#2028 | Wednesday, September 11th, 2002
It is 200am on sept.11.2002 and I am awake just like I was last year.My best friend eddie was leaving for colorado in about an hour.I stayed awake the entire night after he left for some strange reason.I watched it all go down live and continued to watch for the next 5 hours.
Later that day all of my good friends showed up at my house.WE were all talking about everything we were feeling.I can't remember who had the idea but it was a good one.The idea was to go up to the top of a local mountain and have a vigil(gatherig of friends).
It didn't change what had happened but it made all of us feel alot better.
I am sitting awake tonight the same way I was a year ago.The only difference tonight is I am prepared for septmber 11 this year.
NATHAN | 22 | New Hampshire

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